Fireball Cat Value Pet Simulator X

Pet X Simulator seems the biggest title across the entire Pet Simulator industry. More likely, that’s obvious because it is being played over World’s Largest Gaming Community “Roblox”. However, BIG Games (developers) made this game with an aim to dedicate pet lovers. But since its release in 2021, we have seen an instant increase in the number of user bases. Do you know why the game is entirely for Pet lovers here the only thing players do is collect pets through eggs, coins, or any other medium.

If you look over the game’s Pet availability, then you will find it has more than 500 Pets categorized into different Tiers. The surprising thing is that developers still have not stopped, I mean they are continuing to release new pets even today. Yes, here I am referring to “Fireball Cat” a new pet introduced last Saturday. Being a new pet, players are eager to know its value because that’s the major point to hatch it. So, here we would like to discuss entire things about Fireball Cat who recently landed over Pet Simulator X.

Fireball Cat Value Pet Simulator X

Fireball Cat Value Pet Simulator X

Being a Pet Simulator game, it has a vast variety of categorization names from Golden to Dark Matter Pets. Getting a look over Tiers, then here we have around seven tiers of Pets. Starting with Tier 1 where you get 150 Pets and similarly Tier 2 where 250 Pets are available and so on. In Pet Simulator X either you can get the pet through coins or hatching eggs. But for that, we need to understand what would be the value of it. Following to know the value, let’s first understand what’s special in Fireball Cat.

Look Fireball Cat is the second strongest Yeet Power Pet that comes in a wide variety in the game. The varieties are Normal, Golden, Rainbow, Dark Matter, Shiny, and more. Since the strongest Yeet Power Pet, knowing its value could be a task for players. Don’t worry we are here to provide accurate details about it. But before that let’s have a look at how to calculate the value of a Pet. See the Value of a Pet based on numerous things such as Input from Experienced Traders, Depends on Signature of a YouTuber or BIG Games, and more.

So, That was the considerable thing for getting a Pet Value in Pet Simulator X. Now let’s have a look on as of writing what is the Value of Fireball Cat. But before that Do note that Fireball Cat Values depend on numerous factors so all of them are Fluctuates over time. Additionally, if you like to get any of its versions in Hardcore mode its value would increase by at least two Zeroes. So, this was all you should know as a pre-requisite, now have a look at the current value of Fireball Cat.

Note: These values fluctuate a lot since most of them depend on Recent Auction Price (RAP), so consider that they can change when opt to get it. Also, being a new pet some more varieties of prices are yet to unveil.

  • Normal: 5 Billion Diamonds
  • Golden: 10 Billion Diamonds
  • Rainbow: 25 Billion Diamonds
  • Dark Matter: 200 Billion Diamonds
  • Shiny: 16 Billion Diamonds

After noting down these values you might be wondered to know on how to get Fireball Cat. For this, the simple answer is to hatch a Yeet Egg from Yeet World. Since it is the strongest creature in such a world. However, here surprising thing is some players claimed to get the same pet via Wild Egg. As of now, the current values of Fireball Cat are much unstable after all it is the rarest pet in the entire game. It would be interesting to see what more values will it hold in the future. So, this was all about Fireball Cat in Pet Simulator X. Even after that if any users have any questions then feel free to ask them below.

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