Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes List – July 2024

Gorilla Tag is a very exciting entertainment-based game available for different platforms. In the game, you can jump, run, and climb with your hands. This game also lets the players connect with their friends through online mode. The game’s concept is that players must protect their character from the infected players or those coming to capture them. Along with it, keep on improving your stats in the game to become a mighty ape.

There are different modes available in the game: Normal and Horror. You will get to play the normal mode often; however, you can also access the horror mode in the game. To access the horror mode, you must use the ghost codes we will list in the post. We are here with the working Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes List for July 2024. Keep on reading this post till the end to know more.

Gorilla Tag

What is Ghost Mode in Gorilla Tag?

For those who don’t know, the ghost mode differs greatly from the normal mode. In this mode, you will get a horror gaming experience. You can scare the people in the game and do a lot of things. However, to do this, you must follow some steps, which we will list below, along with using the Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes List for July 2024.

Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes List – July 2024 

If you are also interested in playing the ghost mode, here is the Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes List through which you can do so.

Active Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes List

Here is the working Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes list that you can use to get into the horror mode.

  • Sren18
  • Sren17
  • Spider
  • Smiler.exe
  • Run
  • Pbbv
  • Unknown
  • Bots
  • Choke
  • Pbbc
  • Morse
  • J3vu
  • I see you
  • Hunt
  • Echo
  • Chippd
  • Banjo

We will update the post soon with the new information, do visit our website regularly to know more.

Expired Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes List

Here are the codes which are expired and can’t be used anymore.

There are no codes expired as of now.

How To Redeem Gorilla Tag Ghost Codes

We are here with the tutorial through which you can redeem the code.

  • Go to the hub world to use the computer.
  • It can be found near the tree.
  • Now, go to the Room.
  • After it, enter the Server code.
  • That’s it.

Wrapping Up

Gorilla Tag is a very exciting game where you can do many things. To enter Ghost Mode in the game, the players must enter the Ghost Codes. We have listed the codes in the post. By entering those codes, you will be able to experience horror gaming. That’s it.


    1. Hi leo I, Jmancurly is very proud of you. How brave are you to say monkey monkey monkey on a website. Good job


  1. I think I found a new ghost code it’s code 911 there is five ghost the only color we know is a orange monkey with no name x is the one of the five with a name

  2. I once saw the ghost named “echo” I looked at them then I got kicked from the game I have the clip of it if you want it

    1. i’ve heard the code “Run” is a ghost code, i’ve only heard this from some kids in a public game.

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