How To Fix Alldocube Overheating Problem – Troubleshooting Fix & Tips

You might have heard about phones exploding due to the overheating problem but for your information, it basically occurs when the mercury has risen exceptionally but luckily, smartphones do not heat that much unless you have kept it on melting lava. Smartphone processors are backed with a throttling system that monitors the temperature of the device, informs users above raising the temperature and sometimes exhibit a reboot if the user isn’t responding. But what happens when the phone is just too hot and if you are holding your phone right now, you wouldn’t let it turn into a burning brick and not do anything to prevent it. Here’s a detailed know-how troubleshooting guide that informs all the aspects of why your phone will overheat and what are the ways to fix it and how you can totally prevent it.

How To Fix Alldocube Overheating Problem - Troubleshooting Fix & Tips

Why does a phone Overheat?

To summarize the situation, increasing temperature could be a result of increasing surrounding temperature that is you cannot expect to phone to be at normal temperature when you are near a furnace. Next thing to keep in mind is the direct sunlight can cause the phone to generate higher temperature while battery hogging apps and intensive apps like high-graphics games are demanding and can raise the overall temperature. Next thing you should know that if the battery or the charger is incompatible or damaged, it can contribute to the issue as well. Even if your phone’s battery is perfectly fine, handling too many operations and apps can increase battery consumption leading to generate of heat, etc. This proves that a lot could go wrong with Alldocube or any other smartphone that can contribute to the overheating problem so you can instill these methods listed below to stay away from it.

How To Fix Alldocube Overheating Problem?

Protect it against direct sunlight

If you are complaining about Alldocube overheating problem while sitting on a beach just under direct sunlight, maybe you should think it through. The problem with sunlight is that metal or plastic which is a major building material used in your device is a good conductor of heat which means sunlight can generate heat and the phone will keep on getting heated. The solution is to simply move away from heat and cover the device or use it under shadow so that there is no direct sunlight falling on it.

Tweak display settings

Display on your device is a high-power consumption component if it has an OLED panel while rest others have specific energy requirements that can contribute to battery draining as well. Here, we are discussing overheating problem where display which is active 24/7 consumes battery power and thus, the battery is required to generate and provide power throughout the day which increases the work done which is directly proportional to increasing heat generation as well which is a common Physics phenomenon. So, you can proceed to the Settings >> Display and bring down the ‘Sleep’ duration, bring down the brightness as well.

Restart the phone

You are using your phone or say it is charging and suddenly you realize that it is getting warmer. What should you do? I would recommend restarting the phone then and there. At first, simply turn off the device and wait for a few minutes to cool it down and then only reboot it. This is an efficient method and it works as well.

Let it rest and cool off

If you can’t or don’t want to restart the phone due to any xyz reasons, you can still keep it on a cool and dry surface after closing all apps and services. It would take a couple of minutes but it will surely bring down the device’s temperature although particularly for this time. You can repeat this procedure whenever you need to bring the temperature and cool down the device.

Remove the case

If you have bought a new phone case or cover and the overheating problem started thereafter, could the phone case be a problem? Well, the answer is maybe so let’s say it is interrelated. You can simply check it out by removing the case and keeping the phone on a cool and dry surface saving it from getting suffocated in heat or if it acts as an insulator to heat by trapping it within the device rather than letting it out.

Fan it!

This might sound strange but it totally works. I tried the same with my laptop and it brought down the temperature as a surprise. Modern smartphones do have a heat sink to bring down the temperature but if the heat it too much that the heat sink is not able to bring it down or it is insufficient to do it, you can simply blow through the vent accessible on the bottom edge for a couple of times. This will quicken the road to recovery by bringing down the temperature faster than without blowing air with your house. You shouldn’t use a vacuum cleaner or air blower here as I wouldn’t recommend it due to the risk of getting into trouble by damaging the internal components that are coupled using soldering.

Check out battery-hogging apps

To summarize it, battery-hogging apps are those that consume more battery than others which is according to the Physics phenomenon, it will increase work done and generation of heat will increase as well. Note that this could be literally heavy apps like PUBG or Microsoft Office and others. On the other hand, if any app is observing any bugs or if the system is infected with a virus or malware, it can trigger the phone to consume more battery than usual without the requirement. For that, you need to check it out via Settings >> Battery >> View Battery Consumption. You can force stop literal apps that consume higher battery which you have used while there might be apps listed with higher battery consumption without you using it. You can simply uninstall these apps or disable for some time and this will fix the overheating problem is caused by these apps.

