Hi-Fi Rush Beginner’s Guide and All Their Difficulty Settings

In this article, we will provide a proper beginner’s guide to Hi-Fi Rush and information regarding all its difficulty levels. Launched in 2023, Hi-Fi Rush is a sort of rhythm-based action game. The game offers challenges in which players have to hit the notes within the time limit with music to defeat. The music in the game is varied, and there are various levels to choose from.

These levels range from easy to very difficult and require proper skills and precision to excel at all levels. The game also offers practise mode, which is a pretty handy feature for newcomers. The game is currently available for only Windows users and Xbox Series X|S, and later it will be rolled out for other users.

Because the game was only recently released, many players are unsure of how to play it and excel at all levels. If you are also confused and unable to figure out how to play Hi-Fi Rush and are looking for some sort of beginner’s guide, then do not worry; we have everything for you.

Hi-Fi Rush Beginner's Guide and All Their Difficulty Settings

Hi-Fi Rush Beginner’s Guide

Here are some pointers to get you started with Hi-Fi Rush. Try to follow all the tips listed below so you don’t get bored in the starting phase. As it is a rhythm-based action game, you have to be very fast with your fingers as well as your eyes. However, here are some tips that will surely help you with the gameplay.

Make sure you start the game with the easiest level, which will boost your gameplay experience in the early stages. Starting with the easiest level will allow you to learn all of the fundamentals required to excel in the game. You can take your time and make perfect timings with the music notes on the easiest level. As a result, you will have no problems when playing the difficult level.

The most important thing in this game is that you have to focus on the timing. So that you hit the notes with the music at the right time. It is recommended to practice timing in the practice mode of the game.

Hi-Fi Rush offers different types of music notes. They are held, slides, and single notes. It is advised to learn these notes and hit them perfectly to excel at difficult levels.

You can also experiment with different control schemes provided in the Hi-Fi Rush. such as tilting, tapping, and swiping. Try them all out in the game and see which one works best for you.

Playing in practice mode before entering into real gameplay Practice mode allows you to play songs at a slower tempo so that you can see the notes before you actually play them. This will help you understand the better placement of notes in the music.

Hi-Fi Rush Beginner’s Tips & Tricks you need to know

As mentioned, Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-based action game. So, simply pressing the button without being in sync with the music and beats will result in no true gameplay. If you listen to the music and beats in the correct order, you will increase your potential and be able to easily defeat your opponent or enemy.

You can always change the difficulty of the gameplay when you feel it’s too tough for you. Just go to the pause menu, and under the options, you’ll find an option to change the difficulty level. Once you have changed the difficulty level, your gameplay will start from the recent checkpoint and not from the left instance.

Players can lose their minds and their timing at times. Do not freak out at this stage of gameplay; just give yourself some time (a minute or something) to sense the beat, and you will be on the track again. You can also visualize timing through settings without depending on the audio. This can help you get back on track with the beats.

Winning levels and defeating enemy robots in the game will earn you some gears. Spend these gears to unlock upgrades for maximum health or some combos to assist special attacks.

Your health bar is carried forward in the game levels as you keep winning. So make sure to pick up the recovery items so that your health is at its maximum. This will activate and heal you whenever your health reaches its zero potential. It is advised to use bailouts only if they are needed because they are expensive.

Hi-Fi Rush Difficulty Settings

Hi-Fi Rush offers several difficulty settings to choose from. The difficulty varies with the beats as well as the timing of the notes. The speed and number of notes to hit are also criteria at difficulty settings in Hi-Fi Rush.

As mentioned, as you start progressing through the levels, you need great precision and skills to master the more difficult levels in the game. However, there are generally five types of typical difficult settings offered in Hi-Fi Rush. So let’s see each of them one by one.


As the name implies, these levels are designed for newcomers to the game and are relatively easy to complete. You’ll get much better at hitting the notes because you’ll still be learning. Everything is relaxed in this phase or level.


This level is a little more difficult than the one before it. Players who are comfortable with the gameplay and are familiar with the notes and timing should choose this level. Here, timing is faster than easy mode, and notes are moderate.


This level offers more adventure in the gameplay than previous ones. This level is mostly made for players who are far more experienced and want to witness something challenging in the game. As usual, the number of notes is pretty high, and the timing is also way faster than previous levels.


This level is for the players who are playing it for a long time and is aware of almost everything in the game. It is one of the most challenging and difficult levels in the game. The number of notes is very high, and the timing is way faster than any other level.


Last but not the least, The master level also offers the highest difficulty and is only for skilled players. If you are not so brushed and skilled, you can go up to expert, but for master, you need to touch every blade of grass in the game to win this level. The number of notes and timing are faster and more precise than at the expert level.


This brings us to the end of this Hi-Fi Rush’s beginner’s guide and all its difficulty settings. As mentioned, Difficulty settings in the gameplay can be changed when you feel it’s too tough for you. Just go to the pause menu, and under the options, you’ll find an option to change the difficulty level. Once you have changed the difficulty level, your gameplay will start from the recent checkpoint and not from the left instance.

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