Honkai Star Rail Best Bronya Team Comps

Just 3 days after launch, Honkai Star Rail’s quest can only be presented by the best characters in the game. After all, it is a story-based game in which characters are assigned tasks at every stage. There are around 24 characters in Honkai Star Rail, all of which are divided into several tiers, which makes it difficult to choose the best character for you.

It is impossible to judge a character and its capabilities within three days. A few characters are tweaked from Honkai Impact 3rd’s previous lineup. Among those characters, Bronya is a major player as she is a commander who is needed to lead. Finding the best character combination as a team is difficult for a new player. So, let’s have a quick discussion about it.

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Best Bronya Team Comps

A team leader, Bronya leads Silvermane Guards and is the heir to the supreme guardian of Belobog. (In-game city). Initially, she came from the underworld of Belobog and the same orphanage as Seele (another character). If you observe, the Honkai Star Rail has characters with each different attributes, and similarly, Bronya has its own uniqueness that is Wind.

Apart from that, her nature is harmonious, which means that whatever character you mix up with her, she will never disappoint you. And it is best to choose and arrange bronya team comps according to their traits. However, it would be difficult for a newbie to choose which Broya team comp would be the best option. For this, below we are sharing all the Honkai Star Rail characters with their traits to better analyze.

Character Name Tier Nature Speciality
Arlan 4 Destructive Lightning
Asta 4 Harmonious Fire
Bailu 5 Abundance Lightning
Blade 5 Destructive Wind
Bronya 5 Harmonious Wind
Clara 5 Destructive Physical
Dan Heng 4 Hunt Wind
Gepard 5 Preservation Ice
Herta 4 Erudition Ice
Himeko 5 Erudition Fire
Hook 4 Destructive Fire
JingYuan 5 Erudition Lightning
Kafka 5 Nihility Lightning
Luocha 5 Abundance Imaginary
March 7th 4 Preservation Ice
Natasha 4 Abundance Physical
Pela 4 Nihility Ice
Qingque 4 Erudition Quantum
Sampo 4 Nihility Wind
Seele 5 Hunt Quantum
Serval 4 Erudition Lightning
Silver Wolf 5 Nihility Quantum
Sushang 4 Hunt Physical
TingYun 4 Hamonious Lightning
Trailblazer 5 Adaptive Adaptive
Welt 5 Nihility Imaginary
Yanqing 5 Hunt Ice

From the above analysis, we have gone through multiple combinations and tried to make up different team comps. But similar to you, we have also gone through a lot of confusion. Later on with respect to further analysis, below we are sharing some best bronya team comps as per our understanding. Since we have made them as per our analysis, these are not compulsions if you understand your gaming style better, then make your own.

  • Bronya >> Natasha >> Sushan >> Dan Heng
  • Jing Yuan >> Bronya >> Pela >> Bailu
  • Bronya >> Bailu >> Jing Yuan >> Pela
  • Seele >> Tingyun >> Bronya >> Bailu
  • Gepard >> Bronya >> Yanqing >> Tingyun
  • Asta >> Bronya >> Bailu >> Seele
  • Tingyun >> Arlan >> March 7th >> Broyan
  • Herta >> Natasha >> Bronya >> Tingyun
  • Dan Heng >> Tingyun >> Natasha >> Bronya

To Conclude, I hope this character evaluative guide helps you a lot of design the best team comp for Bronya. Again remember these are not only team comps that are available to try. Because everyone has a different gaming style and that made a thin line for designing own Team comp. So, read the extreme attributes of each of the characters and make up your team that fits with Bronya. Even after such analysis, if any user has a query then ask them below.

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