FIFA 23 Player Count 2024: How Many People Play FIFA 23?

FIFA is the best-selling sports video game, loved and played all across the globe. So far, EA Games has been releasing all FIFA editions. However, with FIFA 23, the 30th installment of the game, EA Games have severed their ties with FIFA. FIFA 23 was the last installment that introduced significant improvements in the game. Furthermore, it was the only edition to include a women’s club football with many new characters. So, being a FIFA fan, you must be curious to know how many people still play FIFA 23. Especially now that the release of EA FC 24 has started a completely new era for this sports video game.

Well, today, we will walk you through a guide where we will see the FIFA 23-player count in 2024. Unfortunately, it was the last FIFA edition where you could play World Cup tournaments. Since EA does not have the license for the World Cup, you won’t find it in the EA FC 24. It also came with some notable enhancements, such as different game modes, new characters, crossplay support, and so on. Therefore, FIFA 23 has plenty of reasons to have its fanbase. With that said, let us have a quick look at current stats and how many people have played FIFA 23 in recent times.

FIFA 23 Player Count 2024 How Many People Play FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Player Count 2024: How Many People Play FIFA 23?

The FIFA series is one of the most-played video games all over the world, mostly in North America and Europe. The Guinness Book of World Records has declared it the best-selling sports game franchise. So, that explains the popularity of the FIFA series. However, the consistency of any game depends on many variables, like the joining of new players, tournaments, new announcements, and so on. But here are some recent stats that will give you an overview of how many people still play FIFA 23.

Fortunately, FIFA 23 has kept the legacy of the FIFA series going. The game is available on Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/ Series, and Nintendo Switch. As per the current stats, around 1,50,000 – 2,00,000 people play FIFA 23 daily across all platforms.

As per the Steam charts update on 3rd January 2024, 9,337 players are playing FIFA 23 right now, whereas the 24-our peak records 9,606 players. Also, it records a peak of 15,557 players in the last 30 days, 21,992, and 17,127 in November and December 2023.

Similarly, according to, the number of daily players in November 2023 was 2,09,061. However, it witnessed a whopping surge of 54% in December, with 8,75,160 daily active players. Based on their claims, FIFA 23 had more than 2.5 million active players last month. In addition, the figures for daily players currently stand somewhere around 40,000.

Apart from the figures, as per the review aggregator website Metacritic, FIFA 23 has a Metascore of 76, which is quite decent. The game received good reviews for its PC, PS4/ 5, and Xbox editions. However, the Nintendo Switch edition was highly criticized. Overall, FIFA 23 has done a pretty good job maintaining its popularity, just like the previous editions of the FIFA series.


Looking at the figures above, FIFA 23 seems to be doing well even now. It is still among the most popular sports video games in the market. And considering the massive fan base of the FIFA series, we might see even larger figures shortly as well. So, that was all about how many people still play FIFA 23. Let us know if this information was helpful and if you have similar queries.

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