Guide To Fix Samsung Galaxy Restarting And Freezing

Bought a Samsung Galaxy device and facing restarting and freezing issue? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Samsung Galaxy Restarting And Freezing Problems.

Samsung is one of the few main players in the smartphone industry. The tech giant Samsung has a huge reputation for making devices that their customers wish for. They update their devices often as showing the constant support for the customers they deal with. The Samsung invest a huge amount of money in Research and development. So that they introduce new technologies prior to any other manufacturers. Recently Samsung unveiled their new flagship phone which is Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. It proved the hype to be real, the new device from Samsung really have done a great job in making it perfect. No one got anything much to complain about the device. This proves that the brand Samsung keeps on building its name and reputation in the smartphone market.

Samsung is so successful because of multiple factors. One of the main factors that make Samsung unique is the budget ranges that the devices are sold. There are phones that are affordable for anyone with super premium ones that provide all the luxuries a phone can provide. This helps the brand to reach every level of customers and support them. Also, this makes the reach of the device to every corner of the world.

By making devices that have to be sold at lower prices it’s specifications had to differ from premium phones. So the factors that make the phone fast has to be compromised a little such as RAM, ROM, Processor etc. Mostly the Galaxy series phones are fast but rarely the users experience glitches such as freezing or restarting issues. Here we discuss the fixes for Freezing and restarting issues Samsung Galaxy smartphones.Guide To Fix Samsung Galaxy Restarting And Freezing Problem.

Fixes for freezing and restarting issues in Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

  1. Restart the device. When you encounter with the freezing of the phone, first you have to wait a while to check whether it automatically turns ready for operation, else you should restart the device.
  2. Switch to Safe mode. The third-party applications can malfunction and cause the phone to restart or freeze. Safe mode blocks any third party applications from operating, so if your device function fine when used in safe mode, delete the recently downloaded applications. To open safe mode click and hold the power button and on the options click and hold on power off icon, then enable safe mode.
  3. Clear system cache. The apps build up temporary files such as the cache for the operation so this might build up and cause the freezing issue. So to clear cache, turn off the device > hold on the power button, home button and volume down button. Click on volume down button to navigate through the list and select wipe cache partition. Reboot the system after completion.
  4. Master reset your Samsung Galaxy device. This step will delete every data you have stored on your device. So back up the data before resetting the device. To do this go to settings> back up and reset>factory reset.

If still, the device doesn’t work well, then you should repair it at an authorized Samsung service center.

We hope that all these solutions have helped you to fix your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone freezing and restarting issues. For any queries comment on the section below or contact us directly.

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