Install Stock Rom

What is Stock ROM

When we talk about the Android ecosystem, you might have come across the term Stock ROM. In simpler terms, they are the preloaded ROM that the smartphone manufacturers ships with their device. Moreover, it acts as a default operating system for your device. While each Android device has the same underlying OS, yet the OEM modifies the firmware based on what they deem fit. For example, OnePlus has OxygenOS, Xiaomi comes with MIUI, and so on.

Now, if we talk about the usage of these Stock ROMs, well there are aplenty. To begin with, since they are factory images, you could count on the stability and security aspects. Likewise, you could also manually download and install these ROMs to remain up to date. Along the same lines, a soft-bricked device could be easily brought back to life by installing these ROMs. In this regard, we have compiled the Stock ROMs for all the smartphones that you could download right away from this post.