How to Track Someone’s Location with a Phone Number

Sometimes, people wonder how to track a phone number and the device that it’s linked to. Though it may sound easy, and many believe it is possible, the reality is different.

If you try to locate someone’s phone by their number using the most popular methods suggested online, you’ll probably know the region and provider at best. But you may lose money if you settle on services that promise too much. So, let’s find out how to strike a happy medium and still get the desired result with cell phone spyware mSpy.

Can You Find Someone’s Location by a Cell Phone Number?

The short answer is yes; tracking someone’s location by their cell phone number is possible. But before we dive into the details, it’s important to note that tracking someone’s location without their consent is illegal and unethical. It is essential to respect people’s privacy and obtain their consent before attempting to track their location.

Why Do People Need to Locate Someone’s Phone?

There are different reasons why people need to find someone’s location by phone number.

To find a child’s current location

Knowing the whereabouts of their kids provides parents with a sense of peace and confidence. And these are among other numerous benefits that cell phone tracking technology can offer. If someone is unreachable via social media or phone, their location can be traced with the use of a cell phone tracker. 

Many people also have been able to track their lost or stolen phones with the help of a tracking app.

To reveal a cheating spouse

Do you have a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend whose actions seem suspicious? As much as nobody wants to know that their partner is unfaithful, the truth is that your loved ones may cheat on you. 

One way to monitor the activity of your partner is by using the location tracking system that will help you find their location with a phone number thanks to the built-in GPS feature.

To track the activity of an employee

For safety and security purposes, most employers nowadays need to know the whereabouts of their employees. It makes a location tracking system a very useful tool for business too. 

How Do You Track a Phone Owner by Number?

Whenever you receive calls from an unknown caller and start googling how to find someone’s location by their cell phone number, you can use one of the following services.  

  1. Truecaller. This application can track the location of any phone number. How does it work? 

Whenever you add your phone number to an online community like Facebook, Google Plus, any social network, or online shopping site, Truecaller app can add your number to their database, too, and other users will get a chance to find you. If you do not have the app installed on your phone, you can as well go to the Truecaller website to search the location of any number.


    • Wikipedia. Surprisingly, Wikipedia can also help you find out the location of a certain mobile phone number. 

On the website, you can view phone numbers starting series and the corresponding location where a provider operates. All you need to do is to make use of the first 4 digits of a phone number that you need to track, and you’ll get info on the area of its usage.

  • Mobile Tracking Software. Today, there is a variety of apps that can help users track someone by phone number. 

Such software can accurately trace the specific location (down to the building where the target phone is currently being used), and that’s what we’ll discuss in detail.

Locate a Phone Only by Number: Mission Impossible?

Due to the fact that tracking services are in high demand among customers, you can find many online platforms that promise to locate any person, any time having nothing else but their phone number. Unfortunately, that is impossible. Only police officers with special equipment and a court order can do it. 

Is There Any Reliable Way to Locate a Phone?

The best way to locate a phone of another person is to install a spy app like mSpy on the device. This way, you will be able to locate the phone even if it was lost or stolen. 

mSpy is easy to install and navigate. When being used on the device, the app works secretly. That is, it can function well in the background. It uses an encryption system to secure all the data so that it cannot be accessed by a third-party user.

mSpy GPS tracker allows users to learn the current location of their target number and look through the history of places visited for a certain period of time. It also provides details of every location, including precise coordinates, date and time, and address. Users get access to all the information on the whereabouts of their partner or relative remotely without the other party knowing.

mSpy also allows you to set restricted areas and safe places. When your target phone leaves or arrives at a place within a specified area, you’ll get a notification. It means there’s no need to look at the map and check the location constantly. The app can do it for you now.


So, how to find someone’s location using their cell phone number? We believe that using spy apps like mSpy is the best option. These services are reliable, affordable, secure, and you can always take your time to choose software that can meet your expectations in terms of features and pricing.


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