Guide To Fix MyPhone Power Button Not Working Problem

The power button is an essential key in a smartphone because it allows the user to lock and unlock the phone, turn on and turn off the phone, disconnect the call and much more. Without the power button, it would be difficult to boot into the safe mode or recovery mode. Here, I am talking about how important is the power button and what functionality one loses without it. Assuming that the power button on your MyPhone isn’t working, there could be a various possibility but under two categories that is, either it could be a hardware issue or it could be a software issue where the latter is easy to resolve while the former might need professional assistance.

Guide To Fix MyPhone Power Button Not Working Problem

Guide To Fix MyPhone Power Button Not Working Problem?

In this extract, we will cover all the possibilities because of which, the power button on your phone might have broken or stopped working.

Restart the phone

It is ironic how I would suggest you restart the phone when the matter of the fact is, the power button isn’t working but how would you do it. You can use forced reboot using the power button and volume up/down button depending upon your model and press it together to force the phone to shut down. More effective way to do the same is to use ADB and Fastboot tool by connecting the phone to a computer and instructing it to restart itself.

Clear cache

Caches are temporary files that the system creates and stores in order to fasten retrieval process but since these files can easily get corrupted, it can cause a lot of errors and therefore, it is highly recommended that you clear the cache files on your system right away. For that, you need to navigate to the Settings >> Storage >> Cache Memory and tap on it to delete it. Further, navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded and check out individual apps that you want to delete cache for and tap on ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’ and there you have it.

Wipe cache partition

This is another way you can get rid of cache files which are stored in the cache partition in the recovery mode. For this, you need to boot into the recovery mode for which, you can find the step-by-step procedure in the ‘Perform a factory reset’ section. You’ll need to select ‘wipe cache partition >> yes’ and rest will be done by the system.

Check for app conflicts

It could be a third party app that you just downloaded from the Play Store or from other sources which could cause conflicts rendering the power button useless. If this is the case, try uninstalling a recently installed app to verify if the problem was caused due to app conflicts.

Perform a factory reset

If it was a software issue, it must be resolved after concluding with this particular method on performing a factory reset. Follow the steps mentioned below to do it.

  • Commence the procedure by turning off the phone.
  • Press power button + Volume Up + Volume Down buttons together and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • An Android logo will appear on the screen if all has gone well and that’s when you leave the buttons.
  • Once in the recovery mode, you need to use the volume rockers as toggling through the menu while the power button doubles as a selection.
  • You need to select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then, select ‘yes — delete all user data’ to confirm the actions.
  • Restart the phone once finish so that you can configure the device and check if the problem is solved or not.
    [ Since the power button isn’t working, you can use adb and fast boot tool for this instance ].

How to keep the screen awake when the phone is not locked?

Use the ‘Stay Awake’ feature

Since the power button isn’t working anymore, you can’t allow the phone’ screen to turn off since it would still require stimuli like a tap on the power button to turn it on. You can use the Stay Awake feature on your device which is located in Settings >> Display. Tap on the option and select the highest duration which maxes out at 30 minutes in many smartphones. Further, you need to keep in mind that you need to tap on the screen within every 30 minutes in case if you aren’t actually using the phone to keep the screen turned on.

Ask a friend to call you

Another way around to use the phone is to ask your friend or use another phone to call you or say, give a missed call that will light up the screen and that’s when you can perform your tasks.

Keep alarms at definite intervals

If you don’t have a second phone or a friend to call at the moment, you can use the alarms on your phone that will go off at definite intervals allowing you to use the phone. Adjust the volume before setting several alarms at once.

Keep the Ambient Lights ON

If your phone has this feature, keep the ambient lights ON that would allow you to unlock the phone simply by tapping on the phone. Although it consumes a little battery life, it is worth it if you are looking for a simple workaround.

Use double tap unlock feature

If you have this feature on your phone, enable it so that you aren’t depended on any other person or phone or even alarms to go off every time you wish to use tweet or send a WhatsApp message.

How to wake up the screen when the phone is locked?

Ask a friend to give you a call

Assuming that your phone is locked, what can you do to turn on the screen in such case when the power button isn’t working.  You can ask a friend to call you and that’s when the screen will light up and that’s when the phone can be used without a working power button at least somewhat if not all.

Plug in the phone to a charger

You can use a charger and plug it into the power outlet and connect your phone to it and that’s when the phone’ screen will light up. But it is not handy since you will have to be actually in front of a wall unit to use it.

Use power bank for instance

Using a power bank is an alternative that you can employ. You can plug in the phone to a power bank and that’s when the screen will wake up right there.

Plug in the phone to a computer

This is also an alternative if you want to use in absence of power button. Simply connect the phone to a computer using a USB cord and that’s all.

There are several apps available in the Google Play Store for MyPhone smartphones that will enable the user to use different ways citing the power button not working problem.

Gravity Screen

The app works with the help of gravity and other sensors in order to detect phone’s orientation and provides the required output. For instance, if you have to set 50° as the orientation of the phone when you want to unlock it, the phone will actually unlock when you hold the phone at or around 50°.

Proximity Actions

As said, the Proximity Actions works with the help of proximity sensor where the user can set if he/she wants to unlock the phone by waving a hand in front of the sensor for a second.

Power Button to Volume Button

The app is simple yet powerful. It converts one of the volume buttons into power button thus allowing it to be used to restart the phone, turn it off, wake up the screen, etc.

Get the phone fixed

Power button not working problem? Can’t find the fix for it or can’t depend on alternative apps for long, get the phone fixed professionally at a service center where you will have to report and pay a said fee to get the problem fixed. Note that if your phone is in warranty and you want to preserve it, report it to an authorized service center or else the warranty will be void.

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