Guide To Fix BQ Aquaris Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

You are using a stunning BQ Aquaris smartphone with the best in class specs but suddenly the network bar wobbles or the network is lost, what should you do? It could be a temporary issue that will be fixed right away from the carrier’s end but what if there are any other stimuli from your end causing the issue? What if interference or lack of battery power or damaged SIM is the cause of the problem? GetDroidTips brings to you, a complete list of troubleshooting tips and other hacks that will help fix BQ Aquaris weak signal or lost network issue

Guide To Fix BQ Aquaris Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

Switch to the flight mode

Having trouble finding a network or having a tough time overhauling the weak signal, try switching the flight mode which is highly recommended as it is known to fix such a problem with ease. Note that if it doesn’t work on the first attempt, do not let it go and repeat the process of turning on the flight mode and turning off several times and it must do its magic.

Restart the device

This is another way around to fix BQ Aquaris weak signal or lost network issue that you are facing. For this, you need to turn off the phone and wait for a few seconds before restarting it. Repeat the procedure several times and it must kickstart the network feature to connect and allow you to call, message or browse the web freely.

Update the apps and the Android OS

There is a probability that an outdated app or the Android firmware itself caused the problem and since I am talking about ‘outdated’ apps, it is fairly common in such cases. To overhaul the problem, you can simply update all the apps that you have downloaded and especially those apps that you had downloaded pretty recently as these apps are more prone to cause such an error.

Further, you can check out if there’s an update is available for Android OS or not simply by navigating to the Settings >> About Device >> Software Updates. If your BQ Aquaris is out-of-support, you can think about downgrading to a previous Android version or you can try custom ROMs for once as they are easily available and get updates pretty often with added features and more.

Check if the SIM card or slot is damaged or not

If you have been inserting the SIM card frequently off lately, there is a possibility that the SIM card is damaged due to constant abrasions caused during pulling and inserting it back into the slot and that’s where the slot itself could have got damaged too. Thus, you need to verify the integrity of these two components as if damaged, you’ll have to report the issue to an authorized service center or else, you’ll be forever stuck with the probable. For damaged SIM card, you can simply order a new one so no big deal for it.

Is there any interference causing the problem?

There are many agents that can interfere with your phone and the nearby cell tower that it is connected to. It could be the phone cover that you are using or any metallic object near your phone, windows, walls, trees, buildings, glass, hills, valleys, weather, etc which can cause interference that reduces the strength of the signal considerably. If that is so, try going closer to a window or use your phone in the open to get better connectivity.

Use Wifi calling for a change

This is a great feature as it lets users call anyone using wifi which is supported by the carrier you are connected to. Although the feature is limited to only a few countries, it is still an alternative to the calling feature on your phone in case if you ever want to switch between normal to wifi calling.

Get a signal booster

This troubleshooting tip is for those who complain about interference and poor network reception especially in a place far from the cell towers. Although it would set you off with some investment, it is a great device as signal boosters are known to amplify the surrounded intercepted from the surrounding which is then, broadcasted in a room or office area limited by the distance providing a better signal strength and then, you can check for sweet spots using signal strength check up apps where -50 dB denotes full signal and -120 dB denotes no network.

Check if the battery is critically low or what

Smartphones are optimized to perform all the functions of computer, cameras, phone, and a bunch of other devices backed up by the lithium-ion battery mounted on the back that powers it. Similarly, all the components involved with the phone’s network capability, consume power from the battery and spend it trying to connect to a cell tower providing signal but when the battery is critically low, it could affect phone’s signal strength too. To fix it, you need to keep the battery above 15 to 20 percent and charge the phone between it reaches the said critical battery life.

Hold the phone in the right way

The location of the antenna that actually intercepts the radio waves being transmitted by the cell towers could be different and thus, you need to know it and a quick Google search could help you with it. The concern here is, many people would hold their smartphone in such a way that they are actually blocking the antenna and thereby the signal strength suffers. Therefore, it is recommended to check the antenna location on how to use it without blocking the signals and that must resolve the weak signal or lost network issue if indeed that was the reason why it all starts at the first place.

Change the preferred network type

Your BQ Aquaris smartphone is packed with a decent number of features that allows achieving network coverage no matter where you are in the country. You can change the ‘preferred network type’ settings where you can either select whether you want to select 4G or 3G/2G or you want the phone to automatically select the networks based on availability where the latter is a better option. Further, if you are out of your home network and there’s no 4G available, you can switch to 3G or 2G based on the availability since the lower bands of networks are widespread compared to the newer 4G network. This is a great tip if you are traveling from urban to rural place or in-between.

Change network operator’ settings

This particular feature is accessible under Settings >> Mobile Networks or SIM Settings (the option could change) >> Network Operators where you can choose between automatic and manual mode. The automatic mode is the default and allows the phone to search for networks automatically while the manual mode requires human intervention and requires human stimuli to select and register to an available network of your carrier or partnered service provider.

Clear cache

Remember to clear the cache files once a day as it is a great practice. There are basically three ways how your smartphone stores cache files where the two are simple and third method requires you to boot into the recovery mode for which, the procedure is explained in the next troubleshooting tips.

You can clear the storage cache simply by opening the Settings tools on your phone. Navigate to ‘Storage’ and check for Cache Memory and delete the same. Further, you can clear the app level cache for each individual apps by going to the Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded. There are apps available on the play store that would do the same for you. Finally, the third procedure is to wipe cache partition for which, the procedure is as followed: Retreat to the recovery mode >> Select ‘wipe cache partition’ >> Tap on ‘Yes’.

Restore the phone

You need to boot into the recovery mode which is quite simple, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Turn off the phone at first.
  • You need to press volume up button and power button simultaneously and keep it pressed for several seconds.
  • You can let go the buttons as soon as the phone boots into the recovery mode (Refer the same procedure to clear cache partition mentioned in the previous method).
  • Now, you need a tap on ‘wipe data/factory reset’ using power button for selection and scroll using volume rockers.
  • Similarly, tap on ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and that marks the process of restoring the phone and must effectively curb the weak signal or lost network issue as well.

Ask for help

The last resort if the problem still exists is to ask for help from a service center or a third party service center that can help resolve the problem irrespective of its hardware or software nature but will levy premium to fix the problem.

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