How to Hide Retakes on BeReal?

With BeReal Application, users are easily able to interact with their friends and family to see what they’re up to in real-time. However, BeReal allows the users to publish at least one picture per day to show their followers what they’re doing in real-time and that’s a great application to connect by taking a snapshot and sending it to BeReal.

Well, the concept behind BeReal is to upload a picture from your front or back camera and even allows you to select from the gallery to publish it on BeReal. But, sometimes you don’t want your friends to know how many times they are taken a photo on BeReal. Read more to know how to hide retakes on the BeReal app on your mobile device.


Hiding Retakes on BeReal App

If you want to know to hide retakes on BeReal on an Android or iPhone device, then unfortunately, there is no way to hide the retake number from your friends or followers once it has been successfully uploaded. According to reports, they’re some different ways to hide retakes on the BeReal application. So, you can try those effective ways if you’re really stuck at that time. Therefore, let’s have a look into it.

Force Close and Re-Open the App:

The first thing you can try is to force close and re-open the BeReal app on your device. Simply shut down the app once you have taken the shot at your BeReal. Once you have closed the application, remove it from the recent taskbar. Again, wait for a while and then re-open the BeReal app again. Now BeReal should recognize that the photo was never taken and it won’t count towards your retake on BeReal.

Restart Your Phone:

If you have tried the above solutions and it doesn’t work, then try restarting your device at the time you have taken the shot on BeReal and immediately turn off your phone. Again, wait a moment and turn your device back on by pressing the power button for a few seconds. By restarting the device, everything will be closed on your phone and even the BeReal application so that it won’t count towards your retake on BeReal.

Clear BeReal Cache Data:

You can also try to clear BeReal cache data on your mobile device. Simply head over to settings and select Apps > See all Apps. Now scroll until you find the BeReal app and select the storage and cache option. Finally, tap the clear cache and clear storage options. Once you clear the cache, then your retakes shouldn’t count anymore on BeReal. Alternatively, try uninstalling and reinstalling the BeReal app again to check if your retake is counted or not.

How to See How Many Retakes on BeReal App

Suppose you want to know how many retakes on the BeReal app you or others are taking while using the BeReal. Well, BeReal allows the users to see how many retakes they took as well as other users too. The BeReal retakes count is mainly located next to each upload for all the followers to see. Simply, tap on the three dots next to your username or other users profile username and you will get the retake statistics which includes the number of retakes they took, the number of comments they have as well as realmojis.


In conclusion, if you want to hide your retakes on BeReal, then unfortunately there is no way to hide retakes on BeReal. Well, the aim of the BeReal is to keep upload a authentic picture from your side as possible. However, if everyone was retaking their uploaded pictures, then the point of the BeReal application becomes unnecessary. But, if you’re really stuck at the time, then try force closing and reopening the app, restating your device and clearing the app’s cache data. By doing this method, there may be a chance that your retake shouldn’t count on BeReal. We hope you find this guide helpful. Thank you for reading.

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