How Fix Koolnee Battery Draining Problems – Troubleshooting and Fixes

No matter what size of battery does your phone uses but trust me, if it is having battery draining problems, you can’t expect to plug it to a charger every now and then to prevent it from draining entirely. In such a scenario, either the battery has developed errors or damage due to physical or liquid or any other form of damage or it could be due to other resources such as apps or cache or hardware components involved in the charging spree or say a group of these factors is conspiring to bring down the battery life. We have already prescribed a way to fix battery draining problems on many devices and yes, this particular troubleshooting guide is explicitly for Koolnee users but don’t worry if you have landed on the wrong guide because we are tackling the same issue which is seen across all Android smartphones let again iOS devices.

How Fix Koolnee Battery Draining Problems - Troubleshooting and Fixes

How Fix Koolnee Battery Draining Problems – Troubleshooting and Fixes

We dig plenty of research on this matter and have designed a how-to fix the issue guide prescribed below to explain what it takes to actually prevent it from happening in most cases.

Method #1: Stop using the device right away

What best advice one could give you to prevent any further battery draining problems? It is probably to stop using the phone right away. Because it is plausible and in fact, the trends suggest that people have become addictive to their phones which means they use their phones for a longer duration with many apps accessed at any given time which leads to higher battery consumption. One way to squeeze it is to simply stop using the phone and give it a rest for a minute.

Method #2: Try rebooting the phone

Another way to prevent any deteriorating battery draining problems is to reboot the device. Of course, it will abruptly close all apps and no work done will be saved unless you save it yourself but it does have improvement on a smartphone as it tends to optimize all the now-free resources and use it intuitively when you access apps after a quick reboot.

Method #3: Find out the accused – battery hungry apps

You might have seen that a particular app on your phone consumes more battery than others. Now depending upon your usage, it could be anything from radio streaming service or YouTube or any offline or online video streaming service, it could be a game like Asphalt 8 or it could be productive apps like Microsoft Office, etc. All these apps are heavy and require a lot of resources to make it work and thus, the energy consumption is more. On the other hand, there are apps that might not be in use and still consume a sizable chunk of the battery due to their automatic pop-up in the background or it could be due to bugs. Thus, go to Battery >> View Battery Usage listed in Settings app to find out these apps. Now, you can take the required steps to limit, restrict, or end their usage or presence as a whole.

Method #4: Adjust display settings

If you have an OLED display, the battery consumption is more than any LCD display. But there are various settings under ‘Settings >> Display’ that you can adjust to allow retain a sizable chunk of battery that would otherwise waste in the background. First of all, try to adjust brightness settings during day and night based on the visibility. Brightness can be higher during the day when outside and moderate when in home or office but low during the night. Further, you can instruct the device to turn off the screen in a few seconds after you are done using it under ‘stay awake’ feature. You can alter the settings to allow ‘Always-On display’ based on your needs. Further, you can change the home screen wallpaper to a static image and not a screensaver and I hope these settings do justice to your battery draining problems.

Method #5: Uninstall/Update/Upgrade

The three ‘U’s that you must take seriously and all are related to apps installed on your device. Now, you need to know that Android smartphones can handle a number of apps at once based on the storage and memory configurations. But installing too many apps on a system can add to various issues thus, you must uninstall apps that aren’t required including both third-party and pre-installed apps. Further, you need to update apps installed to steer away from outdated apps problems which are huge as you can learn it in other Koolnee problems posted on GetDroidTips. Lastly, you need to upgrade the firmware on your device which is imperative and must be prioritized because outdated firmware can open backdoors for hackers to exploit bugs in any matter or create performance issues.

Method #6: Toggle connectivity services

Well, it is no doubt that many of us don’t even care if the location or GPS is turned on even when not needed or you forgot to enable wifi when somewhere out. But all this can add to the battery draining problems that we are trying to curb here and thus, you must turn them off when not in use. It includes wifi, NFC, Bluetooth, location, etc.

Method #7: Steer away from cache files

Another infuriating factor behind any issue on a phone is cache files that are created by the system automatically and stored. These files help retrieve an app faster than before, however, they add to the trouble that you are already facing on your device. So, here you need to clear any type of cache files from the system and basically, there are four methods to do it. Firstly, add third-party cache files cleaning apps such as Avast Clean Up or CCleaner and run it through to purge all types of cache files. Next, go to Settings and open Apps, slide into the Downloaded section and tap on ‘Clear Cache’ button on tapping each app individually. Secondly, you need to clear storage cache which is comparatively easier as you need to proceed to Settings >> Storage >> Cache Memory to clear up.

The last method revolves around the recovery mode that you can access using a specific procedure listed below.

  • The first step is to turn off the phone.
  • Now, press volume up plus power button to turn on the device in recovery mode.
  • You need to keep the buttons pressed until an Android logo appears on the screen and then, release it.
  • Here, volume rockers work as navigational keys and power button act as a selection key since you won’t be able to tap on the touch screen to get things done.
  • You need to select ‘wipe cache partition’ and then, confirm by adding ‘yes’ to purge cache partition.

Method #8: Various things you could do to improve battery life

There are plenty of things you can do and settings you can alter to grab a higher battery life than usual. Firstly, lower the ringtone for both messages and calls if needed. Adjust brightness as explained above. Use the phone in short burst to curb faster battery draining problems. Don’t snooze alarms which will act as a remedy for both the phonetic problem and you oversleeping problem as well. Set scheduled On/Off that will turn off the phone in the night or as you adjust it and turn on at the given time thus, saving a lot of battery that would otherwise be lost to keep the phone awake. Turn on airplane mode when the network is not expected such as traveling. Call someone only when the bars on the network icon on status bar are higher because a poor network would mean the phone will use up higher battery life to compensate.

Method #9: Scrutinize the battery

Well, we have been looking at the software aspect of the device a lot lately. But you forgot that battery is a hardware component and a lot could go wrong physically as well. Firstly, you need to scrutinize why the battery is draining faster than earlier. As explained, it could be due to overuse which you can limit to check if battery performs poorly or not. If yes, it is possible that the battery is running towards the end of its lifecycle which is a case in Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries that they have specific lifecycle after which, they tend to cease in performance and eventually, stop working.

You can check if the battery is draining faster than it is a charger which is a sign of battery damage or ceases as well. For this, connect the phone to a charger, install an app called Amperage and check for both inlet and outlet current to check which one is higher. Basically, the inlet must be higher than the outlet. If not, turn towards a service center and get the battery replaced or juiced up if plausible.

Method #10: Hard reset

If you are still finding a way out of this Koolnee problem, you might think hard reset as a plausible option if it’s a software created issue. You’ll need to obtain a backup of all data beforehand and then, proceed with the procedure to enable recovery mode that you have already seen under ‘wipe cache partition’ section aforementioned. But instead of clearing cache partition, select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ to complete the said procedure.

Method #11: The final resort

Are you dealing with the Koolnee battery draining problems for a while now? Still can’t figure out what’s triggering it and how to fix it? Is it the battery or the way you use or charge the phone? There are a lot of questions that only a professional could answer after analyzing the fault in the device triggering the issue in the first place. Thus, you need to report the issue to a nearby service center but GDT would strongly recommend an authorized one. Hope you’ll get the issue fixed up just like that.

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