Hogwarts Legacy All Butterfly Locations Guide

Consider collecting every Butterfly kaleidoscope on the globe map in Hogwarts Legacy if you want to decorate your Room of Requirement with the best yet simple-to-obtain decorations. Butterflies, like Merlin Trials or Treasure Vaults, are points of attraction scattered throughout the Highlands where you must follow multicolored Butterflies to a secret Treasure Chest. If you search the same area before the cache appears, nothing will be found because the cache only appears once the Butterflies have reached their predetermined location. Some Butterflies may only carry you a short distance from their starting location. And, some butterflies may lead you on a long journey.

If you are looking for a guide that will let you know the location of all butterflies, then don’t worry because this guide will help you to know about it. In this guide, we will discuss about the locations of all the Butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy. So, let’s start the guide now without wasting any time.
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Location of All The Butterflies In Hogwarts Legacy

Below down we have mentioned the locations of Butterflies in each of the major areas of The Highlands where they have been known to appear.

Location of Hogsmeade Valley Butterflies

At the Hogsmeade Valley, which is to the east of Hogsmeade, you can find a group of butterflies. You will have to look for a low path that goes beside the train lines to the north of a Niffler tree. You can find the butterflies where the road splits into a trail leading up the hill to the southeast.

Keep an eye out for Dark Wizard Poachers because they approach the butterflies, and they flee up the hill to the south. They will avoid the main path and additional poachers to loop around a Merlin Trial in the hills. After turning around, they will stop beside a far-south rock wall to expose a chest.

Location of the North Hogwarts Butterflies 

The major river that flows from the Korrow Ruins in the west down to the central lake at Hogwarts is where you can find these group of butterflies. From the East North Hogwarts Region Floo Flame, you will have to proceed west along the river. Afetr that, stay on the north side past a bandit camp, until you come across them near the main path.

Follow the Butterflies as you will find them because they travel up a nearby sloped road towards the Bandit Camp. They will then turn around and traverse a ridge to the north where some Mongrels might be hiding before stopping at the top of the bluff to expose the chest.

Location of South Hogwarts Butterfly 1

In the South Hogwarts Area, you can find a bunch of butterflies on the higher ridgeline above the Quidditch Pitch. The butterflies will appear in front of a huge natural stone archway if you look to a high route passing a vast tree grove southwest of the pitch.

The butterflies will take off flying to the south as soon as you spot them, but you won’t have to follow them for very long. After passing through the stone arch, they will turn to the right and come to rest next to a rocky wall, where a chest will be visible.

Location of South Hogwarts Butterfly 2

South of the Hamlet of Aranshire and across the lake from Hogwarts Castle to the east are where you may find this colony of butterflies. Search for the group near a moving dragon shrubbery that is close by, just below a prominent path that overlooks the railroad bridge.

As soon as you approach, the butterflies will fly off down a ledge towards the north, passing beneath a nearby Merlin Trail. After that, you will have to follow them as they wind beneath some cliffs to a stop below the two small plateaus of the Merlin Trial on a rocky outcropping where the chest is located.

Location of Forbidden Forest Butterfly 1 

These butterflies are part of the Follow the Butterflies Hogsmeade Side Quest. So, they will not show up until after you have agreed to take up Miss Willardsey’s assignment at the Three Broomsticks. Once you have agreed to take on the task, you will have to go to the southernmost point of the Forbidden Forest. After that, cross the bridge from the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame to reach the butterflies, which are located alongside the main path leading north.

The Dugbogs and Dark Wizard Poachers, who are probably engaged in nearby battle, can be avoided by staying up on high ground. They will immediately take flight and drop down to the left to float along the tiny river. You will have to continue to follow the butterflies north until they return to the walkway and float up northeast to reveal a chest for you.

Location of Forbidden Forest Butterfly 2

This species of butterfly is difficult to find in the claustrophobic confines of the Forbidden Forest, as it is difficult to explore even on a broomstick. You should skirt the eastern side of the forest around the bottom of the massive cliff. After that, you will have to follow the farthest east road you can go north till you see several butterflies close to where poachers and spiders are probably fighting.

Once you are close enough, the butterflies will leave the forests on the far northeastern trail, but they might also pass by some savages and evil wizards that you must avoid. You will have to ollow the butterflies until they cross a narrow wooden bridge. Now, stop at the backside of a huge ruined house that contain enemies inside. After that, you will reveal a chest outside.

Location of Nord Ford Bog Butterflies 

This group of butterflies is situated northeast of Pitt-Upon-Ford with its Floo Flame, on the very northern edge of the bog zone. You can locate the butterflies by the side of the road as you go east after leaving the town on its main route.

