Fix: Auking Mini Projector HDMI Not Working

We love to watch movies, but when it comes to going to the theater, then most people ignore it. As we all want to spend that time with our loved ones by turning the home into a movie theater. But, how it is possible? This is possible because of the projectors. So, in most cases, many users who want to spend time on their weekends turn their homes into movie theaters. This is also a cool idea if you don’t want to go outside of your home or when you are too much comfortable in your home. So, to make this time wonderful, Auking Mini Projector is better for you to spend that time. You can easily start the projection through the Auking Mini Projector by setting it up in a few steps.

The Auking Mini Projector comes with a lot of functionality through which it is in great demand by the users. Through it, you can connect a laptop, mobile, and other devices by which you can start your projection and watch it. The Auking Mini Projector comes with in-built speakers, long lamp life, and much more. The Projector is available for around $90 which is a good buy for the users.

But, what if you are in the excitement that you are going to watch a movie with your loved ones, and, you have set up all the things but when you start the Auking Mini Projector and it turns on and there is no projection? You will feel very bad at that time as your plan and as well the weekend has been ruined. But, we always think about you, so, we are here with the guide on How To Fix Auking Mini Projector HDMI. Therefore, read the full article to know how to fix it.

Fix: Auking Mini Projector HDMI Not Working

HDMI Not Working on Auking Mini Projector

So, we are here with the guide on how to fix Auking Mini Projector HDMI not working, but before that, we will tell you about the most common problems through which it can arise. So, check out the reasons below.

  • Wire Problem
  • Compatibility With Laptop/Smartphone
  • Check HDMI Port
  • Hardware Problem
  • Software Problem

Steps To Fix HDMI Not Working on Auking Mini Projector 

We will be guiding you on how to fix the HDMI not working issue on your Auking Mini. So, follow the methods through which are given below to fix it.

Restart The Projector

If the issue is being encountered on the projector then first try to restart the projector. So, restart your Auking Mini Projector and wait for 10 seconds and again start it. After doing this, check whether the HDMI is working or not.

Check HDMI Cable

You should check your HDMI cable whether is in working condition or not. Also, ensure to check whether the HDMI Cable is bent or not. If it is bent or kinked, then replace it with a new one. Also, check the wire whether it is damaged or not. If it is damaged then you have to replace it with a new one.

Check HDMI Port

The other thing which you should check is the HDMI Port. Sometimes, the cable is in working condition but the ports are damaged. So, check the HDMI Port of the cable. Also, check the HDMI Port of the projector and the device through which you are connecting to it.

If there is any dust in the Port then try cleaning it with the buds. After doing this, then again start the projector and check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Compatibility With Laptop/Smartphone

Sometimes, the users try to connect those devices and laptops which are not compatible. So, check whether you are using the compatible version of the Operating System or not.


If the issue has not been solved then you can also try resetting your projector. When you reset your projector, all the settings will be fixed at default and you will get the projector in its new condition. You can easily reset your projector through the Reset Menu which is available at the projector.

Contact Customer Support

If none of the methods were able to resolve the issue then you should have to contact customer support to get it fixed. The HDMI not working issue can also cause due to an internal hardware problem that can’t be fixed by you. So, in this scenario, it will be better for you to contact customer support, and get your Auking Mini Projector fixed to again start watching the movies at your home.


So, in this guide, we tried to explain to you the issue and how it can happen. Along with it, we discussed the methods through which you can fix it. But, before following the methods, it will be better for you to analyze the issue first. I hope all the methods which are mentioned are clear to you and you can easily implement them to fix the issue. So, if you have fixed the issue with any other method which is not mentioned above, then do share it with us in the comment section. Also, carefully follow all the methods and implement it.

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