Fix: Relay Never Stops Pushing Old Notification

Relay for Reddit is a place for announcements, discussion, and bug reporting for other android apps and everything else in the world. However, ironically, the relay app has its own shortcomings that need to be addressed before being able to help others. Besides, the never stops pushing old notifications is quite a headache among users. Here are some workarounds that will help you fix this issue.

Fix: Relay Never Stops Pushing Old Notification

How to Fix Relay Never Stops Pushing Old Notification?

Users around the globe have reported issues related to Relay app that it never stops pushing old notification. While this may be true, the actual reason behind is that the subreddits you have been following are getting comments and posts and you are not seeing them.

Therefore, a simple and effective fix to stop these pesky notifications is to open the particular notification and read the comment or post or anything that you got notified about.

Either way, if that didn’t help, you can clear cache and data of Relay app and restart to check. Furthermore, if you are not in a mood to open Relay app everyday, your best bet would be to stop notifications completely. If you have ever used Truecaller, you would be familiar with this issue.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix relay app’s pushing old notification issue. We hope you found this guide helpful. However, if you have any doubts or queries, reach out to us using the comment section.

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