Scan the device for bugs, viruses, malware

AS you have read previously, apps infected with bugs or the system infected with malware or viruses can introduce a slew of issues and thus, must be eliminated before it can make any long-lasting damage. For this, you’ll need anti-virus apps like Quick Heal or Avast anti-virus that you can find on the internet either free or paid version where the latter is more efficient. You will be able to detect any viruses and malware and quarantine it accordingly to fix the overheating problem.

Scrutinize the charger in use

Moving along, let’s scrutinize the possible hardware issue. Using a charged which is damaged or faulty or incompatible with the device i.e. if it is not original, it can introduce a string of issues including the one we are discussing right here i.e. Alldocube overheating problem. What I’ll suggest if you buy a new and original charged if the old one is causing issues and if not, proceed with the next method to eliminate any possible charger-related issue.

Scrutinize the battery is use
Next thing to scrutinize is to check whether the battery is in working condition or not. For that, check whether it is ceasing to perform optimally which is basically keeping the output and battery backup in mind to know if the perform has ceased or not. This is a precursor to show that the battery is progressing to the end of its life and requires a replacement. On the other hand, if the battery is comparatively new, it can still develop issues due to physical damage or fall or liquid damage or any other reasons, etc.

Clear all categories of cache files

Cache files are notoriously known for being vulnerable and easy to attack via bugs, malware, and viruses. However, these cache files are often problematic and cause performance issues while there is a string of other problems that it creates if it gets corrupted or so. There are basically three types of cache files and here is a simple way to curb it all.

Firstly, tap on Settings app and go to ‘Storage’. You need to locate ‘Cache Memory’ which you need to delete. Secondly, tap on Settings app and go to ‘Apps >> Downloaded’. Once here, a list of apps will appear where you need to click on an app, select ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’ and repeat the same procedure for each app under the downloaded section. The third method revolves around wiping cache partition which is only accessible via recovery mode (the procedure is explained in the master reset method).

Trim unwanted apps

Next step is to trim excessive apps and those that you don’t require right now. This is because having too many apps on your phone is adding a lot of stress on the battery, processor and other components which may or may not be causing or contributing to the Alldocube overheating problem. Note that you can uninstall third-party apps simply by diving into the Settings >> Apps and slide into the ‘downloaded’ section where a list of apps that you downloaded will appear. Check out the apps you want to remove, click on it and ‘Uninstall’ it. On the other hand, bloatware or apps that are pre-installed are not that easy to remove but can be disabled so move along the Settings app and select ‘Apps >> All’. Locate the bloatware that you don’t need and tap on ‘Disable’ and that’s done.

Use apps to bring down the temperature

Google Play Store is filled with apps that can let go whatever you want. You can search for apps like Greenify or TuneUp Master that will enable bringing down the core temperature of the processor while helping clear junk and cache files as well.

Update all apps/firmware

Considering the fact that you have removed those unwanted apps by now, let’s concentrate on apps that are installed right now. Check if these apps are outdated or not and if yes, simply go to the Google Play Store and slide into ‘My apps and games’ section where you must be able to pull out a record of installed apps and available updates. You can select to update apps individually or select the ‘Update All’ button at once to do the same.

Perform a master reset

Finally, if nothing helps in this troubleshooting guide to fix Alldocube overheating problem, here’s a master reset procedure to fix the issue at once if inflicted due to a software issue while you will have to report the issue to a technician for any hardware related issue.

  • Start by pressing the power button and select ‘Power Off’.
  • Next up, press both power and volume up buttons (particularly for Alldocube smartphones) and hold it for a couple of seconds until it boots up the device.
  • When the device shows an Android logo on-screen, you can let go of the buttons.
  • Next is to scroll and select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ using the power button to select and volume rockers to scroll through the menu.
  • Finally, you need to confirm the actions by selecting ‘yes — delete all user data’ and this will conclude the said master reset procedure.
  • Reboot the phone and check if the device is working properly or not or if it is having the same overheating problem as earlier.

Seek assistance

If nothing seems to be working so far, it is time to call in the big guns. You can visit a nearby service center either by walk-in or by booking an appointment beforehand. If the phone is under warranty and not damaged by liquid at any point in time, you must go for an authorized service center rather than a third-party one as the latter might be cheaper but it will void the phone’s warranty as well.

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