Fix: Goose Goose Duck Mic Not Working

Goose Goose DUCK is a massively multiplayer free-to-plat strategic causal video game that has been released by Gaggle Studios, Inc. In this title, players will have to work together to complete given missions with friends in the form of ducks. Obviously, there will be difficulties and hard paths that players need to overcome. Though this game has received positive reviews on Steam, it seems that multiple players are facing Goose Goose Duck Mic Not Working issues.

Now, if you’re also one of the victims to encounter such an issue then make sure to follow this troubleshooting guide to fix it. Well, the chances are high that you’re going through such an issue due to several potential reasons on your PC. It might be related to the in-game audio settings, incorrect sound settings on your system, an outdated audio driver, issues with the game files, an outdated game version, and more. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Fix: Goose Goose Duck Mic Not Working

Fix: Goose Goose Duck Mic Not Working

Luckily, we’ve provided a couple of possible workarounds for you that should come in handy. It’s recommended to follow all methods one by one until the problem gets fixed.

1. Reboot the PC

First, you can try rebooting your computer manually to ensure all programs are closed and there is no issue with the temporary system glitch or cache data. So, make sure to reboot the machine and then run the Goose Goose DUCK game to check if the microphone issues are still bothering you or not.

2. Check the PC Audio Settings

Another thing you can do is check out the audio settings on your system by following the steps below to ensure that there is an issue with the low volume level or that the volume is muted. To do this:

  • Right-click on the Speaker icon in the system tray.
  • Now, select the Open Sound Settings menu.
  • Click on the Device properties option.
  • Make sure to manually adjust the volume slider to 50% or more.
  • Restart the PC to check for the issue again.

3. Check the Game Audio Settings

Sometimes, conflicts with the in-game audio settings or issues with the microphone settings on the PC might trigger the microphone not working. You can follow the steps below to do so:

  • Launch the Steam client > Run Goose Goose DUCK.
  • Click on Options from the in-game menu.
  • Ensure the Microphone option is set to the correct device.
  • Click on the Test button to check Voice Recognition.
  • You should also check if the Master Volume is set to high or not. Keep it to more than 50%.
  • Click on Apply to save changes and then try running the game.

4. Update the Audio Driver

It seems that multiple affected players have reported the outdated audio driver on their Windows PC. If you’re also using the outdated sound driver for a while then make sure to check for updates by following the steps below:

  • Press the Win+X keys to open the Quick Link Menu.
  • Click on Device Manager from the list.
  • Double-click on Sound, Video, and Game Controllers.
  • Right-click on the correct audio device that you’re using.
  • Select Update driver > Choose to Search automatically for drivers.
  • If there is an update available, the system will automatically download & install it.
  • Once done, restart the computer to apply changes.

5. Update Goose Goose DUCK

You can try updating the Goose Goose Duck game on your PC via the Steam client to avoid potential bugs or incompatibility issues whatsoever. Mostly an outdated game version can cause several issues with the game launching, voice chat, graphical glitches, etc. To do this:

  • Open the Steam client > Go to Library.
  • Click on Goose Goose DUCK from the left pane.
  • It’ll automatically search for the available update. If there is an update available, make sure to click on Update.
  • It may take some time to install the update > Once done, make sure to close the Steam client.
  • Finally, reboot your PC to apply changes, and then try launching the game again.

6. Verify and Repair Game Files

If in case, your game files become corrupted or missing for some unexpected reasons then verifying and repairing the game files using the game launcher can help you a lot. Otherwise, you may encounter several issues with the game launching, connectivity, performance-related issues, audio or graphical glitches, etc. To do this:

  • Launch Steam > Click on Library.
  • Right-click on Goose Goose DUCK from the list of installed games.
  • Now, click on Properties > Go to the Local Files tab.
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • You’ll have to wait for the process until it gets completed.
  • Once done, just restart your computer, and check if the Goose Goose DUCK Mic Not Working issue is fixed or not.

7. Grant Microphone Access to Goose Goose DUCK

The chances are high that granting the microphone access to the Goose Goose DUCK game executable might fix the microphone not working issue on the PC. Sometimes the Windows system and microphone don’t give access to a couple of installed programs which is quite common. To do so:

  • Press the Win+R keys to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type ms-settings:privacy-microphone > Click on OK to open Microphone Settings.
  • Go to the Microphone option > Enable the Allow apps to access your microphone toggle.
  • Turn On the Goose Goose DUCK program from the list to use the microphone.
  • Now, reboot the PC to check for the issue.

8. Set Your Microphone as Default

It’s also recommended to set your active microphone (connected) as a default one on the Windows computer to ensure you’ve selected the right device. If the microphone isn’t selected that you’re trying to use then you will surely encounter similar issues in most scenarios.

  • Press the Win+I keys to open Windows Settings.
  • Click on System > Go to Sound.
  • Here you’ll find out the Output option > Make sure to select the specific microphone device.
    • If the microphone isn’t listed, just click on Add device to pair a new output device.
  • Once done, go to More Sound Settings > Click on the Recording tab.
  • Now, select the correct microphone device > Click on Set default.
  • Click on Apply and then OK to save changes.

9. Reset the Network Settings

If none of the methods worked for you then make sure to perform a reset of the networking settings on the PC by following the steps below to ensure there is no issue with the networking connectivity glitch. Do keep in mind that after resetting the network settings, you’ll need to manually connect to the Google DNS or Wi-Fi network if you were using it.

  • Open the Start menu > Type and search Network Reset.
  • Click on Network Reset from the result.
  • Now, click on Reset Now > If prompted, confirm the same.
  • Once done, reboot the PC to apply changes. It should fix the Goose Goose DUCK Mic Not Working issue.

That’s it, guys. We hope this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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