How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Beta Lag Issue

After months of waiting, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta finally arrives, so you launch the game and begin your marathon. Suddenly, the game lags, making it impossible for you to continue playing. Although thousands of gamers have reported lags during gameplay and when starting the Modern Warfare 2 beta, the game has generally been well-received.

Here’s how to fix this issue if you have it. In this guide, we have mentioned one software, i.e., LagoFast, using which you can easily fix Modern Warfare 2 lag spikes on your PC. So, let’s check out the guide and see the new Modern Warfare 2 lag reducer.

Why is MW2 Beta Lagging?

It’s imperative to identify the root cause of the problem when trying to fix your Modern Warfare 2 beta. Activision has released no information regarding the reason for the crash, which has made life much harder for gamers of Modern Warfare 2.

However, depending on whom you ask, your operating system may not meet the game requirements, which would cause the lag. In this case, consoles shouldn’t be lagging because of this issue, which is more of a PC issue.

Many have suggested that the game itself is the source of the Modern Warfare 2 high ping or fps drop issue rather than the console or PC. It’s more likely that console users will experience this problem.

Possibly there is an error in the game’s code, or the beta cannot handle so many people simultaneously. You don’t have to worry about it since there is one application called LagoFast that will surely help you fix Modern Warfare 2 lag. However, before we start to tell you how you will use this Modern Warfare 2 lag reducer, let’s check out the features of the LagoFast application.

What Are The Different Features of LagoFast?

To provide a smart match to the most optimal nodes, LagoFast is based on the LFP data transfer protocol. It’s possible to experience an immersive gaming atmosphere thanks to exclusive routes from around the globe. So, in case you want to know about more benefits of LagoFast, then let’s check them out:

#1. Smart Routing & Precise Boosting

With dynamic matching to optimal nodes, every single player experiences lower pings and less lag thanks to smart, real-time network diagnosis. With LagoFast, you can not only experience smooth gaming, but you can also stream videos, listen to music, or browse any other form of online content without any disruption whatsoever!

#2. Unique LFP Protocol

With eight years of experience in data transfer protocol implementation, LagoFast is a market leader in the process. However, with powerful compatibility, it provides 360-degree protection for your gaming experience and the trickiest of network environments.

#3. FPS Boost

With their systematic, one-click boost, you’ll experience HD, super-smooth visuals. Custom options allow you to unlock an immersive gaming experience based on your specific requirements.

#4. Easy lobby

In Warzone, matchmaking takes the form of skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) where you challenge opponents who have a higher kill-to-death ratio (KD). To achieve more kills and wins in easy lobby games, you simply need LagoFast, a powerful Warzone VPN.

How Does LagoFast Fix Modern Warfare 2 Lag?

It has been found that Modern Warfare 2 lag issues can be attributed to two main reasons: poor network connections and a remote game server. The benefits of LagoFast can be seen both ways.

To start with, LagoFast can reduce high ping and latency so that your network connection runs smoothly. As a result, your PC’s performance will be improved in-game due to a faster response time.

In some cases, you may need to take action if your network isn’t properly connected. Here are some examples:

  1. Change your WiFi connection to a wired one. WiFi will likely lead to disconnection and interference when used. On the other hand, the stability of a wired network like Ethernet is much greater.
  2. Check whether your wired connection is properly connected if you have already used one. 

Also, LagoFast can help you a lot if your PC and the game server are at a long distance, apart from a poor network connection. It is possible to experience a lag in Modern Warfare because of a distant or overloaded server.

How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 High Ping?

It’s time to talk about how to fix Modern Warfare 2 high ping after we’ve explained how to show ping and see ping in-game.

  1. Close Up Background Apps: The more programs you run simultaneously, the more your CPU may become overloaded, and your ping will increase. If you’re playing Call of Duty Warfare 2, close all unnecessary background programs so that the CPU can be utilized to its full potential.
  2. Use LagoFast: LagoFast has great experience in reducing high ping levels. Modern Warfare 2 low ping can also be reduced with it and run a ping test. The unique protocol this game data transmission system uses will reduce your ping to an unbelievably low level.
  3. Check Your Network Connection: To achieve a low ping, you must have a good network connection. It is better to use a wired connection instead of WiFi if you wish to enhance the performance of your network. In addition, your ISP can also increase your network speed by broadening your bandwidth.

How To Get Easy Lobby in Modern Warfare 2

So, do you wish to know how to get easy lobbies in Warzone? If so, then you must continue to read the guide.

A key feature of Call of Duty: Warzone’s SBMM – Skill-Based Matchmaking Mechanics – is that your opponent’s strength dominates yours. Consequently, top-ranking players often face familiar names as opponents. Even though defeating opponents at your skill level is fun, sometimes you just want to relax, enjoy the thrill of the kill, or climb the leaderboard.

A bot lobby will come in handy in these situations. In most cases, a VPN will be used to accomplish this. However, there is a solution to get bot lobbies in a VPN for Warzone. That solution would be LagoFast, an application that boosts the performance of fantasy games.

So, that’s how to fix the Modern Warefare 2 lag issue using LagoFast. We hope that you find this article helpful. Let us know if you need more information by commenting below.

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