Final Fantasy XVI Best Vambraces Locations

Japanese stories have always been a love for numerous viewers who want such thrilling and suspense tweaks. Getting that in mind, a few dominant developers came out in groups and made the start of the Japanese science fantasy anthology gaming series that we’ll know just by its first letter. I am talking about Final Fantasy serving gamers for the last 22 years, all credit goes to Square Enix who took such a decision to proceed.

The Gaming Series reached upto that phase as recently on 22nd June they released the Sixteenth instalment (Final Fantasy XVI ). Unlike other previous installments, Final Fantasy XVI seems more downward toward an RPG game. For this, the game has two ways to level up, one is belts and the second is Vambraces. For belts, it is easy to figure but with Vambraces players find difficulty. So, here we will explain to you the best Vambrace location in Final Fantasy XVI .

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Final Fantasy XVI Best Vambraces Locations

As said above, Belts and Vambraces are the only gears you can change according to the situation and level up in the game. From there, specifically, Belts are common types of equipment or gear that easily grab by players. But when the discussion arises for Vambraces, players need to look for diligent guidance to find the best Vambraces. Because here questions arise not only for Vambrace location, instead players need the best Vambrace to opt for and their location.

If you look over available vambraces in Final Fantasy XVI , you will find around fifteen vambraces to opt-in. These vambraces are Imperial Infantry Bracers, Iron Bracers, Traveler’s Bands, Steel Crowns, and many more. See there are plenty of Vambraces and to decide which one is best depends on their Defense and Health. I mean to say, the best Vambraces consider to be the one that has the highest defense and health. So, To analyze let’s have a look at below.

Vambraces Defense Health
Imperial Infantry Bracers 15 0
Iron Bracers 20 0
Traveler’s Bands 25 0
Steel Crowns 30 0
Battlechains 35 0
Platinum Cannons 49 0
Hunter’s Armcloths 56 0
Diamond Armlets 65 0
Rune Crescents 76 23
Sun Bracelets 86 26
Metian Bonds 45 12
Mythril Wristlets 64 20
Drakes layer’s bracelet 74 23
The Founder’s Grasp 94 50
The Sons of Ouroboros 97 32

After reading the above table, I am sure you got to know which Vambraces are the best to opt for. To be specific, it is easy to understand “The Founder’s Grasp” (94 Defense/50 Health) and “The Sons of Ouroboros” (97 Defense/32 Health). However, Sons of Ouroboros has fewer health stats as compared to Founders Grasp but once you complete the “Things Fall Apart” main story quest then you will craft it in the hideaway. A similar thing is with The Founder’s Grasp as it has good health but fewer defense stats.

I mean as The Founder’s Grasp has fewer defense stats even that it would be the best Vambrace in Final Fantasy XVI . Do you know why, once you finish “There’A Will” Side Quest” following Back to their Origin Main Quest, then this would be the best defensive and healthier Vambrace? Meanwhile, From two best Vambraces, The Founder’s Grasp can get via There’A Will Side Quest and To get Sons of Ouroboros, Complete the Things Fall Apart main story quest.

Conclusively, Final Fantasy XVI has already been a strategy-filled game. But after reading this guide for the best Vambraces Locations, I am sure the game will be more amazing. Do Remember, Vambraces are not the only thing, you have belts option too. After finding the best combination of belts and Vambraces you would be the rare player in the game to beat other players in terms of gameplay. So these are the things about Final Fantasy XVI Vambraces I found to share. If any player has questions, please ask them below.

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