Guide To Fix Gome Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

You need at least a bar on the network icon on your phone to make calls or send messages but what if the phone is facing lost network issue or if the network is too weak that it can’t establish the basic functionality of a phone. It could be difficult if the network is lost since most of our tasks in day-to-day life happen when we are connected to the carrier/operator. Well, we received a ton of requests to discuss the Gome weak signal or lost network issue and people have asked us to provide a method on how to fix it. Therefore, here’s what you need to do to try and restore the network on the phone or take necessary steps hoping that the problem will resolve right away.

Guide To Fix Gome Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

Soft reboot

It is as simple as I said. Facing Gome weak signal or lost network issue? Turn off the phone and wait for few minutes before turning it ON. Now check if the network is restored or not and proceed with other methods mentioned in the explicit guide.

Toggle the flight mode

Airplane or flight mode is available on all smartphones and is really helpful when you are fixing a network-related issue. Although the underlying reason behind how and why it works remains under wraps, it will tweak the system to register to an available network instantly in most of the cases. For this, you need to toggle the flight mode several times and verify the if the network bar fluctuates or not.

Check for any intermittent issues

If the network suddenly went offline whilst you aren’t moving anywhere, it could be because of the intermittent reasons or say issues at the service provider’s end. You can always Google to know if the carrier is having any power outage or you can check out your inbox to see if you ever received a message touting the unavailability of the network due to some maintenance or upgrade work.

Hold the phone right

The phone has a small network antenna or receiver mounted within its body that enables the phone to catch network and provide with services such as calling, messaging, browsing, watching videos, etc. Blocking such a delicate component could result in weak signal or lost network issue which you can resolve simply by holding the phone right without blocking the antenna. You can Google the position of the antenna on your phone make and model. Also, the phone case can provide additional leverage to the already problematic and blocked antenna and therefore, you need to check if you are actually blocking the antenna or not.

Change the network preference

By default, the network preference is either 4G/3G/2G/Auto or you might have selected 4G/3G or other bands. When the higher band is not available, the phone will search for the network in the lower bands if prompted. Since 3G and 2G are available almost everywhere, you can select either 3G or 2G to get network coverage even in villages or outskirts of any city where 4G might not be available. You need to check out ‘Settings >> Networks >> Network Preference’.

Change the network mode

When you are in the home network such as if your SIM was registered in Mumbai, the entire city will be the home network and you’ll get uninterrupted network access depending upon the location you are at. But when you are moving out the home network, you lose network on your phone where the device will have to wait until you get a stable network to register since the phone is set on ‘automatic’ yet. But you need to change the settings to ‘manual’ which gives you access to search for all available networks and register to it if available. Visit ‘Settings >> Networks >> Network Selection Mode’.

Check if the SIM is damaged or not

If you are someone who takes out SIM cards pretty often, the small chip mounted on this tiny piece of plastic could have bruised or have suffered abrasion or might have got damaged. There could be a number of reasons why SIM cards stop working and the right place to resolve it is to visit the nearby gallery or carrier’s service center to get it replaced.

Check for app conflicts and crashes

Another quiet probable reason leading to no signal or lost network issue is apps that are installed on a smartphone. These apps could cause conflicts and crashes affecting the network capability of a smartphone in some or other way. Thus, uninstall those apps that you think are the problem and verify if the problem still exists or not.

Wipe out the cache files

It is crucial and a necessity to get rid of cache files because these are temporary files which clog the system and slows it down while hoarding a chunk of RAM and other resources which could otherwise be used for something helpful. There are three ways to wipe out the cache files and here are the methods to do it.

Method #1: Navigate to the Settings app and open Storage, swipe below and tap on ‘Cache Storage’ and clear it.
Method #2: Navigate to the Settings app and open Apps, you’ll need to swipe towards downloaded apps since you cannot touch built-in apps if you aren’t aware if it will cause the system to act abnormally or not. You need to select an app and press ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’ for each individual app and you are good to go.

Method #3: For this, you need to access the recovery mode by pressing the power button plus volume button together for few seconds when the phone is turned OFF. When the phone’s screen lights up, leave the keys and let the system boot into the recovery mode. Here, you are required to select ‘wipe cache partition’ to get things going.

Perform a hard reset

There are basically two methods to perform restore factory which is the last resort you could take to curb a situation where any part of software or apps could be at fault.
Method #1: Navigate to the Settings app on the phone and tap on ‘Backup and Reset’, you need to select ‘Reset the phone‘ and enter the PIN or Password. Finally, tap on ‘Reset Everything’ and that’s all.
Method #2: This method revolves around booting into the recovery mode which is similar to how you accessed it in the last ‘wipe cache partition’ method. But here, you need to choose ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then ‘yes — delete all user data’ to get rid of the situation.

Get yourself a network booster

For everyone who is facing severe weak signal on their phone, you need to check if the phone’s software or hardware is to blame. If not, it is quite probable that the area you are living in is actually facing inadequate network coverage. The fix to this issue is to buy a network booster that you can mount and use the amplified signal which is the same principle carriers use to transmit signal from one end to another via cell towers where the amplification is done.

Seek help from a technician

You can always seek out for help from a technician who will assist in diagnosing the error and providing the resolution. If your phone has a warranty, you might get the fix free of charge if it is covered in the warranty or else, you’ll have to pay the said amount to get the phone free from errors.

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