Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: How to Save Game

The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered has been one of the most pleasant surprises from Square Enix for fans of the franchise. The game has been praised for its enhanced sound, visuals, and online multiplayer feature. However, there has been some confusion regarding saving game progress. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles mainly features an auto-save system that is only activated when you reach some specific checkpoints after a big task.

Many players, understandably, prefer to save their game progress before quitting the game. If you, too, have been wanting to know how to save your game in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles manually, our guide here will help you do just that.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: How to Save Game

How to manually save your game in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

In the remastered version of Crystal Chronicles, as mentioned before, conveniently saves your game automatically whenever you do something significant in the game. This includes things like entering or leaving a dungeon or re-entering the world map. However, there is also a way to save your game if you wish manually. First of all, press the B button and bring up the menu. Select the Save/Load option here and then choose a save slot you want to use. If you wish, you can also check the autosave data in the topmost slot. This will show you your last checkpoint.

After the game has been successfully saved, you can exit safely. Now, whenever you launch the game, choose the Load option and then select the slot which you wish to continue from. You can also choose to load another file even when you are in the middle of the game if you want to go back to an older file. Remember, though, that you have only four slots at your disposal. You can make multiple save files as per your need, but make sure you space them out prudently.

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