Hogwarts Legacy Potions List: Recipe and Class List

In this guide, we have listed all the useful and available potions in Hogwarts Legacy. In addition to that, you will get to learn about of list of classes in Hogwarts Legacy. Released in February 2023, Hogwarts Legacy is an action-role-playing game. Everyone, once in their life, might have seen the Harry Potter movies or read the novels. You would come across a school or university named Hogwarts, where students and teachers used to learn various magic tricks.

Along with this, Harry Potter and his friends overcome many obstacles in their path. The game is too closely based on the movie. As you enter the game, you start learning various magic tricks. It gives you the feeling that you are at Hogwarts. Like any other game in this category, you, too, get the potions. Potions are used to recover health during battle and enhance combat stats.

As the game is newly released, many users are confused about what kinds and how many potions, and what classes are available in Hogwarts Legacy. If you are also wondering the same thing and are unable to figure it out, do not worry; we do have a proper guide for you.


How players can obtain Potions in Hogwarts Legacy?

here are various ways through which a player can obtain these potions in Hogwarts Legacy. Players can buy potions right away from vendors out in the open world. In Hogwarts Legacy, players can brew and make potions by themselves by using their preferred ingredients. Last but not least, the potions that are Hogwarts legacy are scattered out there in the open world. Simply explore the open world and defeat the enemies to obtain the potions.

Finding potion ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s suppose you have bought or found the potion you always thought of owning, but what about the ingredients? Because ingredients are the most important component in creating a potion recipe, you must have them at all costs.

The easiest and most simple way to get or buy potion ingredients is from shops near Hogsmeade. Some of the potion ingredients can be found at J. Pippin, while the majority of ingredients are available at The Magic Neep.

You can also find ingredients for your potions as you explore the open world. It is recommended to pick any ingredients you come across while exploring the open world. As it may happen, you may need that ingredient while making some potions. At that time, it will be a pretty big advantage for you in the gameplay.

On the other hand, you need to find ingredients for your potions. You can grow the Hogwarts Legacy Tree. The tree can only be grown after you have completed your first herbology class. The tree can be grown in the equipment room or in the herbology classroom.

Hogwarts Legacy Potions List: Recipe

So, before you get to the potion of your dreams, keep in mind that you will need the preferred ingredients as well as the recipe to properly brew the potion. Once you have the ingredients and recipe, head to the location as mentioned above according to the requirements of the potion. However, here is the list of all the potions in Hogwarts Legacy, along with the ingredients

Edurus Potion

Hogwarts Legacy Potions List: Recipe and Class List

The ingredients required for the Edurus Potion are 1 Mongrel Fur and 1 Ashwinder Egg. Drinking this potion will grant increased defense against the enemies by providing a tough, rocky skin. The increased defense lasts only for a short time, so use it only when it is really required.

Felix Felicis

The ingredients required for Felix Felicis potion are 1 Lacewing Flies and 1 Fluxweed Stem. This potion is basically used to reveal the locations of the large chests in the game. The time period of the potion is one in-game day. As the day progresses, the effects of the potion will ultimately stop working. Whenever you use this potion in the game, try to maximise your benefit and discover as many chests as possible in the Hogwarts Legacy.

Focus Potion

The ingredients required for Focus potion are 1 Lacewing flies, 1 Fluxweed Stem, and 1 Dugbog Tongue. When players use or drink this potion, it reduces the cooldown period of the spells they use. Basically, you can use the other spell only when the cooldown period is over. With this potion, players can cast various spells efficiently, and that too in a shorter period of time.

Invisibility Potion

Hogwarts Legacy Potions List: Recipe and Class List

The ingredients required for Invisibility potion are 1 Leaping Toadstool Caps, 1 Knotgrass Sprig, and 1 Troll Bogeys. When players drink this potion, they ultimately become invisible to their enemies. While the potion’s effects are turned on, players can exploit the enemies they are fighting. They can also make use of the potion when they need to hide or sneak. This potion is available only for a short period of time, so move and act quickly when using this invisibility potion.

