How To Fix Koolnee Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Water damage to the device is heartbreaking and a pocket-burning tragedy since it is complicated to fix a water damaged smartphone in most cases where the phone isn’t covered with any water resistant layer. Although many smartphone makers have to include IP ratings on their device, it is basically reserved for above mid-range and flagship devices while a major chunk of smartphone segments have no protection against deliberate, intentionally or otherwise dip into the water in any sink, pool, or elsewhere. Well, attempting to save a water damaged smartphone might work or might not but you need to try it first. Let’s see how you can fix Koolnee water damaged smartphone as prescribed in this explicitly troubleshooting guide by GetDroidTips.

How To Fix Koolnee Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

How To Fix Koolnee Water Damaged Smartphone?

There a specific DIY procedure that users can actually perform in order to try and revive a once water damaged smartphone. Although it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the phone will work again, there are instances when users have found it to be successful.

What not to do?

Before you can learn to fix a water damaged smartphone, you got to know what “not to do” because knowing what you shouldn’t do is half the knowledge here.

First of all, you shouldn’t try to dip or sink your phone deliberately just to check if it is water resistant or anything like that which is a NO GO. Further, you shouldn’t panic and take out your phone off the water pressing buttons, dabbing on the screen, shaking it, moving it because all this can lead to serious problems in the future. Further, you shouldn’t plug in the charger or power bank attempting to recharge the battery because it’s common sense, water and electricity don’t go hand-in-hand. You should wobble or shake the phone as said because this will push the water, droplets, or even moisture to the part of the device where it can have severe damage if not already. You shouldn’t blow hot air or vacuum the phone at this point either.

How to fix Koolnee water damaged smartphone?

Finally, we have actually referred to the part which you need to avoid before proceeding further with this troubleshooting guide. Hence, follow the procedure step-by-step.

Step 01: Take the device out

This is undoubtedly the first step you must take that is to take the phone out of the water as soon as you realize it. Note that depending upon the severity of the water damage, the phone will stay turned on which is a good sign while in other cases, the device will switch it off itself which might not be a good prospect. But anyhow, keeping all those “don’ts” mentioned above, you need to take the phone out and turn it off if it case it is turned on.

Step 02: Soak clean the exterior

Take a clean cloth or tissue to wipe off the exterior of the device simply by dabbing it on the surface. But here, you mustn’t put the cloth within the ports or try to squeeze it inside any orifices because it could backfire.

Step 03: Disassemble and clean up

Now its time to disassemble the phone by removing the phone case, SIM Cards, memory card, and other removable in order to clean ‘em up. Note that not all smartphones have non-removable batteries so if your phone as one, do not attempt to yank it off trying to fix Koolnee water damaged smartphone because it won’t work.

Step 04: Use a vacuum cleaner

Take a vacuum cleaner, toggle it to a light setting or hold the hose to control its inlet and try to squeeze every ounce of water trapped within the phone’s internal assembly. Although it must soak most of the water but you still have some left inside the phone while the risk of moisture worsening the situation is always dangling on your head.

Step 05.A: Use rubbing alcohol (not recommended)

Note that this particular step isn’t for everyone and reserved for those who have knowledge of dissembling their device and assembling it back in a working condition. This will definitely void the warranty on the device. If you don’t bother losing the integrity and the warranty of the device and know how a smartphone works, you can proceed with it. You’ll need rubbing alcohol or say, isopropyl alcohol in order to use it with cotton or tissue to dab across the device and across all the components. This will get rid of the moisture while clearing any corrosive elements and debris evaporating itself almost instantly because you know, its still alcohol.

Step 05.B: Use traditional ziplock & rice method

This is a traditional method that everyone can practice without any hassle. You’ll need to have a ziplock bag and uncooked rice or its substitutes like silica gel litter. You need to fill the bag with any of these substances and stick the phone inside the bag. It usually takes 2 to 3 days based on the severity of the water damaged smartphone but it might work in your case so better try it out.

Step 06: Time for the big reveal

Assuming that you completed 3 days or at least the minimum recommended 2 days before pulling the phone out of the bag. Now, its time to verify if all these steps that you followed actually worked on not. Rice or silica gel must soak every speck of moisture left thus, relieving the device from much of greater water damage.

Plug in the battery and press the power key to turn it on. It must but if it doesn’t, there is a chance that the battery is completely drained so better plug in the charger to amp up the juice. Finally, try to revive the phone by hitting the power button. Unfortunately, if the phone doesn’t turn on, it is possible that either the battery is damaged or the phone.

What can you do if it doesn’t turn out in your favor?

Note that the troubleshooting guide we prescribed above doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to revive water damaged smartphone because water does more damage than a physical drop. If the phone doesn’t turn on, you need to talk to a technician to detect the issue and prescribe a solution. It will definitely cost you a premium since OEMs don’t cover water damage under warranty unless it has an official IP rating.

How to ensure protection against liquid damage?

Well, if you think that putting your phone in water is causing you a fortune, you need to learn the tactics it takes to prevent it from getting liquid damaged in the first place. Here are a few ways that you can do it about.

First of all, stay away from water if your phone doesn’t have any sort of IP rating or protection against water both formally and informally. If you think that dipping the phone could land you in trouble, better stay away from water when you are using the phone or vice versa. Another thing that you can do is to buy a water-proof phone case or cover or a water-resistant cover for your phone. I know that in most cases, the phone wouldn’t look as enticing as it should, but it will definitely save you from paying for repairs or even for buying a new phone if at all the damage is too severe to repair.

Finally, if you have already lost the phone or don’t think that it will stand up against water in the future, better buy a phone that has IP rating which will cost more but will definitely keep you away from trouble even if you dip or drown your phone in water whilst swimming for half an hour which is the maximum recommended duration that the phones are tested although there are phones that can outlive those durations while some might not.

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