Hive Social Something Went Wrong, How to Fix?

Many communities benefit from this social media platform, but at the same time, its “anything goes” attitude might make some people feel unsafe. A unique feature of the site is the ability to add music to pages. Visitors don’t have to listen (they have to choose to actively – and they’ll need Apple Music subscriptions), but it’s a new way to express yourself. 

It is not a good choice for kids because of its full-frontal nudity and pictures of erections and bodily fluids. Strong language and substance use contribute to the anime’s mature status, as do sexually explicit anime photos. People could have security issues if they were allowed to comment with links and encouraged to click from posts. Users might also include handles from other profiles, which could pose a risk. 

But, if you are above 18, it is the app you need. However, many users have recently found that the Hive Social app shows an error message saying Something Went Wrong. Because of this, users aren’t able to use this app. But now, no worries, as we are here. In this article, we will discuss how you can easily resolve the Hive Social something went wrong error. 

Hive Social Something Went Wrong, How to Fix?

How To Fix Hive Social Something Went Wrong

Hive Social is quite popular these days as it has everything that an adult guy needs. Therefore, when these kinds of errors occur, they get furious. So, in case you are also facing the hive Social something went wrong problem, make sure to perform the fixes we have mentioned below:

Fix 1: Switch to Mobile Data/wifi

Hive Social apps have a tendency to not work due to unstable internet connections. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that you have a stable connection to the Internet in the first place. There are some factors; however, that may weaken your network signal. These factors may include big walls between your device and router, interference from other household equipment, and thick walls between your device and router.

If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet, you can switch from wifi to mobile data to see if the Hive Social app problem is related to it. 

For more information, please contact your service provider if your experience is different.

So, you should check the speed of your internet connection. You can either turn your mobile data on and off or check your wifi router if you are using it.

Switching from a mobile network to a wifi network or from a wifi network to a mobile network is also a good idea.

Fix 2: Restart The App

It may be advisable to close and reopen the Hive Social app in order to resolve the problem. Your first action should be to close the app and then try to open it again. In no time, it will fix your problem, and you’ll be able to use the Hive Social app as usual. Alternatively, if the Hive Social app still does not work, try out other solutions.

Fix 3: Check The Servers

You may be experiencing a bug or glitch in the Hive Social App, or the Hive Social server may be down if you are experiencing problems with Hive Social. In order to check if the Hive Social server is down or if there is a bug/glitch in Hive Social, there are several ways. You can check if there is a spike in the graph by going to down detector >Search for Hive Social > Check the graph for Hive Social.

The spike indicates either that the Hive Social server is down or that there is a bug in the system. Another way to find out if Hive Social is down is to search on Twitter. Whether or not the tweets are relevant can be determined by checking the latest tweets. The Hive Social team has to resolve this bug, or the Hive Social server must be operational before you can do anything.

Fix 4: Relogin to Your Hive Account

Try logging out and logging back in again after logging out. Once the issue has been resolved, you should check to see if it has been resolved. If you are still experiencing problems with Hive Social, try another fix.

Fix 5: Clear The Cache Data

It is most often necessary to clear the app cache when a Hive Social app is experiencing something went wrong error message. For the Hive Social App’s cache to be cleared, follow these instructions:


Users of Android devices can clear the Hive Social App cache by going to settings > Finding Hive Social App and clicking on it > Tap on clear cache > Hive Social App cache will be cleared.

You can reinstall Hive Social by going to your iPhone’s settings > General > Finding Hive Social App and clicking on it > Tapping on iPhone Storage > Offload App button > Again Reinstall Hive Social app.

You can check the Hive Social app’s functionality after clearing the app cache. Depending on the phone model and software version, you may have different screens, settings, or steps for clearing the cache. 

Fix 6: Disable Battery Saving Mode

Check whether “Low Power Mode” is affecting anything. SweatHive Social can be run on Low Power Mode; however, you should open it at least once every 12 hours. 

Android users can disable Battery Saver mode by going to settings > Searching for SweatHive Social app > Toggling it to off if it’s already on. In iPhone settings, go to Battery > Low Power Mode > toggle OFF if on. 

Fix 7: Delete and Reinstall Hive Social App

It is necessary to first delete and then reinstall the Hive Social app in order to fix the app’s something went wrong issues. Hive Social app issues can sometimes be resolved by reinstalling the app. 

You should first uninstall the app from your phone and then reinstall it again to check whether the Hive Social app is working correctly. In case the Hive Social app does not work after trying the other fixes, please let me know.

Fix 8: Disable VPN 

In case you are using a VPN on your device, and it is enabled, then you might not be able to use the Hive Social App. The first step would be to disable your VPN on your device, followed by checking whether the Hive Social app will work.

Fix 9: Hard Reboot Your Device

It is possible that there is an issue with your device and not the Hive Social application if the above solution doesn’t work. You need to close the Hive Social app and restart your device hard. In most cases, the Hive Social App will work correctly after rebooting the device.

Fix 10: Contact Hive Social Support Team

You can contact Hive Social support if the Hive Social app still doesn’t work after implementing the fixes above. Hive Social support can assist you with your issue if you explain it to them properly. You will then need to follow the instructions given by the Hive Social team.

So, that’s how you can fix the Hive Social something went wrong error message. We hope that this guide has helped you. Furthermore, in case you need more info, comment below and let us know. 

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