How to change HEIC files into JPEG; Explained in Detail!

Ever thought of converting HEIC files to JPG on your Mac? If your answer is yes or no, first let us talk about what is HEIC file. High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) which is also known as High-Efficiency Image Coding (HEIC), is a file format for individual images and image sequences. This HEIC file format was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group popularly known as MPEG. The MPEG group claims that the HEIF files can store twice as much information which stores in a JPEG image of the same size. Hence, this results in providing HEIF a better quality image. HEIF image files are stored with filename extensions .heif or .heic.

Further, as said above that HEIC files are smaller in size than JPEG even when compressed. For example, a 3.5 MB HEIC image file might end up as a 4.5 MB JPEG file even at 80% image quality. These sizes are of a rough calculation, though the exact file size will obviously change as per image and its file. Further, if you are using only Mac, it will be better to continue in the HEIC format, because it helps you in saving storage spaces. Even though  JPEG is often most suitable for maximum compatibility for other devices and with the web. As most of the Mac OS users are running on low storage due to the lack of HDD in it.

Apple has started using the HEIC image format since 2011. Even if you are living in an Apple Ecosystem when you transfer it into your Mac, you may need a universal image format. Coming back to our point, sometimes you may need to change the HEIF / HEIC file which may be sent by someone using an iPhone into other formats for universal compatibility. With this article, we aim to teach our readers for converting a HEIC file to a JPEG file on the Mac with using the Preview app, where this app is pre-installed in every Mac OS. Now let us start with converting HEIC into JPEG.

How to Convert HEIC to JPEG on Mac with Preview App

  • First, choose your desired HEIC image and open the selected HEIC image in Preview app which is seen in your Mac
  • Now after opening and selecting, the pull down the “File” menu and now click on “Export”
  • After this Open the submenu for “Format” and choose “JPEG” as the file format and after choosing this, now adjust the quality as desired then click on “Save”
  • Now you can see the converted JPEG file in the location, wherefrom your HEIC file was imported to the preview app

For these multiple HEIC files, you can use the batch image file conversion capabilities of Preview to export and save multiple HEIC files as JPEG, or even PNG, TIFF, or other image file formats in the Preview app.

You’ll need a modern version of macOS to be able to open and read HEIC files with the Preview app. Older versions of the Preview application on earlier Mac OS releases may not work with HEIC file format.

There is also another method for converting HEIC Files into JPEG format. Let us discuss that too here!

How to convert HEIC file into JPEG using the Photos App?

Other than the Preview App, the Photos app also features converting HEIC files. For this, there are two ways to convert your HEIC images to the JPG format. While the first method is super easy. For this just drag and drop the photos to the desktop or some other folder within Finder. While placing these files to the desktop, the images will automatically gets converts to the JPG format.

The second method has a little complication and is not as easy as the first method. For this follow the steps below.

  • For this, after selecting the single HEIC image or images, now open the File menu. After this now go to Export and finally click on Export Photos.
  • From this dialog box which shows up, now specify the output file format which you need. In our case, we are going with JPEG as we wish to convert to it. After setting the file format, now select the preferred image quality and tune any other configurations as you wish. Now when this all process comes to an end, now click on Export.
  • After this, you will get a prompt window where you can choose your output location. Once you finish this, the Photos app will automatically convert and export the images.

Literally this takes more time compared to the first method using the Photos App. If you don’t want your iPhone to take pictures in HEIC format, change it into JPEG. This results in saving your time and effort by avoiding the conversion of HEIC into JPEG. There are many other ways in which you can convert HEIC files but you have to use third-party applications. If you want an article about those third-party applications to drop a comment. Further, let us know your thoughts and queries in the comment section below about these steps. Do also inform us which method is best according to you i.e. either using the Preview app or Photos app.

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