Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Crashing or Not Working on PS5 (Solved)

Hello again game lover, we are back again with a quick fix of another interesting game, Final Fantasy 7 is currently not working on the PlayStation 5 stopping players from entering the early game processes and sometimes completely not working. The craze of the game was very high and the way the game started crashing in the startup was disappointing for users. But don’t worry, we are here with the fox for this issue as well.

In this article, we will solve the issue of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth crashing or not working on the PS 5. But before we move on to the fixes, we will be talking about the game and what could be the exact reason the game is crashing like this. The Story of the Final Fantasy Rebirth is easy and not confusing until you get to the end, well don’t worry we will not be exposing the game story here but just for the overview. Final Fantasy Rebirth 7 is an action role-playing developed by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Crashing or Not Working on PS5 (Solved)

Why Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Crashing or Not Working on PS5

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the sequel to Final Fantasy 7 and the 2nd game in the planned trilogy of the game. The players in the game have to control Cloud Strife who is the former Shinra soldier who joined the eco-terrorist group to fight the Shinra.

The problem of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Crashing or Not Working on PS5 is very common and gets triggered immediately upon launching the game. The issue has been reported by multiple players about how the game crashed just upon the start-up. However, the actual reason for the crashing of the game is not known but there is speculation among the players about the game, and here is the potential cause of the issue that is hampering the gameplay.

  • Compatibility – The main issue could be the controller capacity to run the game and this can not be fixed on the PS 5 without changing the controller.
  • Software Bugs – Software bugs are one of the potential reasons for the crashing of the game. You can wait for the game to release the game update to fix that issue.
  • Lower Specs – Well this should not be the case for every player but one potential reason for this issue could be your Hardware. Even though the PS 5 is very much hardware-capable there could be settings that limit the game to run at full capacity.
  • Missing Files – Well this is another issue as the missing files won’t let the game start for players.

How To Fix Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Crashing or Not Working on PS5

Now we know the problems and what could be the potential cause of the problem, we can smoothly move on to the solution to these issues without any further issues. Here are the methods that you can try by yourself to solve this issue.

Method 1: Disconnect the Internet

The first try to fix this issue is to disconnect the PS 5 from the internet/network completely from the internet to avoid any network issues to see if the internet is the problem. Just launch the game in offline mode and observe if it crashes or not. If the game has stopped crashing, then the problem is with your network and if it is behaving the same as before then the issue is with your game not with the network.

Method 2: Restart Your PS5

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary glitches or conflicts that may be causing the game to crash. To restart your PS5, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the PS button on your controller to open the Quick Menu.
  • Select “Power” from the menu options.
  • Choose “Restart PS5” and confirm your selection.

Method 3: Check for Overheating

Overheating can cause the PS5 to shut down or experience performance issues. Make sure your console is well-ventilated and not placed in an enclosed space. Additionally, consider using a cooling stand or fan to improve airflow around the console.

Method 4: Reinstall the Game

This is the second method to fix this issue, you need to install the game again after uninstalling the existing game file of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. And once uninstalled players can rebuild their database in the PS 5 through the Safe Mode. Here is how you can do all these things.

  • Uninstall the Existing file of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth game
  • Once done, turn off the PS5 completely
  • Now, Press & hold the power button until you hear the beeps sound (two beeps).
  • Connect a controller via the USB and select Rebuild database in your PS 5
  • Once done, reinstall Final Fantasy Rebirth 7 again on your PS 5
  • Try playing the game and see if this works or not.

Method 5: Try Changing the Language

Sometimes, a game will not work if you have selected a region that is not listed in the game list, it might not work, that is why you should try changing language in the settings of the PS 5 to see if the issue is with your profile or not. You can also try experimenting with the different settings including the resolution, and performance modes to diminish any hardware issues. Here is how you can change the language in the PS 5.

  • From the home screen, go to the settings
  • Scroll down and select the language
  • Now choose the desired language other than what you have already selected
  • Confirm your changes and restart the game.

Method 6: Rebuild Database

If you’re still experiencing issues after trying the above steps, you can try rebuilding the database on your PS5. This process can help resolve various system-related issues without affecting your saved data or settings:

  • Turn off your PS5 by pressing and holding the power button until you hear a second beep.
  • Connect your controller to the PS5 using a USB cable and press the PS button to turn on the console in Safe Mode.
  • Select “Rebuild Database” from the list of options and follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 7: Contact Support team

Contact Support team

If nothing is working for you, you can always contact the Sony support team as they will assist you if there are any issues with the Playstation you have. You have to give the version of your PlayStation and what controller you have and other information with the details of the issue you are facing, they will be happy to help you.


This brings us to the end of this guide for how to fix Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Crashing or Not Working on PS5. We have compiled all the possible solutions you can use to fix the game crashing and not working on your PS 5. As there is no detailed information about the actual reason for this issue and when it can be fixed by the developers, we can only go to the potential fixes and wait for the developers to release the permanent fix. Hoping that this article was helpful.

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