Hoho Hub Script Download for December 2023 with Race V4 Update

Roblox Fruit is a quite popular game on the Roblox gaming platform. The game was released later in 2019 by mygame43. The game is based on the one-piece manga and other anime series and is mainly focused on collecting Blox fruits. If you look over the internet, you will notice various scripts like Neva Hub, Zen Hub, Thunder Z, and many more. But here comes a twist: no one is better than Hoho Hub Script when doing the Job. In this guide, we have provided every important detail about the Hoho Hub Script so you can download and use it.

Recently, we have noticed on different game forums that Roblox Fruit players are constantly searching for scripts for the game. The scripts mostly exploit the gameplay and provide unfair advantages over other players in the game. However, if you are interested in trying the Hoho Hub Script in Roblox and are searching for a proper guide with help downloading it, Then you have come to the right place. This guide aims to provide full-fledged information, including how to use it.

Hoho Hub Script Download for July 2023 with Race V4 Update

Hoho Hub Script Download for December 2023 with Race V4 Update

Hoho Hub Scripts are small software programs that modify and automate the game in various ways. For example, this script can be used to trigger automatic gameplay mechanics. The script also helps the player or character move faster in the game than other players. One can easily master the script in just a few gameplay.

Hoho Hub Script features

Hoho Hub Script has many advantages that are mostly counted as its features. This update brings many improvements to Hoho Hub Script, including improved features and the eradication of bugs. Some notable features include:

Auto Farm – This script helps automate defeating enemies and collecting resources, making it easier to level up and collect in-game money.

Auto Quest – Hoho also assists in completing the quests automatically, hence saving time as well as the effort of the player.

Teleportation – This script allows players to teleport to specific locations instantly.

Infinite Stats – Scripts also account for unlimited health, stamina, and other stuff that provides advantages while fighting with an enemy.

Unlocking abilities – This script helps to obtain abilities that are not easily acquired in the game and need leveling up.

Anti-AFK – The script also offers anti-AFK features so you can’t be kicked from the gameplay due to inactivity.

Download Hoho Hub Script with Race V4 Update

We know how inconvenient it is to search for something on various sites and get our system infected by malware. So, we made things easy for you. You can copy the script below and use it at your convenience.


Once the script is copied, you can run it with any Roblox executors. If you are confused about which executer is best, we recommend you download Hydrogen executer and use it to get the job done. You can download the Hydrogen executable by clicking here.

How to use Hoho Hub Script for December 2023

Firstly, download and install the Hydrogen exploiter, if you have not already done so. If you downloaded it, you can skip this step. Once downloaded and installed, launch the hydrogen exploiter and log in with the Roblox credentials.

  • First, log in to Hydrogen Exploiter and enter Blox Fruits in the search bar, look for a green play button, and click on it. When the game launches, look for the Hydrogen icon on the screen (you may find it in the middle of the screen).

  • Now click on the hydrogen icon, and it will ask for a key. For the Hydrogen executor key, click on the get key button. Once you have clicked, a link will be automatically copied to your device or clipboard.

  • Now launch a browser, paste the link in the search bar, and press enter or click Go. After searching, you will be directed to the Linkvertise site to get the key.

  • Once the above process is complete, you will end up getting a key.

  • After you have the key, head back to the game and paste the script in the space provided. After pasting the script, click on the check button.


  • Once the script is verified, a script hub window will appear somewhere on the screen. Now copy the Hoho Hub script given above in the guide, as it is required in the next steps. After copying and pasting, paste it into the text box.
  • Once you have pasted the script, click the play button. (located on the right side of the screen). After completing the above steps, a Hoho Hub popup will appear on the screen.

  • You have two options: obtain a new Hoho Hub Script key or use the old one to access the script folder. It is to be noted that you have to obtain the latest key to gain access to the latest version of the Hoho Hub script.

Finally, when all steps are done correctly, you can select an activity according to your choice and enjoy the gameplay.

Updated on December 5: We have updated the post for today. Make sure to check the changes in the post. We will keep updating the post regularly, so keep visiting the website regularly.

Is Hoho Hub Script Safe to Install?

Installing or using any third-party script in Roblox comes with risks. Installing scripts from unknown sources can hamper your game data and your device. The script can violate the terms and conditions of Roblox, and you can lose your account in no time and get banned from the game.

Sometimes, these scripts contain malicious code that can steal your personal information. If you are installing Hoho Hub Script, monitor your account on the device and use an alternate Roblox account, not the original one.


This brings us to the end of this Hoho Hub Script Download guide for December 2023 with Race V4 Update. The demand for Hoho Hub scripts among Blox Fruits players is undeniable, driven by the desire to gain an unfair advantage over others. Unfortunately, they have to struggle to get their hands on a working Hoho Hub script.

As an enthusiastic Blox Fruits player, I understand the struggle of scouring random websites and downloading unwanted software to obtain these scripts. I have curated the above guide to help fellow players find and download the latest Hoho hub script to enjoy their gameplay.

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