How to Fix Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0

Honkai Star Rail is quite a popular mobile game with thousands of users worldwide. In the game, you can enjoy a thrilling journey on the Astral Express and explore the endless expanse of the galaxy. The game is a fun place to be around and make new friends from around the world. However, the game is imperfect, as players occasionally face several issues and errors. One such error is the Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0 due to network connectivity to the game server. Today in this article, we will troubleshoot the underlying reasons for the problem and share some methods to fix the same.

According to game troubleshooting experts, the Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0 is entirely due to network failure in the game. It can occur due to an unstable or changing network connection on your mobile. These issues are common for people who play the game on a public wifi network or with a weak cellular connection. Many players report that the issue is not persistent and goes away automatically. But for room users, it can stay around and may result in frustration and ruining of gameplay.

How to Fix Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0

How to Fix Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0

Error code 602_0 in Honkai Star Rail is a common problem with the game servers. As per the writing of this article, no official announcements have been made for the issue. But the experts suggest that the issue is either due to network connection on the player’s end or server downtime issues.

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Since the game recently got very popular, the game servers may be facing unpredicted load, and as a result, many users are facing the error code 602_0 screen.

Method 1: Restart Devices

Restart Devices

In the majority of cases, the issue of error code 602_2 is just a technical glitch caused due to network issues. Such minor errors can be solved by restarting your mobile or PC, whichever you are playing the game on. If you have access to the wifi router, it is better to restart the router as well. Once you restart the devices, log into the game again and see if this helps.

Method 2: Check Game Sever

Since the game got massive popularity recently, the game servers are handling a heavy number of users daily. Due to this, game developers are constantly working on the servers, and some of the servers may be closed for maintenance. So check on the game’s official website or social media pages to see if there are any announcements regarding server maintenance or issues. If the servers are down, you will have to wait until they are back up and running to play the game.

Method 3: Switch Game Servers

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Many users on the Reddit Honkai Star community have suggested that this is a minor issue, and many users are facing the same. However, the issue can be solved by choosing a different server in the game menu. To change the menu, log out of the main game menu and choose a different server.

Method 4: Check Internet Connection

As we discussed above, the issue of Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0 is majorly due to failed internet connection. Oftentimes, the internet connection is slow or simply not working. In this case, you need to troubleshoot the network to see if it’s working on not. To check the same, try to load up different websites to see if the internet is working. If it’s not, you may connect with the network service provider and upgrade your internet plan.

Method 5: Switch to Different Connection


How to Fix Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0

Oftentimes, the game needs a fast internet connection, which might be available on your cellular network. So try to switch it up to a Wifi connection or with a superfast 5G cellular connection. Many users have said that the issue often solves itself when they switch the network from Wifi to cellular or vice versa.

Method 6: Disable VPN connection

In today’s world, everybody is worried about their online privacy and security. Hence, the majority of users use dedicated VPN services to safeguard themselves from various online attacks and other suspicious attempts. But these VPN services do not always work the best with certain games and apps. In case you are using a VPN connection to play the Honkai Star Rail game, it’s better to shut it off and see if this helps.

Method 7: Clear Game Cache

How to Fix Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0

When you play any game, the game application will save the game’s progress in terms of game cache files. But these files may get corrupted overtimes and cause major issues, including the Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0. To fix this, either you can clear the game cache or you can re-install the game. In order to clear the cache, follow the below steps:

  • Open the settings app and navigate to the apps & games section.
  • Here click on Honkai Star Rail app and find the storage option.
  • Under the storage section, you will find an option to clear the game cache.
  • Click on the clear game cache button and click yes on the prompt.
  • Once done, restart the game and see if it helps.

Method 8: Update Game

If the above method does not help you much, then it’s quite possible that you are using an old version of the game app. Mobile applications update every now and then and come with various optimizations and in-game updates. So it’s important that you update the game to the latest version and enjoy uninterrupted gaming services. To update the game, you can log on to Google Playstore and search for the Honkai Star Rail app. Then, click on the update button and wait for the download process to finish.

Method 9: Disable Battery Saving Mode

All modern smartphones come with a battery saver mode to save battery juice so they can carry their important day-to-day tasks without worrying about draining their smartphone battery. However, many users keep this feature on all the time, even while playing the game. But the battery-saving mod feature limits internet connection, especially if you are using cellular data. So make sure you disable this feature and then try to play the game.

Method 10: Reinstall Game

If the above methods do not help you much, then it’s better to reinstall the game. As the game files may get corrupted over time, and due to this, the game may throw multiple errors. So first, uninstall the game completely from your mobile/PC. Once done, install the game from the official website or Playstore. Afterward, log in to your game account and see if you are still getting the 602_0 error.

Method 11: Contact Game Support

Since the launch of the initial game, many users have been playing the game along with multiple hackers or cheaters. To combat the same, the game has a strong anti-cheating policy; and if someone violates the same, their account is limited or compromised. But such actions can also be imposed on innocent game accounts due to various reasons.

So it’s possible that your game account is compromised in such a fashion, and you need to connect with the game support team to resolve it. You may connect with the game support team by sending an email with relevant details and screenshots.


This brings us to the end of this guide for fixing Honkai Star Rail Error Code 602_0. Please note that the issue is entirely due to a failed or imperfect network connection. So make sure you follow the above methods and troubleshoot the internet connection on your mobile. If nothing works, you may also connect with the game support team and raise a ticket for the same.

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