Fix: Sony WH-CH510 Not Charging Issue

Sony WH-CH510 is one of the best quality headphones. Initially, the headphones were popularized for their lightweight design as compared to Sony Wh-1000xm5. But later became the best battery capacitive headphone. As it has 35 hours of playback capacity. It has an advanced Bluetooth 5.0 version along with an effective range. Even the battery charging speed of the same is also quite good. However, Suddenly some Sony WH-CH510 users are claiming that their headphone does not take charging.

Moreover, there is no official conduct for the concern. Some users complained over the web about relating not charging issues. Following this, Some Sony WH-CH510 users are disappointed with the issue. They feel like buying Sony headphones is not getting worthful. For such a reason, we have researched over it and found some fixes that become the victim behind the not charging issue.

Why would not My Sony WH-CH510 Headphone Not Charge?

Sony devices are always quality conscious and rarely do some manufacturing defective units encounter technical issues. However, there could be some individual usage style that finds the major reason for Sony WH-CH510 headphones not charging. Because It differs from user to user, we can’t find any specific cause. But, on a collective basis, we have shortlisted some causes that found the most. So, below are the major causes found for Sony WH-CH510 not charging.

  • Using Unappropriate USB Cable
  • USB AC adaptor not connected with AC outlet
  • Your PC Is In Sleep Mode
  • Outdated Headphone Firmware
  • Damaged Charging Port
  • Defective Battery

What are the fixes to solve Sony WH-CH510 not charging Issue?

In evaluating the deviation behind the not charging issue. We have also taken a look at some fixes to solve the issue. Because only reading the causes cannot fix the issue. As this one is a sensitive case relating to charging ability. For which we have researched every fix. And, On a positive note below we have shared some solutions that you can try to fulfill the above deviation.

  • Always Use Type C Cable
  • Ensure to check USB AC Adapter Connected to the AC outlet
  • Make Sure Your PC is On
  • Update Headphone Firmware
  • Check Charging Port Status
  • Claim Battery Replacement


Besides that, there can be some more causes behind the not charging issue. But, they are shortlisted on normal usage. We assume your concern is also listed in the above paragraph. So, To proceed with the fixes below, we are sharing all the fixes with a decent explanation given below –

Always Use Type C Cable

According to the official product description, the Sony WH-CH510 requires Type C Cable to get charged. If you are not using a Type C cable then it will not charge. And, we think you are making the same mistake that not using the recommended cable for charging support. So, Your priority is to check which type of cable you are using to charge Sony WH-CH510 headphones. If using any wrong then immediately change it to Type C.

Ensure to check USB AC Adapter Connected to the AC outlet

While doing USB Charging to any Source power adapter. Mostly Sony WH-CH510 users omit to check the connectivity between USB Ac Adapter and AC Outlet. In such a case, Your Sony headphone does not work properly and showcase no charging issues with them. So, while using an AC adapter power source, check the USB AC Adapter Connected to the AC outlet. If it does not connect, keep it connected and check the charging status.

Make Sure Your PC Is On

Most PC-oriented users charge their Sony WH-CH510 headphones direct to the PC Source. In such a case, they do not evaluate but their PC goes into Sleep mode. The Sony WH-CH510 headphone does not start charging and remains unchanged. So, while charging your Sony headphone with the Computer power source. Always make sure to have your PC in the On position. If you find it in sleep mode, then proceed to come out from that mode.

Update Your Headphone Firmware

Sony WH-CH510 headphones work over their allotted firmware. And, if that firmware is outdated, then the Sony WH-CH510 do malfunction and create issues like headphone is not charging. In such a case, you must update your Sony WH-CH510 Firmware. You can update it through Sony’s official application. Sony’s official Application is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, both types of users can update their Sony WH-CH510 Firmware if any are found

Check Charging Port Status

There can be a cause if your Sony WH-CH510 headphone does not take charge. Then, it could be possible that your Sony headphone has a damaged or dusty charging port. So, it is also required to check Sony WH-CH510 charging port status. Because it has several things like dusty particles under the port or charging port has some damage on its charging pins. So, if your Sony WH-CH510 headphone is not charging, there might be some issue with the charging port. In such a case, check the complete overlook of your Sony WH-CH510 headphone’s charging port.

Claim Battery Replacement

If you are a Sony WH-CH510 user who has not fixed the not charging issue from the above fixes. Then, the only option is to claim for battery replacement. Because if you do not get your not charging issue fixed. It means your Sony WH-CH510 headphone has a defective battery which needs to be changed. So, check your Sony headphone warranty period and claim it under the warranty terms. However, If your Sony WH-CH510 has passed out its warranty, then the only option is to replace the battery from any trusted third-party Sony dealer.

Wrapping Up

Concluding with that note, Sony WH-CH510 not charging issue has numerous causes behind it. But to have a look over normal user usage we have explained the most probable fixes for the concern. We assume that your Sony headphone issue might be fixed with the help of the above fixes. However, if someone has doubts about the guide, ask them in the comment box below.

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