How To Fix BQ Aquaris GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]

We rely on GPS a lot and in case if it stopped working suddenly, it will surely create problems such as we won’t be able to order a cab or use Google Maps or other map services to search for user’s location as well as the route to a destination or any other location. GPS works with the help of satellites while smartphones use AGPS which means, it uses satellites as well as signals from nearby cell towers to triangulate the user’s location based on the signal received. BQ Aquaris is a great smartphone brand, however, even the most high-end smartphone could land in GPS problem or other problems where its underlying reasons could be anything from a broken or faulty hardware component to a software glitch or bug that might have occurred during the startup.

How To Fix BQ Aquaris GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]

How To Fix BQ Aquaris GPS Problem?

Check for any interference

Although it is underrated and many people don’t even know if it happens but walls and barriers can cause the signal to fluctuate. This is why wifi signal suffers when you try to access it across the room while being in the same house and that same rule applies for GPS signal transmitted by the satellites and the cell towers and received by a smartphone. Get closer to the window and then connect to the GPS and hopefully, you will get accurate results henceforth.

Turn on high accuracy mode

If you think that the GPS is not calibrated properly if it shows a slight distance between your actual location and location on the map, you can turn on High accuracy mode that will consume more power yet will provide accurate location-based results.

Reboot the phone

Most of the GPS problem or Wifi problem are caused because of a temporary software glitch that could happen anytime for instance, while you tried to access a particular service i.e. GPS in this case. Reboot the phone has many benefits on a smartphone yet its main function is to give a break to the resources being used and the memory consumed by abruptly shutting down all the processes right there. When you restart the phone, you can check if the GPS is working properly or not.

Toggle GPS

Can’t get the GPS started? Tap on the GPS icon on the notification tray several times and it must turn on.

Turn On and turn OFF Airplane mode

Activating airplane mode is one of the best methods you can deploy in order to kick out the GPS problem on your device. In case if the GPS isn’t working on the smartphone, simply turn on the flight mode and turn it off and it must start working now.

Clear system cache

Used to speed up retrieval time and reduce overhead, cache files are created by the system automatically when you use an app. Cache files create a problem if corrupted and that is why it needs to be deleted as it will boost the system’s performance as well as help you get rid of any software-related problems.

Update Google Maps app

Is it too obvious that an outdated Google Maps app on your phone is processing incorrect location-based data? Well, it could happen if the app is outdated and the same goes for outdated Android firmware and thus, you must keep the phone up-to-date including the Android firmware as well as the Google Maps app and other apps too.

Calibrate GPS

Consider that the location on your phone and your actual location is slightly different, it could be because the GPS is not calibrated properly. You can still calibrate the GPS using a compass or similar feature available with GPS Essentials and like apps so that the GPS problem can be sorted out.

Diagnose the problem

Still unable to resolve the GPS problem? Try to diagnose the problem. You can download GPS Status and Toolbox or GPS Essentials to diagnose the problem that will enable narrow down the search i.e. either hardware or software so that you can take further steps such as wipe cache partition and reset the phone if its software-related issue or buy an external GPS receiver and report the issue to a service center in case if its an hardware-related issue.

Wipe cache partition

You need to boot into the recovery mode in order to wipe cache partition. There is a specific procedure to follow wherein you need to press both volumes up button and power button together while the phone is turned off to boot into the recovery mode. Once you have accessed the recovery mode, you can tap on ‘wipe cache partition >> Yes’ and you have successfully delete cache partition.

Reset the phone

This is the mother of all the fixes if you are talking about a software-related issue. It deletes all the data stored on the phone which may not be something everyone will like but resetting the device can also fix GPS problem for instance. There is a specific combination of buttons to follow in order to reach to the recovery mode for which, we have prescribed the method below.

  • Firstly, turn off the phone.
  • The second step is to press the power button + volume up at the same time as if you press the power button, the phone will attempt a restart and not recovery mode.
  • You have to hold both the buttons until an Android logo isn’t visible on the screen after which, you can let go of the buttons.
  • Moving further, you need the volume up/down buttons to navigate amongst the menu while the power button will act as a selection key.
  • Tap on ‘wipe data/factory reset >> Yes — delete all user data’.
  • Reboot the system once you are done with the said procedure and check whether the problem is sorted or not.

Get yourself an external GPS receiver

Consider that you rely on GPS heavily but you are facing weak signal which corresponds to incorrect location-based services, what do you do? You can always buy an external GPS receiver which although is a costly affair but the efforts will pay off once you use it to get the best of results at lightning fast speed without varying about interference much.

Get help from a service center

This is the last resort if nothing in the cadre of methods to fix BQ Aquaris GPS problem. You can simply report the issue to an authorized service center or a third-party repair store to get the required solution. Note that reporting the same to an authorized service center will preserve the warranty while the latter would do the job charging less than what authorized service centers would charge but it will also void the warranty of the phone as well.

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