How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode in Brave iOS and Android?

As you guys know, for protecting my privacy. I would prefer to run a privacy-centric browser installed on my iPhone, iPad, and all gadgets. These days I’ve been mostly using Firefox Focus i.e. for about nearly two years. And, recently I came to know what Brave Browser brings to the table. Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by the brand Brave Software, Inc. And this is based on Google’s open source project; Chromium web browser. This browser has many advantages over the other web browsers out there. For instance, this browser blocks ads and website trackers and provides a way for its users to send cryptocurrency contributions in the form of Basic Attention Tokens to websites and content creators. These are the reasons for the popularity of this browser among users like us.

Brave Web browser; Complete history!

As we said Brave is developed by Brave Software Inc, and this was founded on 28 May 2015 by its CEO Brendan Eich (who was the creator of Javascript and also the former CEO of Mozilla Corporation) and by CTO Brian Bondy. Further on 20th January 2016, the brand Brave Software Inc launched the very first version of Brave with a superb feature i.e. the ad-blocking feature, and they had also announced plans for a privacy-respecting ad feature and a revenue sharing program.  By the time, now Brave has been released its web browser for almost every popular platforms that include Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The current version features five search engines by default, including their partner i.e. the DuckDuckGo. And in June 2018, Brave had released a pay-to-surf test version of the browser. Interestingly this version of the Brave came preloaded with approximately 250 ads and also sent a detailed log of the user’s browsing activity to Brave for the short-term purpose of testing this functionality.

First Stable version with millions of users!

Finally, Brave launched its stable release version 1.0 on 13 November 2019. This stable version was released while having almost 8.7 million monthly active users overall. Also at the same time, the web browser had approximately 3 million active users on a daily basis. The Brave 1.0 was made available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, macOS, and Linux, and integrated “almost all of Brave’s marquee features across all platforms”. This is all about the history of the Brave browser.

Features of Brave Web browser!

As we said Brave packs with the massive features on privacy and retains a host of modern features like the bookmarking features, integrated downloads manager, and data-syncing capabilities. This means that I can use the Brave just like any other full-fledged browser. Already Brave is filled with a ton of features and to make things even better, Brave had recently introduced dark mode support for its Web Browser. With this article, let us check out how this new Dark mode works. We will also write about all the things that you need to know about enabling and disabling dark mode in Brave for your iPhone or iPad. And later we will also just look at how this dark mode works in Android version of Brave

How does the Brave’s Dark mode operate?

Do note that the Dark mode operation is not the same in every case. Let us take the case of Brave, the dark mode functionality in the web browser.; Brave works quite differently that you guys would have generally expected. Talking about basic points. The brave browser does not force to invert the colors within the different sites to appeal themselves in a dark mode. Although, this tech makes it more similar to the regular dark theme than a full-fledged dark mode. Obviously the Brave browser will still display all its sites in the dark dark mode. As long as they receive native support for the darker color scheme. For example, visit any search engine like Bing, DuckDuckGo with Brave’s dark mode enabled. It will always render it in the dark mode automatically.

But please don’t expect this to happen everywhere else, i.e. don’t expect these search engines to render in dark mode while using other browsers. Adding some more bits to this, the Brave web browser can also mimic the dark mode functionality that is already present in iOS 13 and also in the iPadOS. That said, Brave will automatically start showing in dark mode whenever you guys toggle the controls for system-wide dark mode. That said, this is how the Safari web browser gets into the dark mode; as Safari doesn’t have any native support for dark mode.

No default dark mode in Safari!

The dark mode in Safari will depend on the system color scheme. I.e. whether the system wide dark mode is turned on or not. The Brave web browser has also a separate appearance switches that will let you enable or disable dark mode just for the browser alone. That said, the Brave browser gives its users a ton of flexibility compared to all other web browsers out there.

As you guys may know, the Brave browser’s dark mode is well optimized. And looks awesome compared to other ones out there. In my testing, I couldn’t find any issues that relate when I navigate it since the browser interferes. With the black and gray pixels used for highlighting the important elements perfectly. And finally, when you guys come across a website that supports dark mode by default. I am sure that you guys will get a terrific experience.

But sadly, the Brave’s dark mode will not have a significant impact on the battery life of iPhones that has the OLED displays. This is because since most of the sites do not feature for native dark mode support yet. But if you guys really need to surf all of your websites in dark mode, we would recommend you guys for using Firefox for iOS, which I will talk after this.

How to enable or disable dark mode in Brave web browser?

Till we talked about the history of the Brave web browser. Also we had discussed about the functionality of new dark mode in this web browser. And this isn’t a huge task, this can be done by yourselves with this guide. For enabling and disabling the dark mode in Brave web browser, only requires some easy toogles dive that are present in the browser’s Settings panel. As we said above, you don’t have actually to dig more like what we did for solving the msftconnecttest error.

