How to Fix FFXIV System Error Has Occurred 503 or Launcher Not Loading Issue

In the gaming industry, we have a lot of series, but some are so premier that they don’t need any introduction. Among the different options, Final Fantasy is one that started as a Japanese science anthology media franchise serving the world for the past 36 years. In 2010, Square Enix Co. Ltd took the idea from that media and introduced FFXIV, one of the world’s most popular MMORPGs. This game is intended to give players the chance to experience the extreme vibes of the fourteenth series in the main series.

With that special thing, FFXIV got exposure and started the game by introducing extreme tweaks to the game interval. In addition to that, developers added the same storyline in the original Final Fantasy Fourteenth series. And from that moment on, they saw a huge increase in the user base. It got up to such an extent that today it gets an average of 2 Million active users daily. As a result, developer support has also improved significantly. But recently players reported a 503 error. Here is the best solution for it.

How to Fix FFXIV System Error Has Occurred 503 or Launcher Not Loading Issue

How to Fix FFXIV System Error Has Occurred 503 or Launcher Not Loading Issue

If we look over the past record for FFXIV, there might be some specific errors that players usually encounter. But the recent error is such one restricting the user to get into the game. Certainly, when the player tries to boot the game, the launcher does not load further and shows error 503. For this thing, players already reported but as of writing, there is no acknowledgement from the developer’s end. Meanwhile, presently there is no hope from the developers’ side.

For such reasons, we started our research and fortunately got a logical reason behind this system error 503. See, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is such a game that gets a huge user base daily. So our research said, the problem is arising due to the server being overhauled and that’s why it can’t handle that huge player base. And that’s the sole reason that till now developers have not made any response about this error, may be possible they soon do.

As per the present scenario, there are merely two ways to fix this issue. Which one is to exit and restart the game and the second is to check the server status. And of course, contacting official support is the last option. I agree understanding these fixes in a single phrase can’t be understandable to you. So, below we will explain to you these solutions so that you must know what we are exactly doing to fix this issue.

Exit and Restart the Game

The primary reason for Error 503 is the overhaul of servers simultaneously by millions of users. For this, until we all log in to the game together, the error shows continuously. So, To reduce the burden from the Game’s server, the solution is to enter the game as a special entry. You can do this through exit the present login page and restarting it from scratch. So the next time when you log in to the game, you will successfully enter there because, at that time, the server has space for you.

Check the Final Fantasy XIV Server

Even after doing the solution, you are still getting the same problem, then it means whenever you log in to the game, the server seems down. For this thing, you need to check when the server is ready to serve at its best strength. Specifically, for this, we have a most trusted tool which is Downdetector. With this tool, you will get real-time updates on the FFXIV server status. So that, whenever the server gets back then you can easily log in to the game, and for sure game’s server will welcome you.

Contact Final Fantasy XIV Support

The last and only option to do is to raise help on the official FFXIV Support┬ápage. So that, whenever the developers acknowledge this error and provide any solution for it. You will be notified as a priority. Additionally, if there is a serious concern only specific to you then one of the developer’s team members will listen to your concern and for sure provide you with some troubleshooting or something so that your problem will resolve.

Conclusively, Final Fantasy XIV has a massive user base and due to that sometimes it happens the server can’t handle such a user base at a time. For this, we have mentioned the best solution to bypass such minor issues. Even after that, if you are not satisfied then wait for official confirmation of this error. This is because there is no definite reason for this error, we are just assuming as per FFXIV’s records. So try out these solutions and if still needs attention then wait for an official acknowledgement.

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