Guide To Fix Alldocube Power Button Not Working Problem

Now that smartphones are becoming more advanced, three buttons have made their mark as crucial to its operations unless you have a button-less device. We rely on these buttons a lot but power button not working problem has a greater kickback than if one of the volume rockers because the power button is solely responsible to do a number of tasks alone such as rebooting the system, booting it to other partitions, turning on and off the screen, etc. This is why fixing a power button not working problem is mandatory but do you know what? Since a lot could have gone wrong, here’s a specific troubleshooting guide that targets the software aspect first before moving to hardware-related irritants triggering the issue.

Guide To Fix Alldocube Power Button Not Working Problem

Guide To Fix Alldocube Power Button Not Working Problem

Reboot the device

It might sound weird or even appear as if I am mocking the system to reboot as it is already facing a power button not working problem. But it is only because if we suspect software as the problem and not hardware although the majority of cases are with respect to the latter. Speaking about any software glitch that might have occurred while you trying to press the power button, rebooting the device will avert it and start afresh but the point is, how? Since the power button is not working, you cannot reboot without using it. In this case, you can either use Fastboot and ADB tools or if the system is turned on, you can actually use ‘Scheduled On/Off’ to reboot it.

Purge Cache

Cache files are often considered as a weak link as these files are vulnerability magnet and can get corrupted easily and don’t forget the numerous bugs it can attract if not taken care of. There are basically three types of cache files and you can get rid of ‘em if the phone’s screen is alive or use the ‘Scenario #2’ explained in detail below to turn on the display and proceed with these methods prescribed below. Note that we will be skipping the cache partition as it is not accessible without a working power button.

Firstly, you need to proceed to the Settings >> Storage and search for ‘Cache Memory’ and there you have it. Clear it and proceed to the next ‘App cache’ section. You can delete app-level cache simply by tapping on Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded. Once you are here, a list of all third-party apps will appear where you need to tap on each app and select ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Storage’. Hopefully, this must resolve the issue once and for all but this is a recurrent procedure as doing it on alternate days will have a huge benefit in terms of performance.

How to scrutinize the power button not working problem hardware-related?

Talking about the hardware-related problem, you seriously cannot do anything to fix it unless you have knowledge of dismantling the device, remove broken power button or check for the root of damage and fix it and then, reassemble the phone in working condition. Since there is very negligible space between the power button and the housing, you cannot insert any sharp object to scrape out the debris if causing the power button to behave abnormally and forcing it could end up causing more damage so beware.

What are the ways you can use a phone with a broken power button?

There are a plethora of ways and tricks you can use to actually use a phone with a broken power button. There is no rocket science here so just follow the ways you can use the phone with power button not working problem based on the scenarios.

Scenario #1: The phone’s screen is lit

Extend screen timeout duration

Amidst ‘Display’ settings, there lies a screen timeout duration setting that allows the phone’s screen to stay lit for the said duration. It is usually set at 1 min or so but the highest duration is 30 minutes. This means that users can keep the screen lit for 30 minutes without providing any stimuli and providing one will extend the timeout by half an hour.

Enable Always-On Display

Although this feature is not available in budget or even mid-range smartphones, it is available in all flagship and other smartphones. Here, the display stayed partially active with an active clock widget on-screen and a double tap on the screen will actually light up the screen as well.

Set up the fingerprint scanner

There’s no point in discussing this method to use when you are observing power button not working problem because FPS has become a default in all smartphones. Tap on it lights up the screen and that diminishes the need to press a power button to use any password or pattern-related unlocking feature. Many smartphones have facial recognition system to unlock the device as well although these systems need the light up the screen beforehand and without a power button, it is not that useful unless you have used apps as an alternative to switch the functionality that you’ll know more about in the next method.

Use apps to switch functionalities of the broken power button

Google Play Store is abundant with apps in each aspect of whatever you can possibly think. This makes it easier for Alldocube Android smartphone users to simply search for apps that replace power button via switching its functionality to either of the volume rockers or using proximity, gravity sensors or others as a way to light up the display and carry out daily tasks as it is. Power Button to Volume Button, Gravity Screens, Proximity Actions, etc, are a few examples of the same.

Set up alarms

Even though Always-On display works pretty fine, it is limited to some smartphones and thus, your smartphone might not have it. Since we are discussing the various methods you can hail to use a phone with a broken power button and the screen is lit at the moment, you can set up alarms at different intervals or as when you need to use the device. This method will eliminate the need to keep the display alive thereby draining battery while allowing the user to recall the screen to light up exactly when you need it.

Scheduled On/Off

This is helpful if you think that the power button not working problem is due to a software issue. If not, this method is helpful in relieving the device from any other software-related issues without using the power button to turn off the device. You can to visit the Settings app and check out Scheduled On/Off which is generally under Utilities or namesake based on the make and model of your device. Simply instruct the settings to turn off the phone and turn it back on in a minute and it’s done.

Scenario #2: Phone’s screen is not lit but the device is turned ON

Call/ping yourself

In case your phone’s screen is down but the phone is still switched ON, you can simply call yourself or ping using a different phone or ask for a relative, friend, acquaintance, or anyone next to you to give a call or ping if require and this will light up the screen just like that.

Scheduled On/Off

This method can come handy during the night when you expect almost no calls or when in a flight where the network is of course NIL. As this method will actually help boost the system’s performance while saving the juice that would otherwise drain keeping the phone active.

Plug the phone to a charger

Another way to light up the display when the phone is switched ON is to plug in a charger and bingo, the screen is on. You can disconnect the charger if you want or connect it whenever you want to use a phone with power button not working problem.

Plug it to a power bank/computer

If plugging in the charging which requires a power outlet i.e. wall mounted plug, you can use a power bank as a portable solution or even laptop at times to simply light up the screen and that’s all.


You already know how FPS can help use a phone without a working power button so uses it to your benefits. Note that you can combine the methods mentioned in both these scenarios so that there is at least one method that you can use at any given point in time.

Use apps alternatives

You can use the various methods explained here to turn up the display, install any of the enlisted apps as an alternative to broken power button problem and this will allow you to simply turn on the device or turn it back using either of the volume rockers.

Scenario #3: The device is turned OFF

Unfortunately, you can do something to get the phone back in working state but the chances are slim if the phone is turned off and since the power button not working problem is in full swing, you will have to report the issue to a service center. But of course unless if you have referred any of the methods explained in Scenarios #1 and #2 that could help turn on the device such as the Scheduled On/Off method or using PC Suite or ADB and Fastboot tools to turn on the device could help.

What is the permanent solution to this power button not working problem?

If you are seeking asylum from the power button not working problem that we are discussing here, it’s time to take a drastic step and seek help from professionals at any authorized or third-party (on your own terms) where they will be able to repair or replace the broken power button.


  1. I bought an Alldocube i-Play 40 pro which arrived today, but it is not starting up properly. Pressing the starter button brings up the initial screen for say 4 seconds before switching off again. It will not progress further even when connected to the charger. Is there anything I could do to enable a full start-up or should I immediately attempt to return the item.

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