How thin can a S24 MagSafe case be?

With Samsung’s new flagship phone asking for $1,299, the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cases are in high demand already. It is important to keep a phone looking its best for as long as possible when you spend that much money on it. However, there is no shortage of Galaxy S24 cases on the market. It’s no secret that there are plenty of accessories available, regardless of whether you’re looking for something stylish or tough as nails. In this article, we will show you one of the best MagSafe cases that you can use with your S24, namely MagEZ Case 4 for S24 series. Taking a closer look at it, let’s explore the other details. 

What is PITAKA?

PITAKA combines technology, materials, craftsmanship, culture, and art in its accessories. With the help of advanced material and weaving technology, PITAKA manufacture sophisticated, easy-to-use, high-quality daily accessories, and we use modern art as an inspirational tool to convey the culture and spirit of our company.

  1. One of the most popular brands of Aramid phone cases
  2. Since 2014, PITAKA has been making aramid fiber phone cases.
  3. Globally, PITAKA phone cases have been sold over 1,000,000 times.

Why You Need a Case for Your Galaxy S24

You should first understand why your Galaxy S24 Ultra needs a case before looking into MagSafe cases. Its sleek and sophisticated design makes the Galaxy S24 Ultra look great, but it isn’t impervious to everyday wear and tear. If you drop your smartphone, bump it, or scratch it, you are likely to damage it, and it is likely to lose its functionality. Your device is protected from these hazards by a case, extending both its life and its durability. Furthermore, a well-designed case displays your personal style while enhancing the aesthetics of your Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Galaxy S24 Ultra Case

When choosing a MagSafe case for your Galaxy S24 Ultra, you should take a few key factors into account. To begin with, you should consider how much protection you need. S24 cases come in a variety of designs, including those that provide adequate protection from drops, while others are sleek and only protect your device from daily scratches.  

In addition, take into account the materials used to construct the case. It is possible to protect your car against drops and scratches with polycarbonate or TPU, but they may feel cheap. It might be a bit heavy to wear leather. The fabric may not provide a strong level of protection.  

It is also important to consider whether MagSafe accessories are compatible with the device. You should choose a case with strong magnets so that MagSafe accessories can be easily attached and detached. Moreover, a wireless charging case should be checked. With a good MagSafe case, you can wirelessly charge the Galaxy S24 Ultra without removing it.

What Are The Features of the PITAKA S24 Case?

So, here are some features that will help you decide whether you need a PITAKA MagSafe case for your S24 or not:

Made with aerospace-grade aramid fiber

Ensure your Galaxy S24 stays in pristine condition with aramid fiber of the highest quality. In the aerospace industry and bulletproof vests, this elite material is widely used due to its exceptional strength, lightweightness, and resistance to scratch, corrosion, and discolouration.

Impossibly thin (min. 1.14mm) and light (min. 18.9g)

There isn’t a worse S24 MagSafe case out there because it’s thinner and lighter. It is known for making light, thin cases and accessories for smartphones. They use the self-owned technique SlimBoard to handle the MagSafe rings, which helps them make a thin and light MagSafe case.

MagSafe compatible

PITAKA MagSafe accessories work with Samsung wireless chargers. You don’t have to have an iPhone to enjoy the snap-and-go experience! Samsung phones can also benefit from the snap-and-go/charge facility.

Anti-slip textured grip

PITAKA’s exclusive Fusion Weaving technique is used in the manufacture of this case. These threads are processed from aramid fibers. With its smooth texture and grippy feel, this phone case cannot be beaten by other phone cases.


In its new S24 case, PITAKA emphasizes technology, materials, craftsmanship, culture, and art. In general, the PITAKA Galaxy S24 Ultra MagSafe case offers an attractive option for those who are looking for a minimalist, slim, and lightweight case. So, in my opinion, after seeing these features, I highly recommend getting your own PITAKA S24 case. Now, the choice is yours.

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