Fix: Destiny 2 Vex Input Error

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game that has been enjoyed by players worldwide since its release. It has become a popular game for players to spend hours exploring its vast worlds and completing challenging missions. One of the most anticipated expansions of the game, Lightfall, was released on February 28, 2023. However, as with any game, Destiny 2 is not immune to errors and bugs. In this guide, we will take you through how to fix the Destiny 2 Vex Input Error.

Lightfall is about a city called Neomuna on Neptune that’s like cyberpunk. The city survived when bad stuff happened and a group of people called Neomuni live there. They don’t have special powers like other people, but they have soldiers called Cloud Striders who are part machine and part human. The Cloud Striders help protect the city but it costs them a lot because they don’t live as long as other people. Let’s go through how you can fix the Vex Input Error in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Fix Destiny 2 Vex Input Error

How to Fix the Vex Input Error in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Destiny 2 is an incredibly popular video game developed by Bungie. It is loved by millions of players worldwide who enjoy its engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and immersive world-building. However, like any other online game, Destiny 2 can sometimes encounter errors and bugs that can interrupt gameplay and cause frustration for players. One such error is the vex input error.

The Vex Input Error is one of the most frustrating errors that players may encounter while playing Destiny 2. This error message can pop up when players are attempting to play the Headlong mission. To complete the mission, players must solve a few head-scratching puzzles. They will find themselves consistently blocked by energy shields and respawning Harpies. Killing these Harpies may trigger the error message “Vex Input Error. Resetting Vex lock.”

In the mission, you will be able to see various lit and unlit diamonds if you look above the energy shield. By following this code, you will be able to change the diamonds and kill the Harpies in order to progress.

However, with the error message “Vex input error. Resetting vex lock” when attempting to play activities related to Vex enemies, this becomes undoable. While there is no exact reason for this error nor any mention on the Bungie Help pages, there are some fixes you can try. There is speculation that it is due to connection issues between the player’s device and Destiny 2 servers.

If you encounter the Vex Input Error while playing Destiny 2, you can try following the steps mentioned below to fix the issue. These simple steps may help you to solve the problem and enjoy playing Destiny 2 without any interruptions.

Troubleshooting Steps

The vex input error is a common issue that players encounter when playing Destiny 2. It is an input-based error that can occur due to various reasons, such as server instability, problems with the game files, or issues with the player’s internet connection. This error can cause the game to crash, lag, or freeze, making it impossible for players to continue playing.

While this error is an issue between the player and Bungie, there are still solutions that can help players eliminate this irritating input error. Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix for this error, but there are some standard error-fixing methods that players can follow to try to resolve the issue.

Check Servers

The first and most important step is to check whether the servers are up and running. If the servers are down, there’s nothing you can do to fix the error. To check the server status, go to Bungie’s website and look for any news or updates regarding this error. If the servers are down, you may have to wait until they are back up and running to play Destiny 2.

Check Internet Connection

If the servers are up and running, the next step is to check your internet connection. Ensure that it’s stable and working correctly. You should also check whether you have an active subscription to a VPN service, as this might be causing the issue. Consider troubleshooting your router by resetting it or checking for any firmware updates. It may also be helpful to connect directly to your modem rather than using Wi-Fi to improve your connection.

Restart your game or device

If checking your internet connection doesn’t help, try restarting your game to see if it fixes the vex input error. Alternatively, restarting your console or PC can help stabilize your connection to the Destiny 2 servers. Sometimes, simply restarting your device can fix many issues that you might be facing while playing Destiny 2.

Verify Game Files

If none of the above methods works, try verifying the game files. This can help ensure that all game files are present and in working order. To do this, navigate to the game’s installation folder, right-click on the game’s executable file, and select “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” Verifying the game files can help fix any corrupted files that might be causing the vex input error.

Run an Antivirus Scan

Finally, try running a full antivirus scan on your computer to ensure the game files are safe and not causing any problems. This can help identify any malware or viruses that could be interfering with the game. If your antivirus program detects any issues, make sure to clean them up before running Destiny 2 again.

By following these steps, players can fix the Vex Input Error and get back to playing Destiny 2 without any obstacles. If you’re facing this error, try the above methods to fix it. We hope these steps help you play the online game without any issues.

In conclusion, Destiny 2 is a fantastic game that offers endless hours of entertainment. Even though it may encounter errors and bugs, there are always solutions to fix them. By following the steps mentioned above, players can resolve the Vex Input Error and continue to play Destiny 2 without any issues. We encourage players to keep playing and enjoying this amazing game, and we wish them the best of luck in their gaming adventures.

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