Fix: Google Meet Not Able to Access Camera and Microphone

Google Meet is one of the basic needs of our life after the lockdown. The Meet was being used for video calls with the team, students, family, and others. It has gotten very famous due to the features and connectivity that it allows. We all have the Google Account and we get seamless connectivity with it. Google Meet has been a major competitor to Zoom. The features they have tried to provide are the reason behind its popularity. You can schedule unlimited meetings along with 100 participants for up to 60 minutes which is one of the good features.

The Google Meet comes with adjustable layouts and screen settings. Along with it, you get the option of recording, screen sharing, messaging, host controls, and much more. The Live Caption has also been introduced in the Google Meet through which you will be able to see the caption during the meeting. Some of the other features like removing a participant from the meeting, whiteboard, and much more are there.

Now, users are reporting that Google Meet is not able to access the camera and microphone. Therefore, read the full article to know more about it and how to fix it.

Fix: Google Meet Not Able to Access Camera and Microphone

Why Camera and Microphone Not Working on Google Meet

Many users are reporting that Google Meet is not able to access the camera and microphone due to which they are facing issues during the meetings. But, before diving into the fixes methods, we will tell you the reasons through which this issue is causing. After it, we will mention the fixes through which you will be easily able to resolve the issue. So, check out the reasons below.

  • Permission Not Given To App
  • Camera Issues
  • Mic Not Working
  • System Outdated
  • Internet Issue

How To Fix Camera and Microphone Issue on Google Meet

So, here are the methods through which you will be able to easily resolve the issue. Therefore, check out the fixes below.

Check Internet Connectivity

So, the Internet is one of the most important things required for running properly Google Meet. So, make sure that you are connected with a stable internet connection to avoid this type of issue. Also, due to network issues, many features of Google Meet will not work, and you can face this issue. So, in this case, make sure that you are connected with a proper internet connection. You can check your internet connectivity by running an Internet Speed Checker.

Restart Your Device

If you are facing this issue then you can try restarting the device on which you are accessing Google Meet. So, restarting the device will help in loading the files correctly through which you will be to resolve the issue you are facing while meeting.

Check Camera & Microphone 

Make sure that your camera & microphone are in the working state. To check this, you can use some apps which require Camera permission and similar to it, use apps that require microphone usage. After it, check whether the Camera & Microphone are working properly or not.

Check Permission Of Camera & Microphone

Permission plays a vital role in the working of Google Meet. As Google is working on the safety of the users, so they are giving the users capability to give specific permission to the apps they use. Some of the permissions are Camera, Storage, Microphone, Contacts, etc. So, this can also happen to you if you have not given proper permission. So, if you are using an Android Phone & iPhone Device then you can check for permission to avoid this issue. You can check the permission by quickly going to App Info and after it checks the Permission that you have given to the App. If you have not given the camera and microphone permission, then give them.

If you are using the PC or Laptop to use Google Meet, then you can try checking whether you have activated your camera/webcam or not. Also, do this for your microphone too. After it, also ensure the same thing for the microphone. So, if you are using a web browser like Chrome, Edge, etc then make sure that you have given permission to access the camera or microphone. It will ask for your permission near the address bar each time you visit the website. So, make sure you allow permission.

Close The Background Camera & Microphone Using Apps

Make sure that you are not running any app in the background which requires a camera. So, in this case, the camera will get conflicted and will be not able to give access to Google Meet. So, in this case, close all the iOS & Android apps that are running in the background.


So, in this guide, we have listed all the methods through which you can try resolving the issue. Also, we have mentioned the common reasons through which this issue can arise. So, implement the methods carefully to fix this issue. Also, if you have fixed the same issue through any other methods then do share it with us in the comment section.

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