How To Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset On Samsung Android 11

Google account verification is an in-built security feature for Android phones. With this feature, an unauthorized person won’t be able to get access and will demand Google account password. Being a technician, I have had hundreds of people coming in with their locked phones. While it’s great for adding security when an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to device to factory default settings, it can cause a serious issue when people need to opt for FRP bypass on Samsung. 

Having said that, I have encountered multiple situations when people ask for “this device was reset, to continue, sign in with a Google account” bypass. So, with this article, I am sharing how to bypass Google account!

Method One – Use PassFab Android Unlocker To Remove FRP Lock Samsung 

If you have been locked out of your Android device, there are various online tools that can help you gain access to the device. However, PassFab remains the best bypassing tool because of the advanced yet beginner-friendly features. In particular, it has a professional screen as well as an FRP unlocker with convenient features and a user-friendly interface. Even more, PassFab supports nearly every Android version, starting from 5 to 11. So, if you want to know how to bypass Google lock on Samsung A11 and other android devices, use the following instructions for PassFab to bypass Google lock;

  1. To begin with, you need to download the PassFab Android Unlocker on your computer system and install it . 
  2. Secondly, connect the Android device (the one you need to bypass) to the computer system with the help of a USB cable. Once connected, launch the app and choose the “remove Google Lock (FRP)” option from the screen. 

3.Choose the Android version of the connected device and tap on “send notification” button 

4.Don’t forget to connect your Android device to the Wi-Fi connection. Once the device is connected to a wireless connection, this FRP lock removal software will send out the notification to the device, and it will look something like this. 

5.If you are using the A11 mobile, you need to follow the pop-up instructions for setting up the Samsung smartphone 

6.On the other hand, if your Android version is 6, 9, or 10, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps on the screen to set up the device 

7.In case your device is running on Android 7 or Android 8, follow the instructions popping up the screen for setting up your device 

8.Then you can bypassed google FRP Lock successfully.

Method Two – How To Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset With Google Account 

Another method of bypassing the Google account verification after reset is using the Google account. This is one of the most convenient ways of recovering the Google account and setting a new password if you are unable to remember the old password. So, for that purpose, you can follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. First of all, factory your phone and restart it 
  2. Then, choose the language and connect your device to the Wi-Fi network 
  3. A pop-up will show up asking for the Google Account credentials, and the keyboard will appear. Then, hold the @ and wait for the menu to appear 

4.Choose the Google Keyboard settings 

5.Now, tap on the three dots on the top of the screen 

6.From the dropdown menu, choose the help & feedback option 

7. From the help section, choose “using Google Keyword” and tap and hold on to any text of the page. Then, click on the websearch option

8. As a result, the search bar will show up, and you need to enter “settings” 

9.Scroll down the page and select the “about phone” option.

10.Enter the menu and search for the build number. Once you find the build number, tap on it seven times, and it will enable the developer options 

11.Now, go back to the menu and enable OEM unlocking. In addition, you have to click on the back button twice 

12.Reboot the device and connect it to the Wi-Fi connection 

13.Now, you won’t be asked for credentials, but you will be required to add a new Google Account 

14. So, just add a new account, and you will have full access to your phone 


With this article, we tried to help you with your queries like “how to bypass Google Account Verification after reset” and “can’t sign into Google Account on Android phone after reset” and we hope you got the help you were looking for! 

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