How to Fix Fire TV Stick Not Show­ing Picture

Every one of us likes to stream and indulge in binge-watching our favorite TV series and movies. However, sometimes the video content refuses to stream smoothly.  Obviously, it is utterly disappointing for entertainment lovers. At times, the visual won’t show but the audio would sound. Some viewers may see nothing at all, no video or audio. In this guide, I will tell you how to fix Fire TV stick issues.

There can be many reasons for this glitch.  The associated Android apps may be requiring some updates to a new version. The older build of the app may be facing some bugs. The HDMI port connection may not be properly set up. A user could be facing any one of these issues leading to Fire TV stick not streaming content. I have put up some easy solutions that any user can try out to fix the TV stick he uses. So, check out the guide.

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How to Fix Fire TV Stick Not Show­ing Picture

We will check out the solutions one-by-one.

Check HDMI Connection is Properly Set or Not

First, check whether the TV stick’s connection to the HDMI port of TV  is properly done or not. Lose connection can result in no video and audio. Otherwise, the HDMI port of your TV may also have some problems. So, to check whether there is an issue in the port insert the TV stick in another HDMI port(if the TV has more than 1 port).


Do Not insert the TV Fire Stick directly into the HDMI port of the TV. It may lead to overheating. Make sure to use the HDMI adapter with the stick to put it into the HDMI.

Restart to Fix Fire TV Stick No Picture/Video issue

One of the most followed troubleshoot includes restarting the gadget. So, we can try that to fix the Fire TV stick as well.

  • Go to Settings of TV Stick
  • Select My Fire TV
  • Under that Select Restart > to confirm select Restart again.

In most cases, this itself should solve your problem and you can now stream your content seamlessly.

Update the Streaming Apps

Normally, viewers, these days have a habit of trying out various streaming apps available on the internet. So, instead of manually updating each and every app, why not upgrade them automatically.? Let’s see how we can do that.

  • On TV Stick Settings > go to Applications
  • Select on App Store
  • Check whether Automatic Updates is set to Off. Change and turn it to On.

Keep in mind that when you enable auto-update, it will consume your data more. I mean it will install updates right away when it becomes available. If it installs updates for all streaming apps at one go, it will affect the data. So, keep checking the notifications panel. Whenever, a new update arrives for any app, then you can individually install it.

Does your Fire TV Stick Require A Update

Users missing out on software updates of their gadgets is nothing new. The same can happen with the TV stick as well. So, check whether a new update for FireOS is pending.

  • Go to Settings > My Fire TV 
  • Then go to About
  • Now select Check for Updates
  • The system will automatically download the new available OS update.
  • You should see an option to install the update. Select Install
  • The installation will take a few minutes.

Clear Cache of the Streaming App

Depending upon whichever app you are using for streaming, if that app has some clutter then it may affect the viewing. So, the solution is to clear the cache of that app.

  • Open TV Stick Settings > go to Applications
  • Select Managed Installed Applications
  • Select your Streaming app which you whose cache you wish to clear
  • Click on Force Stop
  • Next click on Clear Cache

As you are doing it, you may try it for all the apps as well.

Reset the Fire TV Stick

The last resort to solve the no audio/video/image issue on Fire TV stick is to reset it. Resetting will cause all the installed streaming apps to be uninstalled. All the app data stored about your viewed contents will be lost. Your accounts with the streaming apps will also get terminated. So, keep this troubleshooting entirely to the last. Only go for it when all other methods of troubleshooting fail.

So, if you have been facing the issues with viewing content on your Fire TV Stick, this is how you can fix it. I hope that the guide was useful to you.

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