How to Update Fire TV Stick Devices to New Software Update

Your Amazon Fire TV Stick has nothing tricky with it. It’s just like a smartphone, but serving a different purpose. The Amazon Fire TV Stick also comes in different versions of their software, releasing newer and better software versions throughout all year. Updating to the latest software ensures your Amazon Fire TV Stick device functions with the latest algorithms, unlocking new and better features.

Like already mentioned, it almost identically performs just like a smartphone. So your device normally updates itself whenever a new software version is released and available in your device. However, the auto-update might not work in some instances. These are times when we are urged to do it manually. So in this guide, we’ll discuss how to update the Fire TV Stick devices to new software updates.

How to Update Fire TV Stick Devices to New Software Update

Steps to Update Your Fire TV Stick Devices

  1. Go to the home section of your Amazon Fire TV Stick device by pressing the home button on your smartphone
  2. Go to the settings menu
  3. Choose “My Fire TV”
  4. Click “About”
  5. Here, you will either see “Check for System Update” or “Install System Update”
    • If you see “Check for System Update”, it means that you’re already running on the latest software version. To confirm, you can click the same button and see if there are any updates available. However, this will most probably return you with no new software updates.
    • If you see “Install System Update”, this means that you’re running on an old version of the software. It deducts that a newer version is available in your device, and upon confirmation, you’re able to update to it.
  6. Click “Install System Update”
  7. This will initiate the update and the latest software version will be installed in a few minutes.
  8. Once installed, your device will reboot and you’ll have the latest version of the software feature right beneath your fingertips.

Please ensure that your device reboots after the installation is complete. The reboot usually is automated but there can be cases where you’ll have to do it manually. To do this, simply press and hold the select/middle button and the play/pause button simultaneously for 5 seconds. To ensure the smooth working of your device, keeping your devices up to date with the latest software version is always recommended.

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