Guide To Fix Samsung Galaxy Camera Problem [Troubleshoot]

Samsung is an undoubtedly the worlds most famous tech giant. They are the leading organization which continuously makes groundbreaking innovations for incorporating in the device they manufacture. They invest a lot of time and money in research and development so that they can deliver products with cutting-edge technologies. This makes them famous and favorite among its users. Samsung is successful in gaining trust and there are communities that share the knowledge regarding the Samsung product and also the updates, issue etc. This made the Samsung more strong and chances are people from all around the world have at least owned one Samsung device.

The Samsung is a company that is highly successful in delivering the products the users wish for. An average user wants a phone to have a decent memory and RAM capacity. Also with the newest operating system. One of the main features the user care for is the camera. The camera is a versatile device in a smartphone because smartphones create memories. The photos are time captured in the frame. So when the user picks a phone for them they will obviously check for the camera quality. But it is highly unfortunate for any user to encounter with camera issues because the moment that has to be captured will never come back. So if your Samsung Galaxy device camera does not work well then you are at the right place.

Guide To Fix Samsung Galaxy Camera Problem [Troubleshoot]

Fixes for Samsung Galaxy Camera Problem.

  1. If you are experiencing a black screen while opening the camera, it can be either a software or a hardware issue. If the issue is related to software, then you can fix it yourself. To do that you should restart the device.
  2. Maybe the issue is with the new third-party applications that you have downloaded. If the camera started experiencing crashes after installing any new apps that you have installed recently then delete the app and check whether the issue is resolved.
  3. It can be caused by the third party application that malfunction. So reboot your device into safe mode. To do this hold the power button and on the resulting screen click and hold on power off icon. Then enable safe mode.
  4. Clear camera cache. The cache is temporary data getting stored in the internal storage of the device, if it builds up more than normal then you should clear the cache. To do this go to settings > Application Manager > Camera > clear cache.
  5. Check whether the device is charged enough. If the device is lacking the required battery charge for basic operation then the system is optimized to shut down the high battery consumption applications which include the camera. So charge your device before using the camera function.
  6. Update the firmware as well as software. The bugs might be causing the camera to crash. There are software updates from the play store that is specifically meant for your camera device, and if you find one update it immediately. Also, check for system updates.
  7. If nothing above works do the hard reset. This will delete all the data saved on your device so back up all the data. To do the hard reset, go to settings > backup and reset > factory reset.

If the issue still persists then the issue should be with the hardware. So you should take the phone to an authorized Samsung service centre for the repair.

We hope this post will help you to fix camera problems on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. For queries comment or contact us directly.

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