How to Complete Tukarok Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Tukarok Shrine stands as a captivating monument in the Lanayru Wetlands region of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This guide will provide you with an overview of the shrine’s location, the solutions to its puzzles, and how to navigate the “Forward Force” trial, allowing you to procure the sought-after chest and Light of Blessing.

Tukarok Shrine Location

Tukarok Shrine Location
Tukarok Shrine Location

Situated within the heart of the Lanayru Wetlands, the Tukarok Shrine lies to the east of the Wetland Stable South Well, and further east of Lookout Landing. Be cautious of the formidable Moblin boss in this area, which forms part of a side quest originating at the stables. Despite having four hearts, a single swipe from this beast could end your journey abruptly. The Tukarok Shrine’s precise coordinates are: 0915, -0250, 0035.

How to Complete Forward Force Quest in Tukarok Shrine

The shrine comprises four distinct sections, including three puzzle rooms and the ultimate goal. The primary objective is to navigate a metal ball through each room and into a central corridor, which will unlock the final room.

Commence your adventure by sprinting ahead and leaping downwards to discover a cart and a ball. Connect the ball to the cart using Ultrahand and position it directly in front of the lava pit, aligning with the direction of travel (the wheel’s arrows can serve as a reference).

Once positioned, hop onto the cart and strike the wheels with your sword to set it in motion.

After successfully crossing the lava, unfasten the ball and carry it to the next chamber. Several solutions exist for the upcoming section; here’s our recommended approach.

Initially, disregard the Zonai device. Connect the ball to the block situated on the right-hand side of the room, and then move it to the track’s endpoint. Upon releasing it, the ball will slide downwards. Don’t fret about this; proceed to the room’s far end and ascend the ladder.

From atop the platform, you can use the Rewind function to elevate the block back to your position. Rapidly seize and disconnect the ball, and you’ve completed this section.

Carry the ball into the subsequent room and attach it to the wheeled cart. But before advancing further, take a moment to embark on a treasure hunt!

Scan the water on the room’s left (when viewed across the water) using Ultrahand to locate the chest. Its glow should make spotting it a breeze. Retrieve it from the water to obtain a potent Zonaite sword.

Returning to the task at hand, grab the small plank located behind you and connect it to the cart’s wheel. Essentially, you’re crafting paddles. Without these, the cart won’t budge in the water.

Repeat this on the opposite side and launch the cart into the water. When you’re prepared, climb aboard, strike the wheel with your sword, and watch as your paddle-powered cart traverses the water.

For the final stretch, disconnect the ball and position it on the conspicuous button.

From this point, transfer it into the receptacle in the corridor where you initially began, which will open the final door.

To complete the Tukarok Shrine, interact with the sigil to receive your Light of Blessing!

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