  • Now let us start by tapping the three-dot icon that you can see to the lower-right corner of the Brave app.  Once you get this, now tap on the Settings on the menu that pops up. And finally here, you guys can tap on Appearance menu present within the Display section.
  • After this, you guys would come across to three different separate controls i.e.  Automatic, Light, and Dark.
  • As you guys may know, the Dark and Light controls will let you guys to manage dark mode for Brave directly. For this just tap on Dark to activate the dark mode. If you need to go back, just tap on Light to switch back to the normal color scheme.
  • I am sure that you guys may think about the “Automatic” option present there. The Automatic control will tie the Brave’s dark mode to the system color scheme i.e. present within the new iOS 13 and iPadOS.
  • For enabling this system wide feature. I.e. to enable or disable the dark mode for your iPhone or iPad (that will also include for Brave). Just open the Control Center, and long-press on the Brightness bar. And finally then tap on the icon that labels as the Dark Mode.
  • Further if you guys have a dark mode schedule set up in your iPhone or iPad. The Brave will automatically switch between dark and light modes according to the changes in the phone.

We have said this many time above, please don’t expect a complete dark mode experience while using the Brave. As most of the web sites don’t sport a native dark color scheme. Further, we had also said if you guys need a complete dark mode experience. Just switch to Firefox on your iPhone or iPad.

Dark mode in Firefox iOS!

As we said, Brave isn’t the best browser when it comes to Dark mode. Except for this, Brave has more features than other web browsers out there. Do you guys remember what I said in the beginning of this post? I’d used Firefox for long until I discovered Brave. The Mozilla Firefox has an advantage over the Brave i.e. its Dark mode. Although firefox is not a privacy oriented web browser like the Brave. But it does come pretty close with the other features of the Brave browser.  And Mozilla Firefox is also one of the best browser that come with the full-fledged dark mode support on the iOS operating system.

Once you guys turn on this Dark mode on Firefox. It will forcibly inverts the colors on the websites. And this will achieve a dark mode effect on the websites. But this is smart enough to keep the images intact. Instead of the normal issue, the Firefox provides a whole level different experience. Our team strongly recommends to you guys to switch on this feature. If you guys find the dark mode functionality on the Brave browser to be lacking.

How to enable Dark mode in Firefox iOS?

Till we discussed about the dark mode in Firefox iOS.  Now let us go through the steps for enabling this. To enable dark mode while you guys are surfing through the Firefox for iOS.  Just tap on the icon with the three stacked lines that you can see to the lower right side of the screen. Once you see this, now tap on the switch which is. Present next to the option named as Enable Night Mode. As soon as you guys, turn on this it gets activated.

Further, you can also find the additional controls within the Firefox Settings panel. That is, you guys can also use to make the browser automatically to switch to the dark mode. When the ambient light levels get too low. Just like the Brave web browser, Firefox for iOS also comes with a ton of other features.

How to enable Dark mode in Brave web browser in Android?

With the latest version of Brave Browser i.e. with the V1.4.0, now the Android version supports for Dark mode by default. This is really a good feature to see in the Android version of Brave browser. Let us have a look at the changelog of new Brave browser.

Changelog for Brave Browser v1.4.0 is as below:

  • Added new Dark Mode
  • Long pressing the + button now gives the option to open a private tab
  • It’s now easier to close out of settings
  • It’s now easier to delete download history
  • Other fixes

For enablng, the new dark mode on your Android devices. You guys would have to tap on the three-dot menu button that you can see in the bottom right corner of your screen, and this will head over to the settings menu.  Once you guys reach here. You guys will need to tap on the Appearance and then select over the Themes in the following page that you can see over there.  Once you reach there, now tap on the Dark option and you guys are done with it.  After this, the browser interface should automatically now have a dark color scheme in your browser. The Dark mode is definitely great for your eyes, especially during the night.

Just like the Brave iOS verion. Sadly, the new theme isn’t completely black which means. That you won’t save any power while using it on a phone with an AMOLED or OLED display. Further, there are another limitation to the dark theme on Brave. The iOS version doesn’t have this limitation. That is, even after you guys have turned on the dark mode. We are sure that you will notice that web pages still don’t change color. That it, it still continues to open in white color. For this, you will need to enable a Chrome flag. Don’t worry, we will also include how to activate this feature in your Brave web browser. Follow the step that we mention below.

For acivating this, you guys will have to head over to the Chrome flags page by just typing chrome://flags in the address bar. Once it opens up, now search for the dark in the following list of experimental flags. And if you guys find this option, now enable the Android web contents dark mode flag. Yes you are done with. If you are done with this, now the browser will restart. And you guys will notice that the web pages also now come with a dark theme. As we said, you can do this in very simple steps.

Brave; the complete browser!

Once you turn on the Dark mode in your Brave browser. It gives the users of that web browser for a whole level of experience. But as you guys know, that the Dark mode in Brave doesn’t come with all the websites. We hope that all the search engines and web browsers would support this feature in the near feature. Because, with the latest iOS 13, and Android 10, all of these devices has native support for Dark mode in their phones. Further, turining on Dark mode in OLED, and AMOLED panles will extend your battery life.

Now we are summing up this post. In this post we included as much details as we could collect about Brave. And even we went in detail about the Dark mode in Brave. Do note that if you need a browser will actual dark mode in your iOS, go with the Firefox. Although you might have to sacrifice on privacy. It privacy is your top concern, then continue using the Brave browser. So that’s it, and do let us know your thoughts about this post and concerns about this in the comments below. Also you can even comment, if you need similiar posts from us.

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