How to fix Poco F1 SIM card issue (SIM Card doesn’t Recognize)

In the Indian smartphone market, an average buyer always looks for useful features on a pocket-friendly budget. One may not get everything under one brand. However, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Poco is going to break the norms this year. Poco will bring you the Pocophone F1 or Poco F1 which has everything a premium flagship packs but costs that of a low-mid range device.

If you have bought this device and facing an issue related to Sim Card which doesn’t recognize. Then you probably wondering how to fix your Xiaomi Poco F1. Normally Poco F1 Sim card issue doesn’t come with all the phones out there in the market. This happens due to the manufacturer’s fault or the way you handle it.

How to fix Poco F1 SIM card issue (SIM Card doesn't Recognize)

So in this guide, We will troubleshoot the Xiaomi Poco F1 SIM card issue and find a solution to fix it.

Steps to fix Poco F1 SIM card issue:

Recently, we received a lot of queries about the Sim Card problem on Poco F1 so our team wrote a detailed guide on how to fix Poco F1 SIM card issue.

Misplacement damaged SIM card or damaged phone

Poco F1 doesn’t recognize the SIM; to fix this Poco F1 SIM Card issue, First, verify that your SIM card is well placed inside the Sim Card tray on your device. Read your phone’s notice to know how to place it correctly. It is also possible that your phone or SIM card has been damaged, either by falling or getting wet. If so, use your warranty to replace your phone or replace the sim. If your device still not able to recognize the sim, then try next step.

Clear the partition cache of your Xiaomi Poco F1

Poco F1 SIM Card issue can also be fixed by clearing the partition cache, The system cache partition stores temporary system data. It allows the system to access applications more quickly and efficiently, but sometimes it gets cluttered and outdated and prevents your Poco F1 from functioning correctly. Do not worry; it will not lead to any loss of personal data or settings. Here is how you can do it: first go to the “Settings” menu, then scroll down to “App manager” and tap on it. Go to an app. Eventually, select “Clear data, Clear cache”. It’s done! If Poco F1 doesn’t recognize the SIM still go to next step.

Try new SIM card

If the Poco F1 SIM Card issue persists, it may be because your SIM card is obsolete. First, try your SIM card in another phone. If it doesn’t work you then have to contact your phone operator so they send you a new one. Be careful, you will maybe change numbers if so, do not forget to warn your contacts. Still, Poco F1 doesn’t recognize the SIM?  Follow next fix.

Check Whether it is a Software issue

Sometimes, there is a chance that this problem may arise due to a software bug. You can check whether there is any new software update on your phone or you can manually install the new firmware update from the list of Poco F1 Stock Firmware Collection here.

Search for hardware issues

Some phone models may have a hardware issue, Poco F1 SIM Card issue might be just a consequence of that. To know if it’s the case of your Xiaomi Poco F1, search online if Xiaomi Poco F1 users have the same problem as you do. If so, go to your phone provider and use your warranty to get a new one. If you do not have the time to do it immediately, there is an easy trick to fix the unrecognized SIM card issue on your Xiaomi Poco F1: apply pressure on the SIM card. To do so while using your phone, place a folded piece of paper on top of your SIM card when inserting it. It will help you keep using your phone until you go and replace it.

Try out these above simple steps to resolve the Poco F1 SIM card issue. For any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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