How AI Is Changing the Face of Your Entertainment

How AI Is Changing the Face of Your Entertainment

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been around in one form or another for decades. When we think of AI, we usually think of the sci-fi movie version. That’s a robot intelligence that is basically alive and that we might have trouble distinguishing from an actual living intelligence. There is nothing out there right now like that, thankfully, but let’s talk about some of the AI you can find in your world at the moment. 

Current AI technology is much simpler in most cases, and it’s permeated throughout different forms of media and has been for years. Whether you realize it or not, AI plays an important part in our entertainment. What kind of AI is inhabiting the games you play and even the movies you watch?

AI Guides Character Patterns

If you played any game that has non-playable characters or enemies that react to you, you’ve dealt with artificial intelligence on some level. It’s a form of artificial intelligence, or programming, that tells characters other than the player what to do and how to react. Some of these patterns that they’ve been programmed with are much more complex than others. None of the AI-controlled characters are actually alive, but the trick with video game programming is to make the character seem as alive as possible with the technology available, in many cases.

For some video game characters, the pattern is very simple. They move back and forth waiting to be stomped on, shot, or interacted with in some other way. Others are far more complex and move in a more arbitrary looking manner and may even change their action based on what the player character is doing. It’s AI governing these kinds of actions, causing an enemy to suddenly go into an offensive mode or occasionally try to dodge or block player attacks.

AI for the Win

You’ll find AI permeating online gaming as well, even outside the traditional video game market. AI programs are used in online betting games to create a virtual dealer or other players. Playing against the house in an online poker game or with สล็อต เว็บตรง ยุโรป means you are playing against an AI opponent. That artificial computer programming gives the dealer or opponent the sense of authenticity. The programming is an attempt to make their moves feel realistic and allow a game to be played between two players when only one of them is an actual human.

To make the game more enjoyable, programmers may design AI opponents with weaknesses, where they occasionally make mistakes or pick the wrong card or action. This can keep players more engaged and coming back again when they feel like they have a chance of success. If they believe that their opponent is capable of making mistakes and that there’s an opportunity for them to score a win every now and then, it keeps them motivated to continue playing.

AI at the Movies

Did you know that AI programming is even used in moviemaking? The same way video game programmers will give characters lines of code that direct them where to go, filmmakers will create 3D models with preset paths as well. This lets them create digital worlds that seem alive, even in movies that are not conventional cartoons or CGI animation. They can create realistic looking characters in the background that move in pre-scripted patterns based off a pre-existing engine. This means the AI pattern is doing a lot of the work for them so they don’t have to input as much code and so many commands to make a movie scene.

Artificial intelligence is something that has permeated our various forms of entertainment for longer than most people realize. While there’s little chance the machines will take over and destroy us anytime soon, it’s good to know about how artificial intelligence is developing and how it’s being used in the world around us and in the entertainment we consume.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, entertainment can be made more realistic, more enjoyable, and less strenuous. Properly scripted artificial intelligence cuts down on working hours and eases workloads, making people’s jobs less complicated as they create the entertainment we love.

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