Fix: Bumble Not Showing Matches

When there is a discussion about online dating apps, we all think of the Tinder symbol. The reason is that this app has dominated the market for the past 11 years. As it has millions of active users today, you can imagine its dominance. But one thing that made it backwards is here the female matches are mostly love marriage-oriented, and this application was not female-friendly.

On that note, one of Tinder’s founders launched Bumble in 2014, intending to provide female matches with parent-style marriage criteria. With that unique feature, Bumble gained almost half as many users as Tinder in just 1 month. From that day forward, the number of Bumble users increased daily. Bumble needs to show matches today. Here’s how to fix it if you also get it.

Fix: Bumble Not Showing Matches

Fix: Bumble is Not Showing Matches

Being handled by one of the founders of Tinder, Bumble follows the same fundamentals to continue the dating facility as Tinder. For this, a prominent example is here the user must be 18 years old to register. Apart from that, the quality of the matching profiles provided by Bumble is outstanding compared to Tinder. Even many testimonials say Tinder works best for them. Still, Bumble can offer a better alternative if you are looking for bold partners.

From the above analysis, Bumble offers better match quality than Tinder. But when I say you won’t see those matches, how would you feel? There have been a lot of recent complaints on Bumble support about not seeing matches. There is little chance that Bumble has a bug regarding it. Several reasons include improper profiles, wrong settings, expired partners, slow internet, and the wrong filter.

Luckily, Bumble Support responded with a few things that might cause Bumble not to show matches. So to make this easier, we will address every significant cause of matches not showing. So, without further delay, let’s start with the guide.

Ensure a stable internet connection.

A stable internet connection and high bandwidth is necessary to show quality profiles on the dating app “Bumble.”. In this case, if you cannot see the matches for your profile, there might be a problem with your Internet connection. The only thing you can do to accomplish this is to ensure that your internet is connected and to try to set up a stable connection. For Bumble to show you the best matches, it needs sufficient connectivity.

Complete your profile details.

you must complete your profile details. Your profile section includes a profile photo, social media links, a decent bio, and a picture showing your face.

Clear unwanted filters

There may have been some bumble users who previously added a filter to show only matches that have been recently added. Later on, those users need to remember to reset the filter. Indeed, users apply this filter to see some specific matches, and Bumble does not show any other matches at that time. As a result, Bumble users think that the dating app not showing matches. In such a case, all you can do is reset the previously applied filters. If you want to clear that, head to the matches showing screen >> Tap on the filter icon >> at the bottom, tap on clear. After that, you can see matches there.

Configure your distance settings.

Head to your profile, go to the distance section and increase it as you prefer. From now on, Bumble will start showing matches.

Update your app

To update it, open Google Play Store >> Search for Bumble App >> Tap on update >> That’s it.

Besides that, you should consider some basic things. If Bumble is not showing matches, there may be other reasons, such as Other Match is expired, another person blocked you, and similar minor things. But I hope that the above solutions will fix the concerning error. If you also have the same problem, you can request help with Bumble. Also, if you have any queries with the above fix, ask them all below.

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