Guide to Registering for Online Services without Personal Mobile Phone Number

Nowadays internet users can choose between a large number of online services. There are websites and apps for different tasks. However, often it becomes difficult to sign up for them due to the mandatory mobile phone number verification. Some people don’t have a phone number available, while others prefer not to disclose it on the web for privacy purposes. For one reason or another, it becomes impossible to create an account on a particular platform. This is exactly when online phone numbers come to the rescue.

What are online numbers?

Since this feature is relatively new, the most popular opinion about it yet is that such numbers are sets of random digits without any practical use. But they aren’t.

Online phone numbers are the standard numbers we use on our mobile phones. Just unlike the latter, they can be used not only via smartphones. They are provided by special companies that provide their solutions via the internet. Thus, they are available for use on any device. The only requirement there is that the device should be connected to the global internet network.

Otherwise, numbers of this type are no different. They have the same number of digits and country dialing codes. This means that technically they can be utilized for every same purpose we use regular phone numbers, including registration on various services. It doesn’t matter if they are used for registering with a social network or an electronic payment system. Every website and app accepts them.

How much does a number cost? 

Every number for registration, especially if it is configured for one-time use, can be used only with a particular platform and issued by a cellular carrier in a specific country. These are two parameters that determine the price of an online phone number. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • Service configured for use. If a number is set up for use with a popular or high-risk platform, it will cost more than a number with another configuration. The most expensive online numbers are usually those designed for registration on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Tinder without phone number as well as other services used by millions of people.
  • Country of issue. This parameter works in a similar way as the previous one. Online phone numbers that come from countries with high cost of living like countries in Western Europe cost more than numbers issued in countries where living is cheaper.

Summing up the above, companies can set very different prices on their numbers. However, most often they cost from $0.10 to $0.50. It is difficult to find more expensive online numbers, which means that affording them is not really a problem. Moreover, there are also platforms that offer online numbers for free. Everyone can use them.

How to use online phone numbers for registration?

Doing that takes getting the number first. There are many services offering them these days. You can easily find them on Google. But not each of them is good.

Many of those services that are currently available to internet users offer either low-quality or overpriced online phone numbers. It is important to choose a platform that doesn’t comply with any of these parameters. Just like SMS-Man. This company gives the opportunity to buy an online phone number of high quality and at an affordable price to everyone. It doesn’t even take much effort. You only need to:

  1. Open the homepage of the website and sign up for an account.
  2. Use your preferred payment method from the recharge tab to top up your balance.
  3. Go back to the main page and select the country where the online number will be issued.
  4. Find the service on which you are going to register.
  5. Click on the “Buy SMS” button to order an online number with the required parameters.



You will get the appropriate number in a few seconds after completing the last step from the guide above. Using it is not difficult at all. Just operate it in the same way as if it were your personal mobile phone number. There is no difference in this regard, except for the fact that instead of your mobile phone verification code for registration will come to SMS-Man. Other than that, it’s exactly the same.

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