Forspoken Frey Wiki: Increase Max Health, Get Stamina, Garland, Nuggets and More

In this article, we will be talking about Forspoken Frey who is the main character of the game. This is the complete Wiki of the Forspoken Frey including the increase in Max health, how to get Stamina and the garland, and many more things which are essential for the gameplay. Forspoken is an open-world action RPG game that is gaining popularity recently. The game is developed by Luminous Production and published the Square Enix. In this game, you have to take control of Forspoken Frey the protagonist Fret holland.

Forspoken Frey is also known as the Alfre Holland or the Frey Holland. The main protagonist of Forspoken. She is a young native of the Newyork, which et automatically transported to the land of the Athiya and she will try hard to get her home back. The game starts with Alfre Holland being transported magically to the Athiya land where she discovers sentiments, named Cuff which she named it. Frey will have to cope with the feared Break, which threatens Athia and her residents, as well as battle and vanquish the wicked Tantas.

Forspoken Frey Wiki Increase Max Health, Get Stamina, Garland, Nuggets and More

Forspoken Frey Wiki: Increase Max Health, Get Stamina, Garland, Nuggets, and More

A modern young woman from New York City. She lives in the foster homes and she is magically transported to Athiya city, a city that was once a beautiful inhabitant. And that has been beset by the break. Except for Frey, no one is safe from the corruption, which turns everything it touches into a warped, and frequently violent, imitation of itself.

Frey appears like an African young woman, with a slim body and straight hair who is wearing a puffer jacket and ripped skinny jeans. She doesn’t trust anyone because of her bad experience.

Forspoken Frey Relations

Alfre Holland has multiple friends and enemies in the game. We will list all of them in this section. She has three friends, Cuff, Johedy, and Auden. She has five enemies, Tantas, Tanta Sila, Tanta Prav, Tantas Olas, and a homer which is her cat.


The first person she met in the Athiya world. He is like a guide to the Frey. Their relationship starts with banters and arguments but later on they become friends with each other. Cuff is a tough critic who can be rather demanding. While Frey is determined to flee Athia, Cuff is frantic to persuade her to assist the kingdom.


An Athiyan who was befriended by the Frey in Cipal. She is being guided by Johedy to kill the Tantas and stop the Break. She is the part of the main characters of the Athiya.


Forspoken Frey Wiki Increase Max Health, Get Stamina, Garland, Nuggets and More

Auden Keen is a young woman who puts others’ needs before her own. She accepts Frey in Athia quickly and sees more in her than Frey sees in herself. She appears as a helper and healer as a key character in Forspoken.


When Frey first arrived in Athia, she had little interest in the Tantas, but Tanta Sila quickly accuses her of infringing on her domain. The Tantas instantly see her as an adversary, and she will have to battle and murder all of them in order to return home.

Tanta Sila

Forspoken Frey Wiki Increase Max Health, Get Stamina, Garland, Nuggets and More

She is commonly known as the “Tanta of Strength,” is one of the Tantas of Athia, the leader of the Athian army, and one of Forspoken’s primary enemies.

Tanta Prav

Tanta Prav, commonly known as the “Tanta of Legal,” is one of the Tantas of Athia, the monarch of Avoalet, the leader of the Athian justice system, and one of Forspoken’s principal opponents.

Tantas Olas

Tanta Olas, popularly known as “The Tanta of Wisdom,” is the ruler of Visoria and one of Forspoken’s key opponents.

Homer: Her Cat

Frey’s cat Homer is her only family, and their bond was immediately apparent in trailers. Not only did the pair’s connection touch viewers’ hearts, but Homer swiftly stole the show. The writers told us that nothing bad would happen to Homer, and that her part is much more about the love she brings into Frey’s life.

Forspoken Frey Magic and Power

Forspoken Frey Wiki: Increase Max Health, Get Stamina, Garland, Nuggets and More

Frey is stuck in Ahiya with no way back home. But that doesn’t mean she is helpless, she has magic powers which she can use to cast spells and move around and fight with the enemies.

Types of Magic

Frey can use these types of magic while in combat or moving around in the game. She is capable of all the magic tricks which can be done in the Forspoken.

  • Frey’s Magic (Purple Magic): This is an earth-based sort of magic.
  • Sila’s Magic (Red Magic): This is a fire-based sort of magic.
  • Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic): This is a water-based magic.
  • Olas’ Magic (Green Magic): This sort of magic is based on light.

