Globle Answer Today (June 12, 2024) All Wordle Country Game and Their Answers

Globle is similar to the Wordle game, where you have to guess the country name with the guesses that you get. The more you guess, the more you will get close to the answer. This is a daily mode game where there is a new country for each day, and you must guess the country after seeing the color indicator from the globe.

The players find this game very much interesting, and they love to play this game. If you are also a regular visitor of Globle, we hope you are guessing the correct country name. If not, don’t worry; we are here with the Globle Answer Today For June 12, 2024. In this post, we will list Globle Answer Today. Keep on reading this guide till the end to know more about it.


What is Globle?

The Globle is a word-guessing game where you have to guess the country name after seeing the hints that will be given to you. In this game, you will get hints on the globe. You will see the globe where the country will be indicated with the color. The more you will guess right, the globe will indicate hotter color. After it, you will be able to guess the correct answer.

Now, those who are finding it hard to guess the Globle Answer Today should keep on scrolling until the end to know about the answer.

Globle Answer Today For June 12, 2024 – Hint

Those who are still trying to guess the right country can check the hint that we will list below. So, the hint for Globle Answer Today is listed below.

  • The country name starts with N.
  • The country name ends with A.
  • It is two word.

Globle Answer Today For June 12, 2024

Those who are finding it difficult to guess the answer to Globle Today will be able to find the answer below in the post. We know how hard it is to guess the correct answer to Globle. However, to help you with the Globle Answer Today, we have listed the answer below. Check out the answer and guess in the game to maintain your streak. The Globle Answer Today For June 12, 2024 that you are looking for is North Korea.

Wrapping Up

Globle is an online puzzle game where you have to guess the country name by checking the hints. The much you guess in the game will let you closer to the answer. In this post, we tried to help the players of Globle in guessing the right word with the help of the hints. Along with it, we have listed the answer in case you are not able to guess the word even after seeing the hints. Guess the name of the country and maintain your streak. That’s it for today, see you in the next one.


  1. Globle is making me crazy. When I entered “Democratic Republic of Congo” as my guess today, it replied, “Do you mean “Dem. Rep. Congo?”
    I did, so I entered “Dem. Rep. Congo” and then it said “Dem. Rep. Congo not found in database.” What??? This has happened with the DRC answer before. Does anyone else get this?

  2. The answer is not China for my answer even though its May 27th, 2023 which is today can you or anyone help me please

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