How Fix Gigaset Battery Draining Problems – Troubleshooting and Fixes

The battery has become one of the major deal-maker or breaker as without a decent battery life, why would I buy a smartphone. Although smartphone batteries have become efficient there are a plethora of apps and services that have increased on the platform and so does the battery consumption. Although the phone’s battery will drain as per usage but have you ever faced abnormal battery draining problems. To put it simply, it occurs when the Gome smartphone’ battery begins to drain out more than usual. There could be a single reason or say, a plethora of ‘em can contribute to creating this issue which needs detection and must be resolved. Thus, we devised a guide on how to fix Gome battery draining problems in this extract so read through.

How Fix Gome Battery Draining Problems - Troubleshooting and Fixes

Restart the smartphone

You might have seen this particular method in the majority of how to fix glitches on Android or iOS smartphones because it works. Restarting the system literally takes off the pressure on the system and the various resources while deleting temporary files and hopefully, fixing minor software glitches that would just need a reboot to start working properly.

Shut down all apps

It is a complete ‘NO’ to keep all the apps active or in the background because these apps consume a lot of resources as well as the battery life and that is what concerning you. So, you need to have a look on the apps opened on your phone both in the foreground and the background and shut it down simply by pressing the ‘recent’ button and then, swiping the apps listed to close it.

Check for power-hungry apps

It is quite possible that not a bunch of apps but a single app is causing the battery draining problems on your phone. These apps are called power-hungry apps and it could be a heavy app or a graphics-intensive game or something like that consumes a lot of battery while running in the background or while in use. You can check for these types of apps using ‘Settings >> Battery’ which is a built-in feature on your phone followed by force stopping or disabling the apps that you want and uninstall those apps which you don’t want at least for now.

Cut off on connectivity services

We have a habit to keep Wifi enabled even when we travel somewhere thinking that it won’t consume much power while people don’t look for its power consumption aspect at all. Now, there are many other connectivity services such as NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, etc which even if you don’t enable yourself, it might pop up after you accidentally touched the screen. So, have a look at all the connectivity services on your phone which is simply by dragging the notification panel and then, turning it off, that’s all.

Adjust brightness settings

When you raise the brightness of the screen, it uses an additional amount of energy from the battery to raise its brightness which contributes to the battery draining problems. But since the brightness level is changeable and you might not need a bright screen during the night or a dim screen during the day, you can always adjust the brightness settings by dragging the notification panel. In fact, leaving it on automatic can improve battery life further.

Use Power Saving mode

Power mode is an essential feature on a smartphone as it reduces the power consumption by putting a limit on battery power usage as well as taking several other little steps to reduce power consumption and much more. Now, either you can use a built-in power saving mode or download it from the Play Store if needed.

Wipe off cache files

These are temporary files created by the system and stored on the memory that enables faster processing and reduces retrieval time. But it is also subjected to go corrupt easily and thus, it is suggested by the experts that you must delete all the cache files off the phone and it works since you can see the instant difference between the phone 5 minutes ago and after wiping out cache files.

There are multiple ways you can delete cache files such as by using apps like CCleaner which enables users to wipe off cache files just like that. Further, you can do it manually simply by navigating to ‘Settings >> Storage >> Cache Memory’ and delete the same. Further, you can also get rid of app cache which is when you go through ‘Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded’ and tap on apps individually and select ‘Clear Cache’ to do the same. And last but not the lease method available is through recovery mode for which, the procedure is mentioned in the ‘hard reset’ section down below. You need to select ‘wipe cache partition’ and simply restart the phone and rest will be taken care of by the system.

Download Updates for the apps

There’s no rocket science here. You need to keep a tab on apps installed on your phone and must update it from time-to-time since outdated apps are associated with a slew of problems. You can check out Google Play Store >> My apps and games to check out if there are updates available or not. If yes, simply hit the ‘Update’ button against app names and that’s all.

Get the Android firmware up-to-date

The fact is, the firmware is the backbone for all the hardware components and apps, drivers, to work homogenously but when it is outdated, it losses its charm while introducing the system with bugs and errors and viruses since the firmware is no longer updated to defend new bugs and viruses. This is the reason why you must keep the firmware updated and you can check out if there’s an update available or not simply by going to ‘Settings >> About Device >> Software Updates >> Check for updates’. If there’s no update available for a longer duration, you can always roll back or use a custom ROM as a plausible option.

Adhere to 80:20 or 90:10 battery proportion

It works when you follow a strict protocol when charging the phone. I have been following the 90:10 proportion for months ago and the response is good so far. It means that you need to change the form to 90 percent and then use it until it discharges to 10 percent. This is when you plug in the phone to a charger to get the most out of it.

Perform a hard reset on your phone

This is the ultimate method you can use on a smartphone to clear any potential software glitch or error causing the battery draining problems on your device. For this, you’ll need to boot into the recovery mode for which the steps are as follow.

  • Firstly, start by turning the phone off.
  • Now, you need to tap on ‘Volume Up + Power Button’ together to trigger the phone to boot into the recovery mode instead of normal mode.
  • The usual duration is 10 to 15 seconds during which, you’ll have to keep the buttons pressed until the display shows an ‘Android logo’ or an option to enter recovery mode.
  • Further, when you are in the recovery mode, you need to select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then, you need to select ‘yes – delete all user data’.
  • Note that the touch doesn’t work at this mode and thus, you need to use the volume rockers to scroll up and down through the page and use the power button to select an option.
  • Once you are done with it, it’s the time to restart the phone and configure it accordingly hoping that the problem is sort.

Check if the battery is dodgy or damaged?

Your phone’s battery is draining, what could be wrong? Well, since you have gone through all these possible scenarios and how to fix it, let’s see what you can do to verify the battery. You can remove it if removable to check if it has deformed or not. Also, it is quite possible that the battery has become old and has lost its old capacity which is a case with both Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries. You can get it checked simply by visiting the nearest service center and get it replaced.

Seek help from the manufacturer

If the battery isn’t the problem or you can’t really pinpoint any software issue or any hard issue, you must seek help from an authorized service center where the problem will be detected and act upon. Now, you need to remember that you can either report the issue to an authorized service center or a third-party store where the charges will differ and so is the services.

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