Once you locate them, the butterflies will fly east across a wide bridge that crosses a chasm. There, you will find spiders below, but they should not be an issue. Just before arriving at a river bridge, it will veer left after flying up a hillside trail after crossing. After that, you will have to follow the butterflies to a location beside a waterfall. There, you will find the chest.

Location of Hogwarts Valley Butterfly 1

You can find this colony of butterflies in a field beside some trees that is right below a long train track bridge. It is located directly east of the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame. While rushing up to inspect, be cautious as it is frequently watched over by a few spiders.

After you find the butterflies, they will start to migrate eastward, passing through one of the train bridge’s openings and climbing the hill on the opposite side. As you climb the hill, keep an eye out for further spiders or mongrels. Nevertheless, it will not be long before the butterflies turn right and come to a stop close to a tiny hill next to a twisting path leading to the hamlet of Brocburrow.

Location of Hogwarts Valley Butterfly 2

You can find this group of butterflies directly west of the hamlet of Keenbridge, on the western side of the Hogwarts Valley. The butterflies are hidden behind some rocks further west behind the home, along the main trail that leads out of town and to an ancient ruin that serves as an Ancient Magic Hotspot.

Follow the butterflies trail around the westward-moving path, then slightly northward as it climbs a slope and emerges from a ditch to the location where a chest will appear. Be on the lookout for mongrels.

Location of Hogwarts Valley Butterfly 3

In the southeast of Hogwarts Valley, east of the hamlet of Keensbridge, up a wide river that is right below a bandit castle camp, along the rocks close to a waterfall, you can find another bunch of butterflies.

The butterflies will begin floating down the river west as you get closer, crisscrossing the river. You can remain on the northern side if you want. After that, you will find a chest as they will turn around to the north side and stop close to the river’s bank among some flowers.

Location of Feldcroft Butterfly 1

You can find this kind of butterfly in the northern Feldcroft region, on a high bluff above a main path near a massive ruin that hides a Treasure Vault, north of the large gatehouse and across the water northeast of the Feldcroft Castle.

As you approach the butterflies at their high location on the rocks, be on the lookout for goblin patrols. The butterflies will immediately begin floating down the steep rock cliffs to the west, so you may choose to drop down gently or ride a broom to the lower rocky ledge. Now, you will have to go north towards the ruins until they come to a stop to reveal a chest.

Location of Feldcroft Butterfly 2

In the south of the Feldcroft region, southeast of the Feldcroft Catacomb Floo Flame, you will discover these butterflies. They will be waiting on the northwest border of a small bandit camp that sits above a much larger camp cut into the rocky cliffs below.

If you have not already cleared the topside camp of goblins, be alert for the butterflies will dart inside the camp before floating up a massive rockslide of debris and circling back to a high ledge above the camp to the northwest. Another option is to simply fly over the camp on your broom to completely dodge them before landing in a little grove with a view of the camp, where you will find the chest.

Location of Poidsear Coast Butterfly 1

This colony of butterflies can be located in Poidsear Coast’s northern region, southeast of the Coastal Cave exit and Floo Flame, past a tiny ruin populated by goblins, and close to a Merlin Trial where numerous roads diverge.

The butterflies will start to zigzag about the region as soon as you get close. They will first head east above the Merlin Trial and down a steep hill, then south and double back west along the main path and up along the cliffs. Before stopping short of a huge tree and Mooncalf Den to expose a treasure chest, they will turn around once again and head straight south along a high ridge line overlooking the adjacent Poidsear Castle.

Location of Poidsear Coast Butterfly 2

You can find the next group of butterflies directly next to the South Poidsear Coast Floo Flame, which is close to a bridge that leads to an Ancient Magic Hotspot at a huge ruin building.

As soon as you approach close to the butterflies, they will fly across the bridge towards the ruined structure that houses the Ancient Magic Hotspot. After that, loop around its exterior walkway, and then pass around the structure’s back to a tiny grove of flowers where a chest will appear.

Location of Clagmar Coast Butterflies

On the extreme northwest bluffs of the area, high atop a hill just to the west of the camp itself, this group of butterflies has established a home.

as soon as you approach close to the butterflies, they’ll begin to glide southward along a lower path away from the bandits, curve to the east to pass by some Ashwinder Eggs, and then appear near a chest that you can loot.


This was all for this guide. We hope that with the help of this guide, you were able to know about the location of all the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy. If you have any more queries or questions, then do let us know in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve them. For more such informative guides, do check out our webiste.

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