Everything You Need to Know About Telegram Games

Many think of Telegram as a secure messaging app (which don’t get us wrong, it is) but it also boasts a collection of some of the best online games out there. There are options for solo players, pairs, or groups – so no matter how sociable you’re feeling, there’s a game you can play on Telegram.

We took a look at how Telegram games work, what kind of games can be played, and a round-up of some of the best on offer.

A Brief Introduction to Telegram

Telegram was launched for iOS and Android in 2013 and has become known as one of the most secure and private messenger apps, up there with the likes of WhatsApp and Signal. When using the chat function on Telegram, all conversations can be end-to-end encrypted, meaning that no third parties, including the app itself, are able to read correspondence between sender and recipient. 

The app also prioritizes the anonymity of its users, so very little personal data is required to make an account with Telegram. In fact, as of 2022, Telegram announced that they would no longer ask for a phone number to sign up; instead, anon +888 numbers could be used. Any data that is needed is kept private, and there is no risk of it being shared or leaked with external sources.

As well as being a messaging app, Telegram has expanded into the worlds of gaming and social media. Users can partake in broadcast channels and group chats of up to 200,000 people, and make voice and video calls with any of their contacts. Telegram’s games platform has become incredibly popular, with a huge range of on-demand games available to play on both mobile devices and desktop.

Casino Games

Casino options with Telegram are great for players who want an immersive experience, and many are regulated and licensed just like online casino sites. They enable users to play all of their favorite casino games for real money or for fun straight from the app. For real money gambling, some of these bots will even accept cryptocurrency payments. 

A good bitcoin casino on Telegram will offer additional features such as anonymous accounts, live dealer tables, free spins and sign-up bonuses for new players, and instantaneous deposits and withdrawals. These platforms have been gaining more and more fans and players because they do not require new users to manually sign up. Instead, as soon as the Telegram channel for the game is joined, an account will automatically be made for their username. 


If you don’t want to play for money, another well-loved casino game is Pokerbot, which requires five or more participants. If playing solo, users get added into an already live game. To play, a group chat needs to be created and a bot needs to be invited to join this chat as the “host” of the poker tournament. The bot will then be responsible for dealing cards, prompting each player, and keeping track of any winnings.

Slot Machines

There are a couple of types of slot machine games on Telegram, such as text-based slots which use emojis and are simple to play and use, and those offered by casinos, which are much more interactive and immersive.

Some slots also allow their users to play and earn with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, and pick from lots of games like Wanted Dead and Book of Ra. Most of these picks have great welcome bonuses, jackpots, and free spins for new sign-ups.

Solo Games

Sometimes you just feel like unwinding and playing some games on your own. A lot of the games available on Telegram are able to be played solo or against a bot, which means minimal interaction and socializing!

Some of the most common one-player games include chess, tic-tac-toe, and HangBot, in which a bot created by Telegram will play as the opponent. Each of these games operates exactly as you’d expect. As an example, in HangBot, the user will guess a mystery word produced by the bot, and for each wrong letter, a life is taken away. In tic-tac-toe, the first player to get three in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical line wins, and it can be played either solo or against another Telegram user. 

In addition to classic games, solo players can also take part in newer picks like Lumberjack. The objective of the game is pretty simple: to roleplay as a lumberjack and avoid getting hit by tree branches through chopping down wood. It’s a therapeutic game and one that is played all over the world by Telegram users.

Group Games

If you prefer to play with friends or amongst other users, then Telegram also has plenty of choice. First up, the app hosts lots of quizzes, such as Quizarium or QuizBot, where enthusiasts can battle against one or more of their contacts to see who knows more about a particular subject. A bot will ask a question, and players have one minute to come up with the answer. If lucky, the host bot may give out a hint, but the real crux of this game is speed, as the fastest answer time wins the most points.

Another game that can be played against friends is Unobot, which allows two or more contacts to play UNO against each other on their group chat. The game works exactly the same as the traditional card game, except for the fact that a bot will be dealing out cards – and announcing UNO! Unfortunately, because this game takes place within a chat, it isn’t available to solo players.

Both a casino and a multiplayer game, poker is one of the most played games on Telegram. Both groups and soloists can take part, by creating or being added to a live game. Over 670,000 people play Pokerbot on Telegram as it is free and easy to use, and each new sign-up is given 1,500 chips to gamble with. 

How to Access Telegram Games

Accessing games on Telegram is quick and easy. With the majority of games listed above (and hundreds of others) all that is needed is to create a group chat and invite the username affiliated with the game to join the chat. For instance, to play UNO, add @unobot to a chat with two or more people in it, and the game will begin!

With some games such as slot machines or immersive live dealer tables, accessing the games is slightly different. Signing up isn’t required, as the game will create an account connected to your Telegram username. The only extra step needed is to connect a crypto wallet to the app, if choosing to play cryptocurrency casino games.

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