Maxima Potion

The ingredients for Maxima Potion are 1 Leech juice and 1 Spider Fang. When Maxima Potion is used, it basically increases the damage against the enemies. This potion can be used when the enemy is very powerful, and you don’t have the preferred strength to fight. Maxima’s potion will help increase the damage against the enemies at that time. The Maxima potion has a limited lifespan, so use it wisely.

Thunderbrew Potion

The ingredients for the Thunderbrew Potion are 1 Leech Juice, 1 Shrivelfig, and 1 Stench of the dead. When players use this potion, a powerful storm is created around the character. This storm around the character helps to defeat enemies by dealing damage to them. The Thunderbrew potion can also stun enemies.

Wiggenweld Potion

Hogwarts Legacy Potions List: Recipe and Class List

The ingredients required for this potion are 1 Horklump Juice and 1 Dittany Leaves. Drinking this potion will heal the players while they are fighting an enemy. This overall boosts the health of the player.

That’s about the recipes of the potions in the Hogwarts Legacy. Now let’s see the classes of the Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Class List

As you read novels or watch movies of the Harry Potter series. You will notice that there are various classes to learn different spells. The same applies to the game “Hogwarts Legacy. The Hogwarts Legacy has a total of nine classes. All these classes are featured in the Harry Potter novels and movies.

The classes are Herbology, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Beasts, Potions, Divination, Flying, Astronomy, and Transfiguration. Continue reading this guide, and you will learn about all nine classes in Hogwarts Legacy.


As the name implies, herbology relates to herbs. In the Herbology class, you get to learn about the plant life that is found in or around Hogwarts. Some of the plants can also be used to make potions. As from the novels, Neville Longbottom becomes the Herbology Professor, as is also expected in The Hogwarts Legacy.

The Herbology class mainly aims to make characters develop aptitude and become aware of the plants in Hogwarts. The plants in or around Hogwarts can be dangerous, so it is necessary to know about them. Mirabel Garlick teaches the class of herbology.


Charms is one of the more useful classes, as it teaches you about the different spells. The class aims to teach the player how to use the spells correctly and develop interaction in the game. You might be aware of the spell “Wingardium Leviosa”. You will surely get to learn this spell along with other useful spells.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Hogwarts Legacy Potions List: Recipe and Class List

Defense against the dark arts is taught by Dinah Hecat. The class’s main aim is to learn and protect yourself from various curses. When you attend this class, you can also learn how to cast cursed and offensive spells. As we all know, this class is a major portion of the Harry Potter series, with a new teacher being assigned each year at Hogwarts. The teachers include Snape, Quirrell, Lupin, and Umbridge.


Beasts class is taught by Professor Bai Howin. This class basically aims to make the character aware of the various beasts they would discover in the open world of Hogwarts Legacy.


Potions are basically used to recover health during battle and also to enhance combat stats. This class is taught by Aesop Sharp. This class will teach you about crafting potions and how to use them according to the conditions that arise in the game while exploring Hogwarts.


Hogwarts Legacy Potions List: Recipe and Class List

Divination will be taught by Mudiwa Onai. You will get to learn and see into the future while in divination. In this class, you will get to use tea leaves, crystal balls, and various items. All these items can be found on the top of the school tower at Hogwarts.


Flying is the most common and interesting thing you might have seen in Harry Potter movies and novels. The same as you can in this class of flying. This class is taught by Chiyo Kogawa. In this class, you will learn how to use the broomstick to reach the skies. Once you have completed this class successfully, you can use the broomstick to travel or roam around the open world easily and quickly.


Astronomy class is taught by Professor Satyavati Shah. If you love gazing at stars at night, then this class will be wonderful for you. In this class, you will get to learn about the various stars, constellations, and planets of the universe. d.


Hogwarts Legacy Potions List: Recipe and Class List

Transfiguration class is taught by Professor Matilda Weasley. In this class, you get to learn how to transform different objects into other objects through transfiguration. During this class, you will get a feeling of being a great wizard.

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