Fix: Crab Game Lagging – Boost FPS Low PC End Best Settings

It looks like plenty of players are having issues with the Crab Game on their PC while trying to play the game via Steam. There are multiple reports coming out that whenever players are trying to play the game, either it lags a lot or they get a pretty low FPS count even on a powerful gaming rig which is unexpected. Now, if you’re also one of them, you can follow this guide to Fix Crab Game Lagging or Boost FPS on a Low PC End with the Best Settings.

PC games are prone to bugs, glitches, hiccups, lags, stutters, frame drops, graphical glitches, connectivity issues, server joining issues, and more. But sometimes even if a PC game is optimized for gaming at low possible settings on a low-end PC, it may cause several issues with the game. However, it’s worth mentioning that there are a couple of possible settings available that we’ve mentioned below to easily reduce or fix the lagging issue.

Fix: Crab Game Lagging – Boost FPS Low PC End Best Settings

Well, adjusting or tweaking some in-game graphics and video settings can help a lot for those who’re using a low-end PC or the configuration becomes older. So, without further ado, let’s get into the guide below.

  1. Open the Steam client on the PC > Go to Game Library.
  2. Click on Crab Game to open the page > Now, click on the PLAY button.
  3. Let the Crab Game open > Next, click on Settings from the in-game menu.
  4. Go to the Graphics tab > Make sure to set Shadow Quality to OFF.
  5. Now, set Shadow Resolution to Low > Set Shadow Distance to Low.
  6. Then set Shadow Cascades to None > Set Texture Resolution to Low.
  7. Next, set Anti-Aliasing to OFF > Turn Off the Soft Particles option.
  8. Set Bloom to Fast > Make sure to Turn Off – Motion Blur.
  9. Set Ambient Occlusion to Turn Off.
  10. Now, go to the Video tab > Here you’ll need to select a lower display resolution from the list under Resolution according to your PC configuration and optimal display resolution. [720×400 @59Hz or 1280×720 @60Hz]
  11. Make sure to set Fullscreen to Turn On and set Fullscreen Mode to ExclusiveFullScreen.
  12. Keep the V-Sync turned OFF > Set Max FPS to 60-70 depending on your PC configuration and capacity. [60FPS is recommended]
  13. Once done, close the Crab Game, and restart it to start enjoying.

You can also check out our video tutorial below for the same.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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