Every type of magic has its own types of spells including defensive and attacking spells. She can use the specific parkour skill in these types of magic too.

Attack magic spells are her primary magic spell, these types of spells have no cooldown or ammo limits. Support magic spells provide support in decreasing damage. It is more like a defensive magic spell.

How to unlock magic spells?

Forspoken Frey Wiki: Increase Max Health, Get Stamina, Garland, Nuggets and More

When you are beginning the game, the Frey does not have access to all the magic spells. She will have access to basic magic spells at first but later on, she will be able to see all kinds of mac tricks or spells by collecting Mana. However, some magic skills are only available to be unlocked by visiting the fount of blessing.

Increase max health in the Forspoken Fey

There are plenty of health stats that are available in the game but none of them are as important as health. The amount of health you have decide how long you will survive in combat or in the game. So is there any way to increase the max health in the Forspoken Frey.

There are numerous points of interest to explore throughout the world of Athia. While some of these provide experience, others provide stat boosts. It’s easy to believe that as you continue through the game, your health would simply improve, but this is not the case. Instead, you must seek out certain deviations known as Monuments, which provide health boosts.

These monuments are the special type of detours that gives you a health boost and also increases your stats. This will boost your magic too. If you are worried about your max health you need to find the Monuments to Justice and increase your max health.

Increase Frey’s stamina in the Forspoken

There is nothing wrong to say that Forspoken’s magical parkour system is brilliant. The ability to fly around the map at breakneck speeds is simply amazing. Of course, like with other games, the amount of Stamina you have limits how far you can run.

When you start the game your stamina will be very low, but you as move on in the game you will increase some stamina. But every time you use some magic spells your stamina will be used.

However, this increase in the stains happens gradually in the game. As you progress through the game, you will be made to fight a large number of enemies at once by stopping you from moving ahead.

When you finish all these challenges of enemies your Frey’s stamina will get increased up to 100 points. As soon as you are ending the game you will get an increase of 800 points in stamina in you can use the magic parkour spell as much as you can.

Garlands in the Forspoken

As you roam through the world of Athiya in the Forspoke. You will find many materials but the Gralands are the rarest materials you can find in the World of Athiya. You will not find the Garlands instantly it is very tough to find in the Forspoke.

Location of Garlands in Forspoken

Garlands are dropped by powerful enemies like the world and dungeon bosses. If you want to get your hands on them, you must hunt out specific mutant types scattered throughout the world of Athia. You can find all these Gralands throughout the game.

  • Fervid Garland
  • Leaden Garland
  • Lambent Garland
  • Welkin Garland
  • Lucid Garland

Mutants are represented as an upside-down arrow on the map. Defeating these animals will always drop a Garland. You can obtain Garlands by defeating abominations. These are larger versions of the world bosses, substantially tougher and far cruel.

Forspoken Frey Nuggets and Feathers

Detours, the game’s equivalent of side missions, are the most reliable and constant way of collecting nuggets and feathers in Forspoken. Many of them reward you with two crafting supplies as well as additional presents, so they are highly worthwhile. Sometimes, you can get these feathers and nuggets by defeating some option bosses n the game as well.

What do these nuggets and feathers do?

Feathers will be used to increase your pouch capacity. If you want to collect more items in the game you can increase your pouch capacity by collecting feathers in the game. Whereas you can use these nuggets to increase your medic pouch capacity. Which you later can use to increase the capacity of your medics.

Some tips for the Forspoken Frey

Now, we have talked all about Frey, her abilities, powers, and other aspects. Now we are going to finish this article with some tips and tricks before you play the forspoken.

  • Always Prioritize the Detours in Cipal.
  • Always have active spells challenges and craft your upgrades regularly.
  • Visit the Fount of blessing first which can make your exploration a bit easier.
  • Get the best rewards by the Locked Labyrinths.
  • To increase your stats, always prioritize open-world activities.


This was all about the Forspoken Frey Wiki Guide, We have tried to cover every aspect of the Frey from the start, how she got into the world of Athiya, how she can defeat the enemies and prevent the world of Athiya from the Break by fighting the enemies on her way. She has some magic spells with her that she can use in her way. Go through this article to get the full knowledge of the Fprspoken Frey and gain some tips and tricks for the Forspoken as well.

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